Aaron reviews Verizon's Motorola DROID X2, the successor to the popular DROID X smartphone. Powered by a 1 GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor, it offers a 4.3-inch qHD display, 8-megapixel camera, and Android 2.2 with a new version of MOTOBLUR. When it comes to internal specs, it's the most powerful phone on Verizon, but people may opt for something else due to the lack of 4G and a front-facing camera. Despite that, it's one of the best smartphones available on Big Red. Part 1 of 2.

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"Is the DROID X2 the best 3G smartphone on Verizon?"

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Kevin Kaufman Aaron, how does web browsing compare to a 4g single core?
Bradley T. Cheskes Aaron - unless I missed it, you didn't say anything in the full review about the battery life. I saw in the Initial Impressions you said it was decent, but that is kind of vague. Did you do any battery life tests?
Jay Goebel Til Moto smooths out their gross interface a bit, I'm all about HTC. Regardless of specs, Incredible 2 is the best 3g phone.
Marvin Breakfield I like my droid 2 global I don't care what they say about 3g phones I don't think 4g phones are as good as they make them out to be. In the commercial they make it out the 3g phones are so slow they cannot play videos without re-buffering, that is wrong, you do not need to ditch your 3g phone and run to 4g. so I'm telling you right now the 3g phones are just fine for me. Also 4 g coverage is not that good right now because they don't have it all set up everywhere. 3g phones will be the standard for a long time before you need to run out and get a 4 g phone
Jt Sumpter This is the year for 4g phones, so I would wait until LTE goes mass market. I'm happy with my Droid X and what its offered me up to this point. I was one to always buy the next best thing but with high powered phones coming and the new price changes to internet....I'll wait for now.
Steven Quintal Motorola=Crap HTC=Win Btw who's sold more devices this year? Hmm I guess everyone else agrees that Motorola sucks dick ;)
CJ Ezeonu Incredible 2. More pocketable+a front facing video camera
Marvelous Marv McGill Launchers can be changed over Blur get a clue...this is not the Gayfone....the Droid X2 is the best 3G phone currently. I will have to admit there are some nice software features on the Droid Incredible 2. How do people like plastic phones I don't get it..
Israel Leiva Is it worth ditching my Droid X1?
Fitzroy Henry dang it what was the last winning ticket...i miss that one
Lorenz Angelo Barcelona @Steven "bullshit dual-core processor"? You obviously dont know much about smartphones. Look at the lg g2x and Samsung galaxy s2 and then tell me that dual-core is useless bullshit.
Zach Cline I don't care. I'm switching to the iphone lol.
Brandon Worley Incredible2
Radit Nopcharoenwong Ya!!!! Who cares about 4G?!?!?
Pete Galluzzo Yes it is, but i dont know what the hell verizonis doing over there, there so far behind now. The droid line was the best, now its like a joke. Wtf verizon. There waiting to drop there new data pricing, thats my guess. F u verizon like we dont pay enough.
Gemayal Adams The real question is why is a phone like that still rocking 3G? It should have been upgraded to 4G LTE by now
Steven Quintal Idc about some bullshit "dualcore" processor, the interface is still laggy and shitty period.
Matt Weber Its there best 3G phone. But its kinda a fail though, no ffc, LTE, and it lost its camera button...
Chad Richter Incredible 2?... you're retarded. Lookup the specs on both phones.
Steven Quintal Nope, beat 3g phone on Verizon is the Droid incredible 2. Hands down. HTC sense is so much smoother and nicer than shitty moto blurr.
Fonzy Paniagua The Droid 3 will probably be 4g and he is not talking about upcoming future phones he's talking about the current 3g phones Verizon has geese>.< and yes it's the best 3g phone Verizon has dont compare it to the thunderbolt or droid charge those r 4g phones
Andres Barroeta Yes just 3g
Albert Vazquez Wait for Bionic!
Johnny Pedraza Yea but the next Droid probably. Won't be 3g
John Cruz No soon the droid 3 will

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