Smartphones aren't the only mobile tech item in demand right now - tablets are becoming increasingly popular with the big four wireless carriers.  Available now on Verizon Wireless, the Motorola DROID XYBOARD 8.2 goes head-to-head with Apple's iPad 2 and offers a 1.2 GHz dual-core TI OMAP processor, 8.2-inch display (with 1280 x 800 pixels), 5-megapixel camera with a flash, 1.3-megapixel front facing camera, a 3,960 mAh battery, and Android 3.2 (Honeycomb).  It's available in two flavors: a 16 GB model for $379.99, and a 32 GB model for $479.99. 

It's a feature-rich tablet on paper, but does it hold up to the hype in real life?  We'll find out.  Part 1 of 2.

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"What's your favorite tablet on the market right now?"

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Aaron Latham
Aaron Latham ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime!
Danny Casteen
Danny Casteen Ipad2, but i love my HTC Evo View 4G, great little portable tablet!!
Brandon Glover
Brandon Glover My iPad 2
Heidi Steindel
Heidi Steindel I only have the nook color but i am interested in ipad 3 when it comes out
Heidi Steindel
Heidi Steindel Aaron you rock as usual ad your lookingg great!
Kristian Dugan
Kristian Dugan iPad 2.
Dave Yaeck
Dave Yaeck Still my Transformer. Love it!!
JaQuan Wavy Baker
JaQuan Wavy Baker IPad 2 Hands Down!
Art Rathbun
Art Rathbun im rocking an acer iconia a100
Allyson McAtamney
Allyson McAtamney IPAD 2! It has NO competition compared to the other LAGGY tablets! The HTC jetstream could be up there too, though. But not as good as the iPad!!!!(:
Mark Mann
Mark Mann Kotex, i mean ipad just kidding prime.
Paul Alexandru
Paul Alexandru The iPad 3 which i'll buy nomatter what i don't ever bother comparing it with other cheap and LAGGY tablets..
Rumle Borgmann
Rumle Borgmann Its the transformer prime fastest and best looking
Johnny Perez
Johnny Perez £=m©v
Johnny Perez
Johnny Perez I don't take pills sorry
Melissa Cruz-Guzmán
Melissa Cruz-Guzmán I really want the HTC Jetstream
Rich Hernandez
Rich Hernandez you guys are lucky verizon has done something way stupider than you because its taken the attention off your for the time being. but the world is watching.
Ian Walker
Ian Walker iPad 2 no real competition as far as I'm concerned unless of cause you prefer a smaller tab ! If that's the case kindle fire.
???S??? S???????
???S??? S??????? Le ipad numero dois...
Ivan Aleman
Ivan Aleman Sony tablet s fast and easy.
Joe Gates
Joe Gates Noah Kravitz
Hector Portalatin
Hector Portalatin iPad too bulky right now I'm rocking the iPad 2 best tab on the market hands down, no debating.
Zach Cline
Zach Cline I'm still rocking the original iPad. Waiting on the iPad 3.
Gomez Tim
Gomez Tim Sony Tablet S. Build quality is awesome
Kagura Marc Vanderkolk
Kagura Marc Vanderkolk The kindle fire tablet! :) I think that 7 inches is just the perfect side to hold in one hand... and especially for typing. :)
Gerald Mccrae
Gerald Mccrae i love the blackberry playbook its by far tbe best out tbere, you can take it anywhere in your back pocket
Niko Lapcic
Niko Lapcic the galaxy note
Anonymous htc evo view
Kyle Mezrahi
Kyle Mezrahi HTC Jetstream, nook tablet, and windows 8 (when it comes out).
Jonathan Ng
Jonathan Ng Hell no , transformer prime
Jeff Hollins
Jeff Hollins Samsung 8.9
Yo Yo Hakakian
Yo Yo Hakakian HTC no questions asked
Brendan McCarthy
Brendan McCarthy The iPad 2
Issam El Kouartey
Issam El Kouartey Ipad
Walter Perez
Walter Perez iPad nothing else compares...
George Isenhart
George Isenhart My Galaxy Tab, how did I ever get by without it.
Logan Austin Skinner
Logan Austin Skinner Mark, I would wait for availability and get the prime if you want android or wait until iPad 3 if you want iPad. It's supposed to be released in either q1 or q2 of the year. Not that long of a wait and if you've gone this long without a tablet its not like you can't go a little longer. ;)
Mark Bodah
Mark Bodah don't have one yet, but looking at a few options. seems the Transformer (not prime) has video quality issues--has this been fixed? i was thinking of getting that on come tax time if so. i don't care about thin so much. :)
Nelson Nieves
Nelson Nieves Blackberry Playbook!!! :)
Michael Simon Blackburn
Michael Simon Blackburn And again, Logan and his wisdom aha
Warren Saunders
Warren Saunders Got a motorola xoom which is fantastic, but I've just picked up the Sony tablet s which is really amazing too.
Shaun So-newyork Johnson
Shaun So-newyork Johnson Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
Farhan Technologic
Farhan Technologic My tablet !!
Logan Austin Skinner
Logan Austin Skinner Also love the option to go with multitasking gestures or hardware button instead of just on screen buttons that can be buggy on my experience with the transformer.
Logan Austin Skinner
Logan Austin Skinner iOS is very simple for a reason though. While I wish there was widget support, iOS is able to be consistently fast while multitasking because of its management software and is not slowed as you download more apps.
Michael Brooks
Michael Brooks Galaxy Tablet. with 21st Century. upgrade
Michael Simon Blackburn
Michael Simon Blackburn That was to logan's comment :)
Michael Simon Blackburn
Michael Simon Blackburn This guy has some wisdom
Ron Gensemer
Ron Gensemer Kindle Fire, love it!!
Mark Brown
Mark Brown no tablet. without Java, theyre useless
Logan Austin Skinner
Logan Austin Skinner Prime is thinnest iPad is 2nd by a little.
Logan Austin Skinner
Logan Austin Skinner iPad 2 can definitely be used as a computer replacement. It has multiple office sweets available for purchase on the market, it can print, edit/download photos, videos, and music, and while the transformer / transformer prime has an optimized keyboard dock and is by no means a bad tablet, the iPad has many different bluetooth keyboard options and is one of the thinnest, fastest, and lightest tablets on the market. Until someone can match the stability, speed, and productivity of the iPad, it is #1. Not to mention it has the best app market available. While android may win phones, Apple is the leader in the tablet market.
Michael Simon Blackburn
Michael Simon Blackburn My amazing ASUS transformer prime! Don't actually have it yet though since its not out yet but I'm in line for one :'D and Marti Ruiz, the prime is the thinnest :P
Zac Luna
Zac Luna Toshiba thrive
Zach Cline
Zach Cline No they aren't.
JD Thayn
JD Thayn I don't like tablets!! They are basically giant smartphones!
Micah Madru
Micah Madru Transformer Prime. It's by far the most useful tablet on the market.
Omar Leon
Omar Leon Jailbroken Ipad 2 by far is the better choice!
Marti Ruiz
Marti Ruiz only the thinnest , galaxy ta 10.1
Bill Moran
Bill Moran Ipad 2 or galaxy 10 in
Puneet Panesar
Puneet Panesar iPad 2 ftw
Rachel Saunders
Rachel Saunders I'm trying to get my hands on an Acer iconia 7"
Luis Robles Figueroa
Luis Robles Figueroa Samsung 7 Plus... that is my favorite at moment.
Keith Windiddy
Keith Windiddy Galaxy tab 10.1
Andry Thérèse
Andry Thérèse The HTC Jetstream !!!
Nick Jose
Nick Jose Samsung galaxy tab 7.0 plus!!
Leonard O. Doughlin
Leonard O. Doughlin onda Vi40
Kaylee Sill
Kaylee Sill Ipad by far second blackberry Playbook as a cheap take everywhere tablet I could care less about
?e?? kr
?e?? kr Blackberry Playbook Definitely!
Cory David Baxter
Cory David Baxter Ipad2 is nice but it has a long way to go still not something you can bring to the office and still can't what MT windows 7 does
Cory David Baxter
Cory David Baxter Anything with android 4.0
Perro Rosello
Perro Rosello If the ipad 2 was more open for it to be better used as a laptop replacement id choose it. but id have to go with transformer prime then
Zach Haney
Zach Haney Springboard by far!
Mark Hellard
Mark Hellard Nook color tablet
Quentin Lewis
Quentin Lewis IPad 2
Francis San Pedro
Francis San Pedro iPad 2 and firesaled TouchPad
Martin Hodgson
Martin Hodgson ipad
Jason Dickman
Jason Dickman Transformer prime
Kenny Horn
Kenny Horn Velocity micro Cruz tablet it's fast and big enlighten but also small enough so not a hassle
Andrew Hansen
Andrew Hansen Transformer PRIME!!!!!
Jake Flynn
Jake Flynn iPad 2
Jim Toal
Jim Toal Transformer prime for sure
Cory Wilson
Cory Wilson Kindle fire is a good tablet,but Asus prime is the head chief
Nick Sarafolean
Nick Sarafolean Asus Eee Pad Transformer! Prime or original!
Allan Morrill
Allan Morrill Asus Eeepad transformer
Ian Slade
Ian Slade Ipad 2
Guillermo De León
Guillermo De León Mine
Hung Dustin
Hung Dustin Hp Touchpad
Mark Alvin Cantos
Mark Alvin Cantos i go for iPad2 .
Arnulfo Barajas
Arnulfo Barajas Kindle Fire?
Taynia Dejesus
Taynia Dejesus Acer iconia
Scott Long
Scott Long Galaxy tab 10.1 is the best one so far
Logan Austin Skinner
Logan Austin Skinner IPad 2 is awesome. Android has better phones but Apple wins tablet for sure.
Andrew Hennessey
Andrew Hennessey iPad 2 and ASUS EeePad Transformer-- own both and they're amazing.
Christopher Ferrell Dbe
Christopher Ferrell Dbe iPad
Matt Roe
Matt Roe my mom and brother both have a kindle fire and it seems to work pretty good and its pretty cheap too
Jessica Martin
Jessica Martin um kindle fire?
Steve Hartsock
Steve Hartsock iPad 2 of course. That's why they have 90% of the market share.
Justin Flynn
Justin Flynn Asus transformer for the win.
Dee Moe
Dee Moe iPad 2
Ralph Landi
Ralph Landi Yup..Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 is crazy nice...
Jed Shuster
Jed Shuster No tablet, my phone does all that.
Dewa Andrianto
Dewa Andrianto samsung galaxy tab
Dennis Heggenstaller
Dennis Heggenstaller Galaxy Tab 10.1 LTE, even more within the next week or so when it gets the long awaited TW update!
Jordan Christopher
Jordan Christopher Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, it's awesome.
Marquavious Damon Force
Marquavious Damon Force First

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