Aaron unboxes the Motorola Electrify 2, one of US Cellular's newest Android smartphones.  Featuring a 1.2 GHz dual-core CPU, 4.3-inch Super AMOLED display with ColorBoost, 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD recording, a front-facing camera, 1,780 mAh battery, and 3G connectivity.  It closely resembles the DROID RAZR line on Verizon.  Is it worth considering over the LTE-capable Galaxy S III?

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"What do you like most about Android?"

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Ola Williams Hey, I found customizability in 3 different dictionaries online:-) anyway that's what I like most about android, the ability to customize and make it my own, it keeps you interested because just when you get bored with it, you can slap on a launcher, a couple of new widgets, live wallpaper or a custom rom and you've got yourself a new android device or so it seems:-)
Mijael Machaca Morales 1variety 2 real OS updates 3 worthy hardware 4 custom ROMs 5 and finally the most important: a cute GREEN ROBOT!!
Hakim MN 1.android is user friendly. 2.android robot cute. 3. no restricted like iphone so many restricted. 4.because i use samsung. 5.popular 6.powered by google 7.better browser 8.even china can make android phone 9.open sources 10. have widget.iphone ui is boring.no widget n same since his born. not grow up.
Kristopher Demi Michaels The freedom to make it all about me and not about Steve Jobbs.
Zach Cline I can't believe people are still bringing up the iPhone in a post that has nothing to do with it lol
Robert Arias That it is not iOS. What I mean to say us that it is innovative without constraints. Yes sometimes it can be frustrating, but all great things in life can be. The only thing I wish is that the OHA (Open Handset Alliance) would make a few conditions as follows: 1. No locked bootloaders 2. At set up, the option for Vanilla Android or Manufacturers UI 3. Quick access for those that chose Vanilla to OS updates 4. 7 day app refund (ok, not really an OHA issue, but still really needed)
Adil Kahan Complete freedom to do whatever you want to your device
Samuel Claudio Choices, many different phones to pick from, not just one, like the iPhone.
Samuel Claudio Customization
Stephen Victor I like choices. Saving media direct from web.
Mark Scarpa That it is not an Apple product.
Mark Schweiger Jr That it's not an iPhone.
Orion Pax @george what don't you don't trust about Android.?
??? custom and open
Orion Pax Damn typo.
Orion Pax I can do whatever I F feel like with Android. Not ios where it feels like leaving in Cuba.
George Cruz I kind of like android, but I don't trust it. I still keep my iPhone<3!
Gilbert Aragon Nothing at all! Get a Windows phone or an iPhone!
Gautam Mandla Everything !!!!!!! I just love it!
Sean Watson Obsolete huh? Unlike the iPhone 5, which hasn't even been released yet's, 4 inch screen and 4g lte, that android did 2 yrs ago almost. Dude whatever they put in the iPhone 6, is already obsolete
Sean Watson Ics and project butter , are blazing fast. Don't know what you mean slow and bloated... Apples software is not elegant , its boring. It's just icons period. Apple hates when u jailbreak. Android supports rooting. The carriers don't, but don't lump them in with the os designers. And y hast android sued apple for stealing their notifications bar idea. Oh ya. They aren't dickheads who hate other companies. So they wouldn't do that .
Joe Avery I hate android,,, I want my iPhone back
Trinity Kolarova Hoodrich Who buys apple anymore its all about samsung n lg
Jonathan Brewer The ability to do what you want with the OS aka freedom
Rachel Saunders No iTunes
Robert Starks The fact that it ain't Apple.
Chris Grillo Android is becoming like Apple, with its coming integration of the play store and google account. Unfortunately, take away customization of the front screen (and for what?), and there is nothing left in the OS. It is bloated, slow, and with every tiny update, your phone becomes obsolete. Then there is the elegance of the software, and the incredible amount of packages, most of which are free too. Unlike what most people say (cos they dont know as a fact), there is no prison in the apple community, jailbreaking is seen as bad, but rooting an android is ok? Android will die with Windows Phone.
Sean Watson I love the customization of it. But the thing that makes me super loyal to android is the idea of open source. Information should be for the people, and available to the people, without huge corporate intervention . I know, vz, sprint, t-mobile try to force some of that on the phones, but if you have knowledge, (of which is all open and available to anyone) you can get around it. It's even something android developers support! Last I hate corporate bullying. Companies should work together to advance technology. Not act like the jealous bullly on the playground. I Will always be android, regardless of what phone I pick, because of what it represents as a mindset. I have ethics and morals. I want the products I purchase to represent that
Larry Waters Well, it can be sluggish and records everything you do on it for the FBI. But it's better than the prison of iOS. I'm counting the days until Windows Phone 8 is released.
Zach Cline The guy with no hair telling me to grow some lol, Kind of ironic.
Zach Cline It's an open thread douchebag . Deal with it
Kristopher Davis It's not a thread without the king of trolls..Zach Cline adding his two cents. Go grow some hair n boof an iPhone5. Thanks :)
Kevin Joel Installing stolen music.
Susan Hugus Innovation leader- Widgets, trust meaning not so controlling, pushes my skills.
Ryan Rodriguez The nexus brand plain and simple.
Ezekiel Carsella openness. but i prefer WP
Jonathan Kalm I like that I have a choice in how my phone looks, who makes it and what hardware it includes. Apple makes a good product but they only offer 1 design
Robin Smith Freedom to personalize
Jose Pablo Islas Open source
Warren Saunders @Jacob, no country on earth grants us freedom, though I would love if it were true
Warren Saunders I don't have to do what Google tell me, unlike Apple :p
Brandon Salyer What's an iPhone?
Zach Cline @ Patrick- No doubt. Some Fandroids just bring up the iPhone in posts like these that have absolutely no relevance to the iPhone or apple in general and go on and on about how the iPhone sucks, How it's stale etc... Get a life already
Tanmay Burde Can I win your iPhone 4S?
Gary Bowling Freedom, Features, Open, Customizable, dyanamic,
Denise Charlton soooo many options to customize!! tons of FREE apps!
Jacob Grumbles The same thing I love about the best country on earth FREEDOM.
Patrick George Jr. It's just funny how people turns these comments into an android vs iPhone debate.....phonedog asked about android not iPhone.
Billy Brown What's not to like about them !!!!
Carlos Camacho Del Valle Every fu%*# thing
Andy Chen everything than apple
Naga Appani Freedom....
Nic Kolas Just need better batter life
Basil Fearrington Its open architecture.
Angel Hernandez Its ability to power almost anything,i have a one x soon gettin an s3 and both can play emulators. I have a nds,gba and n64 and play all the games from when i was a kid lol.
Angelina Monou Fernandez 1. Unlike Apple, Android is not afraid of a little competition. 2. Many choices to choose from, again unlike apple . 3. android just kicks ass point blank.
Scott Heppell Android let's you do what you want. If you want to root it, you can, if you want to keep it stock, you can. There are no limits. Unlike Apple where there are very few options. Don't know alot about Windows Phones but I'd think it is better off for PC's. Android also has numerous options for every buyer out there. If you don't have a lot to spend, you can still go Droid. The other 2 do not have that option. Droid wins!!
Juwon Donte That it isn't an apple device that constantly looks the Same with no new features but yet says it's the new iPhone love the way android let's you do what you want with your phone unlike apple Who loves to limit you
Alfonso Manuel Avalos Paranoid android thats what i like the best
Ruben Torres That it is not Apple!
Flavius Adrian IOS is boring....Android it's the best OS on the market right now.
Jonas Daugis Android won't die - it is #1 in OS'es, and will, even after WP8, or even after WP9. Anyway, my favorite thing is the ability of customization, how much you can customize it. And the variety of bodies it comes in with - thousands.
Anthony Byrd Android will die??? Whatever! No one wants WP8!! Android unlike apple is wide open to do what you want.
Steev Adelesthirdchin Convery The freedom to do pretty much anything I want with better hardware and the fact that they aren't trying to become a monopoly.
Jerry Goldbaum Nothing.
Ian Baylon The fact that you can do anything with it, even download bacon.
Patrik Farky nothing! :D
Ryan G. Bordner I like the fact that when WP8 comes out android will die.
Dayan Inclán It kicks iOS's butt...that's what.
Anthony Evans Jr The best thing? No apple
Howard Abraham Argh... Post fail. Curse you, Android!
Brian Edwards Flexibility.
Howard Abraham What I like most: It isn't iOS. What I like least: It isn't WP8.
Miguel Leonce Customerization..and limitless capabilities
Corey Backhaus I like how my Android can do simultaneous voice and data. The new iPhone 5 can only do it on at&t lol Verizon & sprint can't do it till sometime in 2013-2014 thanks to crapple not putting in the extra antenna.
Jan Michael Cruz It doesn't have the apple logo
Jeffrey Brito Multitasking and variations.
Tom Parkison I have a Galaxy Nexus which isn't running stock. It's unlocked, rooted, and ROMed. I'm running AOKP on it right now and it's the fastest this phone has ever been. It has features that stock doesn't have and the AOKP dev team keeps making it better and better. The community decides what features are put in.
Cole Bachman Personalization. Everything really
Ramoncito Tan Gabutin unboxing. LOL
Steve Hartsock What kind of word is customizability ???
Alexander Wright The flexibility
Tom Parkison Everything about it. But most importantly the fact that I can load third-party ROMs if I wish to do so.
Jeff Lee-wag Liwag Customizability in almost every way.
Connell Laurance good one Vlad :)

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