Aaron does a dogfight battle between two QWERTY devices!  Sprint's Motorola PHOTON Q 4G LTE is available now for $199.99 and offers a 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 CPU, 4.3-inch qHD display with ColorBoost technology, 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD recording, a 1,785 mAh battery, front-facing camera, and Android 4.0 with Motorola's UI.  Verizon's Motorola DROID 4 is available for $99.99 and packs a 1.2 GHz dual-core TI OMAP CPU, 4-inch qHD display, 8-megapixel camera with 1080p recording, a 1,785 mAh battery, front-facing camera, and Android 4.0 with Motorola's UI (albeit an older version).

It's a battle between specs, pricing, carrier, and more.  Which one will come out on top?  Part 1 of 2.

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"Do you prefer a physical or virtual keyboard?"

Please limit your reaction to 140 characters or use comments for a longer reply :)
Thanks for your participation! :)

Wesley A Meek Virtual not only makes the phone leaner, it is also easier to use, especially with slide or swiping actions added.
Mark Kornak The physical keyboard was what everyone liked about Blackberry.
Sebastian Ravn Virtual keybord for me so the phone dont get to big :)
Terry Oakes Physical
Marti Ruiz virtual keyboard
Edward Gonse I can tolerate a virtual keyboard but nothing beats a physical one. It just feels like you have so much more confidence in your spelling and typing.
Chris Kang the more i use my Palm Pre's keyboard, the less I like the one on my iPod
Trinity Kolarova Hoodrich but i like physical the best blackberry type keyboards rock
Trinity Kolarova Hoodrich i use both physical and virtual keyboard n pen input by nokia97 mini
Vicente Reyes I say both.
Zac Luna I'm a fan of both
Sam Rick I prefer brunettes with long hair,perky boobs and a nice firm ass.
Nick Rowan Virtual all the way
Tasos Tselepatiotes Virtual keyboards are boring I prefer physical ones.
Spencer Craven Physical , loved the bold 9900s keyboard. Currently using the Nokia lumia 900 and the keyboard is up to my standards :P
Mark Fisher Jr. Either one. Doesn't matter.
Jack Brown Physical, but I like my specs so haven't had one in a while :)
Jae Stevens Physical!!!!
Devin Martinez Say know to buttons
Ian Baylon Virtual, I'd get a keyboard if I could.
Joey Sanchez Physical
Zach Chapman I used a Blackberry for years, loved the physical keyboard. After getting my G S2, I don't think I would ever want to go back.
Ryan Mueller Physical. I'd give it up for a proper screen.
Christian Sanchez I prefer a certain physical keyboard, and a certain virtual. Physical: Blackberry Bold 9930 Virtual: My iPhone.
Cassandra Fraser I miss having a physical keyboard not as much typos. I may just switch to my phone that has one today.
Phillip McGriff I agree @CarlosChee I'm used to both as well! I'm still a personal fan of the touch pro 2 HTC (SPRINT) physical keyboard, one of the best around to date...
Carlos Chee Either. I'm used to both at this point.
Shawn Poling Virtual keyboard
Andrew Cornford Physical, but I'm part of the dieing BlackBerry bread I fear....
Tony Abiama Virtual... can't even imagine going back to a physical keyboard.
Matti Hietala Physical qwerty ftw. I miss it from Nokia N900.
Devin Ray Hernandez Virtual dueto the fact it makes tthe phone thinner
KJ Thornton Virtual
Nick Speth im still rockin my G2, and I love the keyboard on it. Ive got pretty big hands/fingers and prefer a physical keyboard. Im due for an upgrade in december, and it going to be a sad day because i really want a GSIII despite no keyboard
Eric Hook Virtual
Leanna Honcoop-Farris I prefer virtual, mainly because I don't like the extra bulk of a physical keyboad. My son has the physical keyboard on his smartphone, and I prefer my phone with the virtual keyboard. His is like a brick.
Elatia Grimshaw Physical, the whole reason I got the Droid 4 in the first place.
Shoeb Hussaini virtual :D

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