Finally, Honeycomb is here! Aaron reviews the Motorola XOOM, the first real competitor to the Apple iPad. It offers a 1 GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor, 10.1-inch display, Android 3.0 (Honeycomb), 5-megapixel camera, and a front-facing camera.  Honeycomb is a huge improvement from Froyo, with a more tablet-centric interface, additional widgets, and an excellent desktop-like browsing experience.

It's a great tablet with a much-improved operating system, but the price point may sway potential buyers to the iPad. Is it awesome enough to justify spending $800 on? Part 1 of 2.

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"Is the Motorola XOOM the tablet for you?"

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Lavon Thomas I likw. But price it. Not worth it ill rather have a samsung galaxy s tab and I like Android better
Maneesh Vasisht I think I'l go for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
Aien Viyu i've never considered buying any motorola products to date. There's always another preferred brand name to choose from.
Hayden Morgan Yes, ipad 2 is still so limited with that apple crap
Anton Lamar Dillard Love it but I'm not paying that!
Eric Kroh too pricey..tegra 2 chip is nice..hows the battery life on wifi/3G
Luis Ortiz I have to say the moto xoom is probably the best tablet out right the specs are amazing but I'm definitely waiting on the LG 3D honeycomb tablet!!! PS Apple fan boys can't admit that their "precious" OS is getting creamed by Android!!!
Danny Stone Nook Color and root it and it the best tablet out for the money.
Chris Johnson No iPad 2 all the way
Larry Lambert I agree with everthing Steven Lauren says. I've had an ipad (work provided) since October and other than at work, I hardly used the thing for personal use because of what it lacked. The ipad was way too expensive, and so is the xoom, however the xoom has so much more specs. I bought a xoom and use it all the time because the experience is so much better. I think the ipad2 is now worth buying, but the xoom still has better specs with flash, memory and expansion. The mistake they made was not putting out a wifi version with the 3g/4g one because of everybody and their brother saying what they are saying about pricing, but the ipad2 is still too expensive. They all need to be about $200 cheaper, but we know with everything new, the consumers pay. Its the first time I've paid for something new like this. The demos at the store suck. I love the xoom. And logmein on the xoom is great and so is the speak to text. My phone messes up a lot of my speaking, but the xoom so far is right on all the time.
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Janez Voncina It's close, but I prefer 7inch screen, maybe a next generation Snapdragon processor (for lower price).
Keith Raw iPad 2 for the sheeple. Xoom is top of my list. $539 for the WiFi version isn't a bad price, just a shame they want £499 in the UK!
Miguel Salazar I'm getting an ipad 2 as soon as I can...
Christina Elena Amaya Waiting a week for the Ipad 2
Eric Kroh I messed with it in bestbuy..meh..not like an iOS or droid phone couldn't so the same thing..and the difference between dual/single core is milliseconds..Really?!
Mario Alan Perez Arreola Love all those gadgets out there but ill wait till mid year to se what happens
Steven Lauren PLEASE stop perpetuating this nonsense about the Motorola Xoom being "too expensive" guys! All of the tech journalists and bloggers are comparing the prices of a 16 GB WiFi only iPad to the 32 GB WiFi+3G Motorola Xoom! The 32 GB WiFi+3G iPad is only $70 more than the Xoom, while the WiFi only is reported to be the SAME PRICE! In addition, the Xoom has features the iPad obviously lacks: Flash support, memory expansion, user-changeable battery... and up until the iPad 2 reveal from this week it was the only one that had cameras and a dual core processor!
Benjamin Padilla If it were $300 I would get it. I'm waiting to see how the TouchPad works before I buy a tablet...
Mario Alan Perez Arreola Love all those gadgets out there but ill wait till mid year to se what happens
Mario Alan Perez Arreola Why scott What happend
Jacob Brown No, ipad owns me! I have an android tablet and it is the pits!
Zach Cline Lol oh yes. Apple is shot. That's why they hold 90 percent of the tablet pc market share and are still outselling android tablets.
Nick Kalman No iPad all the way
Leo Chuang My xoom is going back to costco..
Mark Jaggers Way overpriced. I kinda like the Viewsonic GTablet with some tweaking. Just as fast or faster.
Jose F. Barbosa I'll tell you what. IPad2 is not for me.
Jon Jerico Calanio Yeah it's expensive, but a Wi-Fi only Xoom is surfacing in ads, especially in Sam's Club where it costs only $539.
Fan OfDreaming I know that I don't need a tablet. My phone m my computer is good enough 4 me
Jeanell Chrystale Williams The Xoom is the best tablet so far. The price is unfortunately insane. Ipad 2 is shit people. Apple blows monkey balls.
Ryan DeClue It is absolutely the tablet for me... as soon as someone gives me one. I will never pay 800 dollars for technology that is so instantly obsolete. Takes barely a week these days for all these new toys to be outshown by shinier ones.
Robert Simmons Hell to the no! For that price I can get a laptop! It's almost as if moto blow doesn't wanna sell the damn thing !
TJ Merrill Only thing I don't like is the proprietary charger. I bought 2amp Apple/ micro USB chargers for home and cars
Chris Kumar It was till i saw the price
Marti Ruiz Ipad look beatiful bu t no flash player .fuck
Jose Pablo Islas Just say no to moto!
Leonel Bernardo Definitely!
Anh-Tuan Le No. Honeycomb is great, but I never buy anything at the first iteration. Let Google work out all the kinks of the tablet optimized Android first.
Cristian Ruiz Absolutely. In fact I'm enjoying typing this comment on on my XOOM right now! :-)
Christopher Berry IPad 2. No Flash is garbage, but it's a great device. Xoom Wifi is a good contender if priced well. HP's Touch Pad has me curious, as does the BB Playbook. These jerks need to release the products before Cupertino gets the cash.
Zach Cline Nope iPad and iPad 2 ftw.
Tham Ye Yang IPad 2 feels more premium in hand and in looks because of its slim aluminium chassis
Kade Freeman The xoom doesn't come in white like the iPad does
Gabriel Fernandez And Aaron called Google Books iBooks. FAIL.
Zakiyy Chaudhry ipad 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jonathan Morley Over-priced but otherwise it seems like a great device :)
Jan Michael Cruz Want the 539bucks wifi xoom, any news on that?
Jürgen M Lobert Not after the iPad2 introduction... And I'll be condemned if I ever buy another Motorola device again! It'll probably be stuck on Android 2.3 for its entire lifetime...
Gabriel Fernandez Lol @ Phonedog Noah popping up when Aaron typed in Phonedog in the Google search bar.
Yasir Sohail Ipad 2 ftw.
Ebony Rutherford I'll still love mine even more with 4G on it.
Johny Alvarez Waiting for the WiFi only model.
Nic Gruwell xoom is for android fanboys only. of course ppl will like their xooms 3 days into owning it.. talk to me in 3 months and I bet you wished you waited for touchpad or ipad 2
Brandon Worley Had it since launch day...stomps ipad d!ck in the dirt...and yes it will beat up on ipad 1.5 too
Ebony Rutherford Just received my Xoom today and I love it!
David Hilgendorf If you actually look at the specs and different size in memory options the ipad2 is the one charging to much. Look online you will see it ranges from 499-839 whereas the xoom is one price for 799 and with the 100$ off your paying 699 and you get a better tablet with better cams, a GPS, 4g and soon flash and sdcard expansion. Wifi only is looking like 500 $ price range.
Matt Wheeler $499 Galaxy Tab FTW
Marti Ruiz I dont know too expensive
Danny Stone Few things....It was until the Ipad 2 will beat it to the market for the wifi only version. Also for everyone saying its more expensive then the Ipad needs to do some research..32 gig 3g version is 729 then if you want the sd card reader or the HDMI adapter add some more. The ipad actually comes out like 30 more. I love my android phone and i love my Macbook........But when are companies gonna learn to complete with Apple you NEED to release the wifi only version on or before you release the 3g one. Right now the Wifi only tablets are like unicorns and hot lesbians.......FICTION.....lol
Steve Tabaluyan Not worth it.Better get a notebook.
Esa Edvik @Sean: Not to mention a crippled ecosystem with no control over what you can and cannot do and having to use iTunes. No thanks. And as a photographer, an SD card slot would be nice.
Oscar Ortega Ill go with the HTC boom
Rex Tippin JR The iPad 2 is where it's at!
Christopher Pena How about giving me one and I'll tell you whether or not its for me <.<;'
Chris Small Ummm can I borrow 800 bucks?
Eric Alvarez $800? Nty
Jackson Sanger I do want a tablet either the WiFi only one, touchpad, or playbook...or gslate Idk they're all good
Sean Bennett Want to know why the iPad 2 is cheaper? The cameras both suck, it has less ram and no hdmi out, lower resolution and a smaller screen. Oh yeah, and only a mono speaker.
Tham Ye Yang Not when it costs 300 US more than the iPad 2
Issa Hirsi Nope too big
Jordan Mosley Nope, ill wait untill HTC brings a real Honeycomb tablet.
Eddie Cobb Im feeling the touchpad but thats just me, all these new tablets are really cool and I would be happy with any of them, I just wish the ipad 2 had flash support that is what kills it.
Derrius Byrd When the WifI version gets released hopefully more apps be out. If not, maybe the iPad 2.
Kevin Pham Almost the same price as apple's high end cellular data ipad so I have no complaints. Waiting for wifi only though
Matt Cain Way too expensive. My first tablet would be an iPad 2.
Phil Esposito Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes ipad can suck my dick
Eugene Malabanan Xoom is the best!
Esa Edvik It's a bargain even at $800, when it comes over here it'll be 800€ :/
Brandon Thompson Nope iPad 2
Rex Tippin JR The XOOM sucks
Wheres Walter wonder if the g-Slate is going to be worth it. im really putting my eggs in that basket.
Michele Corliss Witts Just got my XOOM and I love it!
Munashe Nyamayedenga Too expensive.
Wayne Riddle When the price drops in about half then maybe.
Elis Diaz Yes, wifi only of course.

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