Aaron unboxes Verizon's Motorola XOOM, the first Honeycomb tablet available in retail stores. Spec-wise, it's an awesome tablet, with a 1 GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor, 10.1-inch display with 1280 by 800 pixels, 5-megapixel camera, front-facing camera for video calling. Most importantly, it offers Android 3.0 (Honeycomb), the first version of Android that's optimized for tablets. It's the first real competitor to the iPad and Apple's tablet monopoly, but at $800 (full retail), will consumers bite?

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"Aaron unboxes the Motorola XOOM, the first Honeycomb tablet widely available in retail channels. Will you be buying one?"

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Leo Chuang
Leo Chuang got one yesterday...so many bugs, google pulled another GoogleTV
Is-boset Santoyo
Is-boset Santoyo this is awesome, i want one
Adam Hokin
Adam Hokin march 2nd, then we will see
Andrew William Sheldon
Andrew William Sheldon No
Geoff Meza
Geoff Meza Video Correction: The Viewsonic G Tablet has a Tegra 2 and has been out for about 6 months. The Xoom is not the first.
Ahmed Jamal Ibraihimi
Ahmed Jamal Ibraihimi Does it hav normal USB port....????
Richard Ben Markert
Richard Ben Markert I absolutely refuse to buy a carrier branded tablet of any kind. The prices are artificially inflated beyond reason.
Mario Alan Perez Arreola
Mario Alan Perez Arreola Jordán block same here
Mike Chiou
Mike Chiou locking to Verizon is the biggest mistake they could ever make.
Marti Ruiz
Marti Ruiz Only if wifi only
Silvester Wall
Silvester Wall how well does this device work with psx emulator?
Marti Ruiz
Marti Ruiz I dont know what to think
Timothy D Alston
Timothy D Alston No I'll wait for the G-Slate/Optimus Pad or Playbook. Right now I'm satisfied with my Archos 70
Benjamin Padilla
Benjamin Padilla Dell what? Lol
Benjamin Padilla
Benjamin Padilla I will never buy a tablet tied to a monthly bill. That is a scam. Money making scam.
Zach Cline
Zach Cline Dell streak seven fails
Chase Anderson
Chase Anderson Dell streak 7........
Matthew Johnson
Matthew Johnson @chase what else has it?
Zach Cline
Zach Cline @anthony Douglas.. Because tablets are better than freaking netbooks. If things were left up to ignorant people like you no progress would be made .
Chase Anderson
Chase Anderson Tegra. Not tetra.
Chase Anderson
Chase Anderson Too bad your wrong so soon into the vid. Its not the first tablet to sport the Tetra 2 1ghz processor. Quit watching as soon as that was stated. Facts sir. Facts
Jeff Labash
Jeff Labash @Dell....hardware is a 9...honeycomb is also a 9....only thing lacking are honeycomb/tablet specific apps. Not many in the market yet.
NJ TituAa
NJ TituAa Saw this on utube..really impressed
Anthony Douglas
Anthony Douglas Why buy a tablet when you can buy a mini laptop? "Look at me I am carrying a cellphone, tablet & a laptop" really?
Juwon Howard
Juwon Howard Got hands on action at work today its a neat tablet
Brandon Worley
Brandon Worley Have it dig it! Knocks ipad's d!ck in the dirt!
Steven Crisostomo
Steven Crisostomo Once they drop the price
Dell Pacino
Dell Pacino Hey Jeff L ~ Can you you give us a rating, 1-10? Thnx.
Dell Pacino
Dell Pacino Although Sammy having issues w/ updates, I love their hardware. So just waiting for that one, wifi model . Good thing its STOCK Honeycomb! ;)
Ray Tomblin
Ray Tomblin Only when it is available in WiFi only
Jeff Labash
Jeff Labash I'm leaving this comment on my new Xoom...love it so far.
Anh-Tuan Le
Anh-Tuan Le It's good to see you guys do tablet reviews, as these things will own 2011. Don't let that Noah Kravitz guy from TechnoBuffalo take all the limelight with his tricked out NookColor running Honeycomb.
Don Horan
Don Horan I'm going to win one from PhoneDog.com!
Chris Staton
Chris Staton waiting for the flyer wifi!
Monique Renee Heidenberg
Monique Renee Heidenberg Pretty hot looking but my phone does the job for me and its more compact: )
Johny Alvarez
Johny Alvarez Lets all wait for March 2 to see what apple has.
Conrad Kovash
Conrad Kovash Would love it, but can't afford it.
Alex Abawi
Alex Abawi No
Jerry Sanderlin
Jerry Sanderlin Nope!
Kris K. Blomgren
Kris K. Blomgren Nope
Jean Pennie
Jean Pennie nope, waiting on the Blackberry Playbook!
Louis Portis
Louis Portis I will not buy anything manufactured by Moto! Holding out for G-slate/t-mobile!
Justin Medina
Justin Medina Of course
Victor Rios
Victor Rios No no and no reason being, its Verizon...they suck!
Chris Dummer
Chris Dummer Ya the wifi only version maybe
Charles Wick
Charles Wick no
Callie Oliver
Callie Oliver Most likely.
Derrius Byrd
Derrius Byrd Holdin out till March 2 to make my decision
Jordan Block
Jordan Block Holding out for the new Samsung Galaxy Tab.

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