Aaron takes a first look at the Motorola XPRT, another addition to Sprint's global device portfolio and a close cousin to Verizon's Motorola DROID Pro. With a 1 GHz TI OMAP processor, 3.1-inch display, 5-megapixel camera with flash, and Android 2.2 with Motorola's custom user interface (don't call it MOTOBLUR!). Thanks to a SIM card slot in the back of the unit, world travelers don't have to worry about swapping out devices while they're out of the country.

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"Are QWERTY Android devices like the Motorola XPRT going to be what kills the BlackBerry?"

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Susie Tracey It was dead already IMO
Bart Van Oosterwijck Chis Rodriguez! Nobody knows what the future brings and btw it's only the sheep like you who follow the masses that are shouting out in the dark and in a few years they are shouting different. Go hating yourself and let other people be free to choose whatever they want. Go f*ck your Android devices because you're loving it so much that it's becoming scary as hell! Maybe a new fetish: the Androidlovers...
Hector Sedeño I think they would eventually, but for now it's a competitor.
Chris Rodriguez Derrail that makes absolutely no sense. Any bb you get is already outdated by virtue of being a bb so that not really a legit reason
Jerimiah Reece RIM will kill Blackberry by virtue of their own creative stagnation.
Kyle Adams I think physical QWERTY will die to touch screens. Maybe not right away but in at least the next 10 years. Physical keyboards will look like dinosaur phones to upcoming generations (and kind of already do)
Nate Peters You mean BB's are still alive?
Dawn Stanley It would be my luck, lol, I just got a BlackBerry. My *first* Smart phone. No buyers remorse here, I love it. ;)
Juan Araya Blackberry is almost non existent where I work. Everyone jumped on the evo when it was first available and only a few people still. Have blackberries. Bye bye blackberry.
Treg Andrews Blackberry is killing itself with inferior phones and OS.
Derrail Smith BTW, I'm gonna pay full price for the bold 9930 when it arrives. I'm going to mate it with the next Playbook incarnation & let them play happily together. No more android madness. I will miss the Galaxy™S' AMOLED technology but wanting a new phone each year is dizzying & wasteful for me. Just my opinion.
Derrail Smith I would take a BB over those other devices any day because as advanced & innovative as the others are, in 5 minutes they are a thing of the past. I have Epic right now & love it but it won't be good much longer due to hardware/software compatibility. I think the folks at RIM are sensitive to this & so have been slow to relent to the fad of disposable technology & devices. When I know that my investment won't be worth sh!t in less than a year, it doesn't make me eager to purchase it. I think that the market should remain balanced for those who are liberal in their technological leanings & those more conservative. That RIM is being into "mobile-candyland"-popcorn-type market trends is disheartening to say the least. I hope they don't completely toe the line on this front.
Debbie Miles I just got this phone on Sprint and love it! Nice screen and great keyboard!
Randy A Ferguson 2 words: Hell no.
Tony Allen Bart, only reliable if you really do like battery pulls ;-)
Tyler Patterson In my opinion if bb would make a phone with a bigger key board and better touch screens they would probably be up there with some of the new droids and the I phone right now I just can't realy see them being a great phone
Bart Van Oosterwijck Are you married with android? Do you have shares from Google? No? So why loving software that is giving more and more information to the government??? It's an open source for developers; but also for big brother! But go ahead with your childish point of view! Use your Android thingies, there are enough people who will use the not over the top commercialised BlackBerry phones! I had the iPhone and the HTC Desire and i went back to BB. Maybe not as flashy as the other 2 but much more reliable and the qwerty is the best on the market!
Matt SnowPaw Dalton Ewww Android, WebOS for life :D
Gordon Christie Probably convinced my wife to get the htc chacha instead of the blackberry
Chris Rodriguez Nope its not innovative. And last I checked their share of the market is shrinking every month while Ios and android continue to grow. Soon, hopefully very soon, bb will be pretty much relegated to the corporate world and only the corporate world. Horrible phones.
Bart Van Oosterwijck @ Chris dont do that smarttalk!!! QNX has just been acquired and will enter their phones with the intro of BB OS8 and the BB fanbase don't grows spectacular but it grows! And that BB isn't innovative? The ripp offs by the other innovative manufacturers show the opposite. And the new devices will attract a lot of new customers! BB users don't talk, the act!
Zach Cline Blackberry sucks but they have there cult following just like apple and android does .
Bart Van Oosterwijck Is there a frustrated member in the phonedogcrew who hates BlackBerry? Always on topic 'what kills BB'. Pathetic! BB is a strong brand with millions of users worldwide!!! Learn to live with it BB haters!
Amanda Sutton Messer No, there will always be a need and a consumer base for blackberries.
Tonio Johnson Depends on if companies get tired of paying for blackberries on the enterprise side simply put. BES is another charge altogether where with android you can just enter you're settings and be done with it. The company I work for is going to switch from BB's to android in the next few months so the staff can get more use out of their phones.
Chris Rodriguez @ Tim innovative? Playbook is a direct ripoff of webos. And you can't speak of qnx being in phones as innovative since none of their phones actually have it and there's no word on when it will happen. So no they're not very innovative, and they are currently still using their archaic/ primitive os
Cat Velarde No! All other qwerty devices are tacky! Blackberry has that classy allure. I'd so trade in my iPhone 4 for a Blackberry! I'm anxiously waiting for the Bold Touch! :D
Tim Fuhrmann @Chris Williams---Is the PlayBook not innovative enough? Is the(hopefully sooner than later) possibility to run Android apps from your BLACKBERRY tablet not innovative enough? Is QNX coming to BlackBerry smartphones not innovative enough? Or are you like the masses, unless it has all the specs that the other high end phones have, its not innovation? RIM has been very innovated lately. BB FTW!!!
Terrence Sebastine Chuniesingh I won't believe it could.
Kyle Jeter C'mon, what business professional would take this over the upcoming 9900/9930?
Jacob Brown I love my bb!!!
Akash Sukhija Android and Qwerty keyboard....? Just sounds like poles apart man...! Atleast No one can beat BB at Qwerty keyboards..!
Tim Watson I highly doubt that because Motorola sucks. They fell off once and they're on the verge of falling off again and never returning, I hope
Everett C W Byrd Android security is like swiss cheese compared to BBOS... in an enterprise and/or government application sense, that is a risk they cannot take.
Hunter Remington Blackberry is not going anywhere, they have a huge global presence, and android devices like this will not sell. People will choose the sexier android flagship devices over these qwerty devices. I love my G2X and my Bold 9780!
Vlad Valentine McBride Ha-ha keep dreaming Motorola
Thomas Urgento I hope so!
Chris Williams Agreed, palm webos was awsome! But i personally would never choose it over ios or android, blackberry is a will kill blackberry
Camilo Andres Pedrero Osorio BB can't even if Android keep getting more and more users, the Blackberry users in someway faithfull people
Justin Beilstein blackberry is what killed blackberry... just like palm committed suicide
Sean McCollum I loved my TP2 in the way that I just plugged it into my Windows machine, and it did everything for me. Just sucked that WP6.5 was horribly unstable.
Chris Williams O yeah, blackberry is already on life support as it is, all they need is 1 more big blow to knock them out. They haven't really came out with anything inivative in a long, long time
David Sherwood If HTC would come out with a Pro II style phone having at least a 4+" tilt HD screen, android, a 8 Meg pixel camera, a speedy processor and at least 16g of on-board storage w/ an expansion slot... the rest of the companies could pack their stuff and go home.
Kalob Martinez i just wish that HTC would come out with a high end endroid phone on verizon with or without 4g!high end means specks similar to the sensation!
Collin McCann Hopefully
Sean McCollum Once Android becomes super easy and has 1 standardized way to sync up with corporate email, BBs days are numbered. But since it doesn't, BB isn't going anywhere.
Pete Bradley Pssh no! How many ppl bought the droid pro?? I rest my case
Raunaq Kumaran I don't think so... If blackberry were to die it would have happened a few months ago
Chris Rodriguez I welcome anything that kills the blackberry. Worst phone I've ever owned.
Phillip Dill when androids first came out they killed blackberries and iphones
Danny Ortiz Dont think so. Until the enterprises spend some cash to update their company devices and go with android and/ios RIM will live.
Isaiaz Tapia Bb is used by so many companies. So it won't die. All of my co-workers use them even tho they hate them.
John-Michael Kobes I want a candybar...phone that is.QUERTY too...miss them!
Zac Hooper Blackberry will kill itself. /thread
Dylan Velasco well...blackberry is americas #1 Choice of phone OS...so...i doubt it
Jake Ryan i would think so but blackberry will always sell b/c well its blackberry its been around forever ppl will always want one
Chase Hoskins Not just kill DOMINATE

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