Just over a month after I reviewed it on the website, the Google Nexus 4 is playing hard to get on the Google Play store and at T-Mobile retail stores.  Designed by LG, it's packing some incredible specs for the price and brings Android 4.2 (also called Jelly Bean) to the masses.  If you can find one, you can pick up the 8 GB version for $299 and the 16 GB version for $349.  Better yet, that's full retail, so no worries about signing a two-year contract.  Simply put, there's a lot to like here. 

Next week, I plan to put a Straight Talk SIM card in the Nexus 4 to test their service over 30 days.  In today's world, everyone's looking for the best bang for the buck, and I hope analyzing some of the popular prepaid solutions on the market will help you in your buying decisions.

One month later, is this still the ultimate Android device?

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"One month later, is the Nexus 4 still the best?"

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Marcus Samual Winchester jose, it has a dormant LTE chip built in that only works on a unknown frequency in parts of the US and Canada but it doesn't actually work due to keeping costs bottom low
Harsh Kawalia This is a great device if some one gets his/her hands on it !!
Ibnul Sharar Except the battery, it is one of the fastest android.
Roy Groh Suck.... SGS3 IS BEST
Daniel McCarthy Nexus 4 sucks because it doesn't have LTE. " Enjoy your battery drain for a 10% increase in speed.
William Chi I would love to buy, but still waiting stock available in my country!
Jose Angel Santiago Mike cooper it doesnt have LTE
Jose Angel Santiago No LTE, no expendable memory and made by LG ....ummm not.
BG Michael yes Lg THE BEST
Chad Robinson Pffffft.
Joshua Feld I like my Nexus 4, only a few gripes I have with it, the screen responsiveness is off, the sound could be louder, but it's a great phone.
Ashley Vaughan Nexus 4 ftw!
Mike Cooper Nexus 4 does have lte. You can say its not the best for a lot of reasons but that one is not valid
Jessica Wiseman EVO 4g lte. I love my phone.
Cesario Brito Jr. Note 2 > Nexus 4 any day.
Anne Brooks It never was the best. Crappy battery life too especially compared to the note 2.
Jamie Crane i like htc the best beats audio is good sense is good each to there own
Oscar Cantu No the Galaxy Note 2 is the best phone Nexus 4 sucks doesn't have LTE
Flako Ramirez Uuumm nope it never was "Best" No LTE come on its 2013...Galaxy Note 2 deserves "Best"
Anthony Bailey How have HTC beaten Samsung in terms of software??? What S Voice equivalent does HTC have? What S Note equivalent does HTC have? What Samsung Premium Suite equivalent does HTC have? What stock Swype-like equivalent does HTC have? What stock photo editors do HTC have that hold a candle to Samasung? What stock Samsung TecTitle app or technology does HTC have? I doubt that any HTC owner even knows what a "TecTile" is.
Kyle Cordiano Yes and no. Software wise yes. But hardware Sammy has em beat.
Miguel Bleau Note 2 man.
Michael Myers Definitely not.
Derrius Weston I can't complain this phone is awesome I've had it since November no lag quad core beast
George St. Martin There are a lot if different opinions out there, but in my opinion a phone can't be the best if it didn't have an sd slot, or LTE.
Anthony Bailey Did I miss something??? When was the POS Nexus 4 ever "the best"??? It's not even ranked 'the best' on PhoneDog in the smartphone rankings, netiehr by the public or by the experts. It's the superior Galaxy Note 2. I forgot why Aaron got on my god damned nerves.
Nick Truskowski If I could find a damn nexus 4 for retail and not some retard on craigslist asking double price.
Arturo Atherly U know ALL this talk about the SGS3 and Note 2 and Nexus 4 WHAT ABOUT THE HTC ONE X+....AWESOME PHONE.....u guys are about as bad as Fox news!!
Nathan Parks Its definitely my favorite but I feel that most would prefer the s3 or note 2.
Larry Wilson Note 2 baby
Roger Schubert DeOliveira I work for T-Mobile and have all the phones, nexus wins
Glen Perez When it becomes available then we can have this discussion....
Armando Servantes yup it was hard to get it lol... and yes is the best :-)
Frank Smith Jr It's all subjective. I appreciate the huge screen on my Note 2 while acknowledging the Nexus as a great phone in its own right. The best phone is the one that works for you.
Perro Rosello It never was the best... still awesome though
Agustin Rosado Note2 is the best!!!
Magnus Larsson Heck yeah
Steven Basso never was note 2
Nain El Fuego Romero Best phone I've ever had. Yes! Coming from a galaxy s3

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