Nexus 5 vs. Moto X Dogfight

Marco Hanna
Senior Multimedia Producer from  Nashville, TN
| February 4, 2014

The battle of the two Google devices…almost. The Nexus 5 is the most pure Android device that you can buy, the result of Google partnering with LG to produce the hardware while Google handles the software. This may not offer the most power, but it does mean that the Android updates will be prompt since you won't have to wait for OEMs or carriers to take their time testing an update and adding in their own customizations. 

Meanwhile, the Moto X may not have the same pedigree as the Nexus 5, but it does have Google care. Google owned Motorola for nearly two years before it recently agreed to sell the company to Lenovo. The Moto X was a product of Motorola, but Google's influence led to the a software experience that's nearly stock, save for a few custom Motorola features. The result? One of the best phones of 2013, especially with the unique software customizations added in by Motorola. 

Stacking these two devices up against one another will show a large gap in hardware, with the Nexus 5 packing a quad-core processor and the Moto X relying on a dual-core CPU that's paired with few other chips to create Moto's X8 architecture. The two devices have two very different spec sheets, yet they offer nearly identical software experiences. In the end, will the Nexus 5's more powerful hardware help it to win out? Or will Motorola's software features help lead the Moto X to victory? Be sure to tune in to our Nexus 5 vs. Moto X Dogfight to find out!

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