Nokia may be throwing most of their eggs into the Windows Phone 7 basket, but they're pushing Symbian until the end.  Aaron does an unboxing of the Nokia Astound, which is essentially a carrier-branded version of the Nokia C7-00 shown off at Nokia World last fall.  It offers a 3.5-inch display, 8-megapixel camera with 720p HD video recording capabilities, front-facing shooter with Qik pre-installed, Bluetooth 3.0, and Symbian^3.  It lands at T-Mobile on April 6th for $79.99.

It's nice to see Nokia picking up carrier partnerships (they need every one they can get), but Symbian is clearly on its last leg.  Is it a viable option given T-Mobile's Android-heavy lineup?

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"Would you buy a Symbian-powered phone?"

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Milos Mita Mitic brate ekstra mobini
Aamir Bilal never! not even if thats free.
Prabhath Jay whats symbian ?
Daniell Laymen Not a chance i'll use it again
Israel Leiva I never heard of that country before. Where is Symbia located at? LOL
Jose Pablo Islas Looks a little unresponsive
Aaron Goodrich My last phone was a nokia 5530 xpressmusic. Was a great phone made better with custom roms. I replaced it with a vibrant and have not looked back.
Emil Quidit-Pimentel Wats symbian??? Lol
Mohamed Ibrahim Fouad Rahal No wayyy are u kidding me
Sinan Khaled Batayneh no way, got one for the past year, no got the wp7, way better
Douglas J Kmiotek not anymore,...
Zach Cline Which wont happen lol
Frank Rivera Hells no
Bu Khamseen Mohammad Not for a smart phone
Marti Ruiz what is symbian .. just android
Michael Diaz Maybe ill try meego if they ever take it out.
Aj Green Ohhhhh heeeeeellllll to the fucking no!!!!
Jp Morais NOOOOOOO!!!!
Louis Portis No i wouldn't!
Tyler Pipke hell no
Javier Segura Android sucks, I'll take anything over google's app crasher.
Zach Cline Respect them for a crappy OS?
Ty Kratzer i'd rather use my broken palm 680. current phone is the thunderbolt
Marc Forrest Well my galaxy s is the best but if i have to give it up then.... Nokia n8
Darryl Mouzone Is this a serious question? No of course not!
Skye Villanueva Maybe....if it was layed over android
Tony Ward Only as a second phone, I have my HTC desire as my normal phone as android rocks, I may get a iPhone because I have a loose door that needs propping open and I may just get the iPhone 5 as I have lost my paperweight, Nokia will always be around so respect them for what they have done for us over the years.
Zac Hooper Lmao, no way in hell.
Will Gonzalez Hell no!
Steven Crisostomo Ill give u ten bucks for it
Sairus Soliman Blackberry forever !!! :)
Zach Cline Blackberrys suck
Christian Gabriel Navarro Wow. I guess I'm one of the few who liked Symbian when I had it. I had an E61i, but I'll admit it could have used a lot of modernizing. The hardware was rock solid.
Anthony Mitchell im running symbian now and its crap. great multi tasking but it crashes easy and it just plain sucks lol
Abe Linny Uy I'd prefer a blackberry :)
Sunil Tandan have n8 disappointed.... but like alan said symbian 4 may be. but the hardware is pretty good
Muhammad Khalil ( I recently bought last month Android LG Optimus One P500 and I am happy before that I was using Nokia Symbian, Android is the best OS for Cellphones )
Zach Cline Lol the only ones that like this are the mexicans
Jv Iar nope this is my last. E63. Iphones next
Alan Nhol Maybe Symbian 4 if... There has to be a complete overhaul of UI and make settings, and such easier and quicker to change
L.c. Tooflyforafullname Carter Isnt that the os that will not be around in the next year. They have committed to windows right ? I will pass .
Jose Medina Yes if it was a e7
Kajari Spoon Osborne Had 2 of them, Both disappointed me
Blake Alexander Urbaniak Hell no. Some feature phones have more attractive interfaces. I'll stick with Android.
Mikey Williamson Symbian... Isn't that like Venom from Spiderman? Oh nvm, that is symbiat...
Nahtanoj Divad Htrab Two years ago I would have. :)
KJ Allen Nooooooooooooooooooo!
Carter Hooper I love my N8. Symbian is complicated, which I lik sometimes and when I don'y I put my sim card into my WP7 Focus. Great balance and the camera on the N8 kicks ass!
Cody Kloepfer Not at all.
Michael Garcia no symbian is so outdated
Flako Ramirez Nooooooope
Amir James Maybe, when Google and Symbian have that remake/merge.
Victor Rios Nope...Android Nation! :)
Anthony Alecseenko I actually used sambian, and I wish it was around more often in the U.S.
Matt Kurtyka There's a reason no one liked this status
Fan OfDreaming Not really
Andy Kemp nope, had them before, thier time has come and gone. Would you buy a Yugo or a Sinclair Zx80 these days ?
Stuart Collins never again
Pierre Louis Stannies Yes i would buy a Nokia E7, i still own a iPhone, Symbian would be a nice thing to own either, it's a very ressourcefriendly and stable System, although Nokia is going to update Symbian
Carlos Zarate Half of dis ppl have never used Symbian :P
Dave Uchiha Hell No
Tim Gruber nothing but android
Eric Sjoberg nope, wont be buying anymore T-mobile phones either until this whole At&t-mobile thing gets all worked out
Greg Smart HELL NAW JACK!!
Ahmad Sbeih out dated !!!
Brad Blackstone over that
Roberto Williams Maybe Symbian has a pretty good OS
Ben Ji never in a million years
Juan Vasquez why not? if you already have a tablet of some sort, a PC and the price of the device is somewhat cheaper than an Android, WP7 smartphone or iPhone.
Michael Ryan Zurbano i think i threw up a little

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