After waiting for months, months, and some more months, Nokia has finally outed the Lumia 800, one of two Windows Phone devices that are coming to select markets this year.  Sadly, it's not coming to the US just yet, but the Nokia Lumia 800 is a high-end Windows Phone, with a 1.4 GHz processor, 3.7-inch AMOLED display with Nokia's ClearBlack display technology, 8-megapixel camera with 720p HD video recording, and Windows Phone "Mango."  No front-facing camera may be a no-go for some, but for others, this is an exceptionally well-designed Windows Phone that will sell well in the markets in which it launches. 

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"Is it the best Windows Phone yet?"

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Koo Ool well its a nice phone......
Chad Allen i think the next Nokia phone will be the one to get has this is just the N9 only less it was rushed to get a phone out if i were getting a windows phone i would go with the Titan.
Andrew Young Too right
Scott Smith Nobody cares, its a stupid windows phone... Total Junk!
Xingchi Ding no front facing camera come on!
Jordan Mamba WorldPeace Konesavanh All of you non-sense people... Buy a ANDROID. or die!
Nic Gruwell focus S would be my choice. Nokia needs to stay in Europe. They don't have hardly any market share in the United States and then they release 2 mid-range windows phones?! That's right I called the Lumina 800 mid-range! What a piss poor strategy. To get any attention in the States with Windows phone Nokia had to give it some kind of stand out feature but there is none. It's knot even as good as the N9 for heaven's sake.
Darryl Mouzone If I had a dollar for all the fanboy comments on this page....
Suzanne Shanks Gee, why all the hatin' here? Trolls.
David Harness I laugh at all the people who act like 720p is bad just because phones have 1080p haha they don't understand camera's at all
David Harness Not sure, need to see a comparison between the Lumia 800 and the Focus S
Tom Parker No front facing camera and only 720 video. Nokia blew it
Steve Smith I wish they added a front facing camera!
Chris Robato Yuck. Sucks.
Joe Gates That's not saying much.
Tim Houp WP 7.5 are all the same, just size differences. They are excellent phones and I am glad they DON'T look or work like Android or iPhone. I wanted something different that works, doesn't freeze or force close and my WP 7.5 works all the time, no issues. It will hurt Nokia that they didn't put the Front facing camera on it, simple oversight on their part in my opinion. Nokia has TOTALLY lost the U.S. market, so it doesn't really matter....lol
Hansley Liew Any comments about windows software.?
Hubert John Abiera HTC Titan is the best WP7.5 phone, closely followed by the Samsung Focus S, then maybe the Nokia Lumia 800. The HTC Radar 4G and the Samsung Focus Flash are tied for middle and I would put Lumia 710 last.
Reese Woodson No FFC alone is a fail. I'll take the Sammy Focus S over that.
Ramon Quintero @daniel same goes to android
Erik Rosli It may not be the best, but it is a beautiful device; suited for those who prefer something different besides the usual iOS and Android line up. If you have a craving for apps, maybe this device isn't for you. For Apple and Android users who might be looking for a second phone, IMO I think this phone would fit in nicely.
Robert Centennial It's a great phone
Daniel Onofre With windows phone you can't really tell if the phone is the best since the only real noticeable differences in windows phone is the screen size,screen resolution,camera,and design other than that there essentially the same
Jason Ramos @Kevin. I agree, Nokia can fuck themselves for going with Microsoft. FAIL FAIL FAIL!!!! They should have bought Palm and put a real OS on their phones like webOS. Microsoft has enough support from HTC, Samsung and LG. Nokia and webOS would have been a good partnership
Eric Kroh I think wp has some nice hardware but still lacks "something "
Josh Saintz Buy a Galaxy Nexus not a whore!
Eric Kroh Technobuffalo did this hours ago
John Skelton Titan or Focus S. I'll be getting the next Nokia WP7 phone when my contract goes up.
Alexander Le Front facing camera is not really needed. I never use it.
Esaú Quero-quero Cordero Iphone 4s is far better
Ben Pickhardt It's still a Windows phone -___-
Nick Catelli Specs wise it's ok. I may be wrong but I think with the way Windows Phone is coded, it doesn't take advantage of dual-core processors so high clocked single cores (like the 1.4GHz single core in this) are more than formidable. It'd be nicer with a better camera system but at the end of the day, the best thing about this phone is the design. It's nice to see something that stands out nowadays... Nokia always manages to impress in that regard.
Kevin Joel No, too small, specs from 5yrs ago. Nokia can go to hell......
Wutthichai Rit-Uan I don't think so..
Ernest Marvin Esteban nope. there is no best windows phone.
Qi Ren I don't think so...
Eskias McDaniels How exciting....
CeeGii Borels nope the Focus S is
Joel Ramos yeah and it sux...

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