I'm well into day four of the 30-day Nokia Lumia 900 Challenge, and there are a few things I'm loving and a few things I'm confused by.  So far, 4G LTE connectivity has been solid, overall reception has been great, and the 1,830 mAh battery has done a decent job of making it through the day.  I've downloaded some great apps from Windows Marketplace, and am settling in to using the smartphone as my daily driver.  The cyan color turns heads while I'm walking to lunch uptown, and I wouldn't have it any other way.  It's a refreshing change from the black and white handsets we see on a daily basis.

I'm still annoyed by the fact that there's no option to keep the connectivity bar at the top of the display, but it's a minor thing.  Otherwise, so far, so good!  Stay tuned for more.

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"Could you use a Windows Phone for 30 days?"

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SnKBlaZe Have been using one (HTC HD7) since the introduction of Windows Phone. Haven't looked back since.
Gaurav Bhardwaj yukkk.windows phone sucks...if anyone will give nokia lumia for free...i will throw itcin the dustbin...i m using galaxy note and after using this awesome device..windows phone looks like shit.....
Matthias Rambally Yes I can use it for 30 days
Mohd Afzan when will you start make a review for the Sony Xperia S???
Arvydas Gr I used it for a year, so yes. WP is great OS
Dontex Dacari No...Droid 4 life..lol
Avi Rava Maybe....
Ryan G. Bordner Im throwing away my shitty android, and buying a Nokia Lumia 900.
Rich Welch Absolutely, I never have used one but would love the opportunity.
Migz7 Not only could I use one, I got my Lumia 900 and I love it!
Kirk Ngo Nope But if there was a choice between Iphone or Windows phone than Windows for sure no problem.
Madelene Patricia Keech I had a windows phone and after a week I sold it, it didn't have flash on it . I loved the uI on it.
Jonas Van Rechem Well, i combine android and windows phone by having a android phone and using launcher 7 on it. I really like the slick and solid feel of windows phone, but i also like the open source aspect of android
Darren Tan Probably will be using it for, well, ever.
Wasis Waskito I could if Im an American. The problem is I live in country with overpriced phone. There are no AT&T, VERIZON, T-MOBILE, SPRINT, ORANGE. No provider with good deal.
Adrian Jordan I surely can use a Windows beyond 30 days.
Ernest Marvin Esteban You should not have accepted the challenge from Nokia. I think people are more interested to see HTC ONe or One S, and I'm one of them. This is going to be boring. If you're going to review a windows phone at least choose the Titan II
Ernest Marvin Esteban You should not have accepted the challenge from Nokia. I think people are more interested to see HTC ONe or One S, and I'm onr of them. This is going to boring
??? I don't like Lumia 800 and 900, I actually prefer 710... But I have to say, using HTC Titan now (int'l version) is just great! I imagine Titan II is even better with all its prowess, including 16MP camera!!!
Jamil Cooper I could
Anubhav Das Its a bliss to type on lumia's keyboard
Anubhav Das I love my lumia 800 ..... Guess what I am typing this comment from it
Brennan Heugly Also AARON!!! Have you ever thought that if the keyboard was all the way over and filled up the extra space where the signal strength and battery icon are that the keyboard would be off to that side a little more and be awkward to type on? Like the old Dell Streak 5 with the 10 key on the screen, how it pushed the keys over to the left. Pull out the old HD7 Windows Phone and look at how much space the back, home, and search button take up on the bottom of the device and then try typing in landscape mode, the keys are awkwardly pushed over to one side. That's why they don't use the extra real estate, the OS was designed to put the keyboard in the middle of the screen for even balance, however if the maker of the phone like in the HD7s case make the phone awkward the whole thing is ruined!
Brennan Heugly Also no one has ever mentioned when a text comes it or email, it displayed a preview on the top of the screen (similar to iPhones new notification) you can swipe it away if you don't want to read it, or if it's in your way!
Bradley Seman can i use it on t mobile?
Aurelio Ruiz Disagree, my old windows phone was soo slow, my music would freeze my entire phone, not much of a app market. But I did like mango
Jamar Meo Yes most definitely :p...i love all ops XD
Chad Richter I would I've tried all types I'd Android phones and I have an iPhone. I'm pretty tired of both if them. I'm excited for what rim has in store for bb10. And I'd love to try a windows phone but the trophy would be my only option and i'm not going to sign a new agreement for a phone that's over a year old.
Tyler Johnson Nope I like my galaxy note better than any other phone :-)
Walt Alan Wilcutts Easily. It's a fantastic OS and I plan on using my Lumia for a good while. For me, that's about 6 months.
Chris Downs Absolutely not!!! Been there done that!!! Android rocks!!!
David Kimberlin not if you super glued it 2 my hands
Steve Johns Nope I could use a gallexy note though
Derick Williams I could.. the question is would I want to.
Nikolas Manuelides I think I could, but then I ll get back to Android <3
Hugo Contreras Lagos I wish a could travel through time...go about 6 months or a year in the future to see the new Lumias with PureView tech and WP8!!!
Brendon Bowers Hell yeah I would and anyone that can't or talks crap about New Windows phones has clearly never tried it or compared it to "high end" phones I only wish they'd give tmobile the 900 already I want the big screen !!
Shravan Dhakal I've been using windows phone for 1 year and Windows OS is great.
Anthony V Cannata No.... I lost all hope for windows phones years ago
Anthony Gonzalez Nope I could stand the lumia 710 for a day
Kevin McKinley yep i could
Jason Matsukawa Send one to me. I'll get some good use out of it.
Gabe Ordaz I'd you want to send me one yes..yes I can use it for life even.
Miguel Santiago Ehh I could but I honestly don't like windows phone I like android and iPhone OS wayyy better for some reason I had a HTC titan for a lil bit to play with and I didn't like it but the screen was nice
Chris Taylor Could? Yes. Would? No.
Brian Edson i really want to give myself at least a 14 day challenge with a windows phone, except im on verizon and i dont want the htc trophy. its too small for me (i have a droid bionic right now and want to keep the large screen size, maybe even bigger) verizon NEEDS more windows phones.
Jordan Acosta Nope,never.
George Majao Windows os is no joke the only os that compares to ios
Henry Murillo 30 days? Yup! If there was no iPhone this would be my phone
Jimmy Allen Maybe? I could put it in a sock and use it as a weapon to beat iPhone users upside the head with. But I don't think it would hold up that long........android rules!
Bryan Hitchen I went from a Droid Bionic to an HTC Trophy Windows phone and I dont regret it at all.
Gerald Knapp Yes, been using since WP7 was released! Ive used Android as well, Windows is so much better!!
Eduardo Ordaz No. Used it and didn't like it.
Garrett Richter I would buy the lumia 900 will it be able to do mobile hotspot ??
Arik Hdz I'm using it now it's alright I miss my Amaze windows is boring apps suck and much harder to synch my tunes!
Billy Kan Yes, in fact, I prefer it.
Mustin Jiller i have a flip phone. so yes
Curt Popejoy Love my windows phone.
Colleen Maegan Ashleigh Duffy I don't know about that phone but I have the Windows LG C900 and I love it. <3
Bradley E Watson Helllll no!!!!! Been there done that Android is bttr. (Pardon my french)
David Tambascio I would use that before an iphone :)
Sahn Choi Yes.. But if I had the choice I wouldn't. Screen resolution is a big deal for me.
Jeff Hammond I actually wouldn't mind it...Lumia..yes, please!
Luis Reyes Yes. I'm gonna buy either the Lumia 900 or the Titan II... Still debating.
William Martin probably
Frank Porter I probably could. Wouldn't be that bad
Joe Czo Yes I could! If it wasnt for crappy tmobile I would be using one right now.
Noel Easer Ellerbe lol... All these people saying no have probably never even used the new Win7.5 OS... It's awesome..
Krahulec Petr Not really ... ;)
Aymen Najar hell no :D
Colin Coen I fricken love windows phone.. of course!
Chayron Martis YEss you can!

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