Nokia Lumia 920 Challenge, Day 10: Answering your questions

Aaron Baker
Writer from  Dallas, TX
| Published: June 7, 2013

In this update to the Nokia Lumia 920 challenge series, I'm answering your questions from Twitter and Facebook. I've been working with the phone for 10 days, and overall, I've been pleased. It's certainly a different experience, but I can see some benefits already, such as tight integration with Microsoft Office and XBOX Live.

AT&T's flagship Nokia device is big and bulky, but it's easy to hold in the hand. In comparing apps between Windows Phone and more established platforms like iOS and Android, you can see the difference in many cases. Take the American app, for example. It's not nearly as robust as the Android/iOS versions, and it's not Nokia's fault. Microsoft needs to work hard to court developers - and make sure that the apps they create (and eventually update) are up to par with other OSes.

As always, let me know what you want to see in the Lumia 920 challenge series!

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