Nokia Lumia 920 Challenge, Day 6: More ecosystem, please

Aaron Baker
Writer from  Dallas, TX
| Published: June 3, 2013

I'm six days in with the Nokia Lumia 920 and Windows Phone 8, and I've had both a full weekend to play with it and a full day of work travel.  Call quality has been good in both Dallas and during my work trip to Los Angeles, and battery life (minus one major issue) has been mostly fine.  I'm settling in with Windows Phone 8, and for me, it's a lot to get used to - both on the hardware and the software side.  It's about the build quality and the way the phone looks, but it's also about the software and what Windows Phone 8 has to offer.  It's a very thick device, but it fits well in the hand.  Software lacks some personalization options that Android and iOS offer. 

It's a huge improvement over Windows Phone 7, but is it enough?  Stay tuned to the challenge series and let me know what you want to see covered on Twitter @PhoneDog_Aaron!

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