Nokia Lumia 920 Challenge, Day 8: People Hub

Aaron Baker
Writer from  Dallas, TX
| June 5, 2013

It's day eight with the Nokia Lumia 920 as part of the 30 day challenge with both Nokia and Windows Phone 8.  I'm putting both to the test, and for this update, it's all about the People Hub.  The ability to maintain connections with this device is nice - you can link Twitter and Facebook to the People Hub to have a one-stop-shop for social media access.  I'm still happy with the device color (love a red phone!), and overall speed of the OS is great.  It may lack some personalization options and be more "flat" than some like, but the consistent speed is a bonus.

What do you want to see in the next update video?  Let me know on Twitter @PhoneDog_Aaron!

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