Nokia Netbook: Booklet 3G Packs 3G, WiFi, aGPS into Shiny Little Box

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| August 24, 2009

How very odd it is to see the Windows logo on a Nokia device. And yet, there it is on the new Nokia Booklet 3G.

Nokia's entry into the netbook market - even though they're calling it a "mini laptop," not a netbook - will run Windows, and was unveiled today across Nokia's various Web properties, including in the promotional video embedded here for your viewing pleasure. I have to say, the little gal looks nice in the vid and on the spec sheet, sporting a 10.1" glass "HD" display, HDMI video-out, 3G/WiFi/aGPS connectivity, and a webcam. Nokia's claiming 12 hours of battery life, too.

Until we get more details at Nokia World next week, I've got big questions. First off, what does "HD" really mean? As in, are we talking 1080p video pumped out of Booklet 3G, over an HDMI cable, and onto a big-screen display? If so, what kind of a chipset is this thing going to rock? And second - and perhaps more importantly - what's the keyboard like? Many a netbook looked good on paper only to be done in by a lousy keyboard. And what's it going to cost?

Stay tuned for more details out of Nokia World '09 on September 2nd. Until then, check out Nokia Coversations for more details and photos of Nokia's new netbook.