Symbian isn't the most popular mobile OS in the States, but Nokia's PureView 808 is an interesting mobile device from the Finnish manufacturer, thanks to the astounding 41-megapixel camera.  It offers a 1.3 GHz single-core processor, 4-inch AMOLED display (360x640 pixels), a front-facing camera, 1,400 mAh battery, and a white housing.  The PureView 808's key feature is obviously the camera, and as you would expect, it's pretty impressive.

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"Would you overlook Symbian for the 41-megapixel camera?"

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Eugene Yap
Eugene Yap Symbian suck for software, maemo5, meego harmattan and windows suck dck. Android and ios are like premium os. The best
Eugene Yap
Eugene Yap I want 41 mp with android 4. Slim,fast,high quality,quad core, 3d, multi funtion and 250x better than htc one x or htc zeta (add me or send message to me if u dont know htc zeta)
Teng Yu Wei
Teng Yu Wei Symbian is good but I'm stuck with Android because of the Google services and my awesome Galaxy SII.
Avi Rava
Avi Rava Nokia? No thanks.
Anonymous Its the only smartphone on the market that offers something unique..
Varun Gupta
Varun Gupta Definitely YES! Want one.
Iqbal Saiful
Iqbal Saiful no..I would OWN IT!!
Brad Allison
Brad Allison Give me Symbian any day over Windows Phone!
Louis Thevenot
Louis Thevenot Get rid of the symbian operating system!
Anonymous Most people don't even understand what the 41Mpix are there for. The guy showing you the phone has no idea what he is holding. Read this: http://europe.nokia.com/PRODUCT_METADATA_0/Products/Phones/8000-series/808/Nokia808PureView_Whitepaper.pdf This is amazing..
Gabriel Freeman
Gabriel Freeman I actually really want this device, but just like the N9, Nokia doesn't seem to want me to have it. They'll probably put the same shooter in a Windows Phone device, and then I wont want that.
Zac Hooper
Zac Hooper no thanks.
Marcus Cadwell
Marcus Cadwell This is ridiculous for a phone
Eduardo Ordaz
Eduardo Ordaz you are correct Renan!
Zach Cline
Zach Cline @ Renan- No It isn't
Han Lee
Han Lee 41 mega pixel!!!??? Not 14???
Renan Gallardo
Renan Gallardo @ Endy Uhhh... Is there even a Nokia Lumina?... It's Lumia dumbass...
Milton R. Ervin IV
Milton R. Ervin IV I don't know is going to cost 808 dollars?
Hector E Craig
Hector E Craig The human eye wont tell the difference on a 14 MP and a 41. I really think Nokia is just trying to make up for all the stupid phones they are bringing out, like the Nokia lumina 900. Phone sucks. Come at me Nokia fans.
Renan Gallardo
Renan Gallardo It's still better than the iPhone...
Jose Be Julme
Jose Be Julme No. Im fine with my 16mp camera and 5mp smartphone.
Kim Yong-Hwa
Kim Yong-Hwa 41mp and symbian just don't go together i know nokia is doing carls zeiss lens but they should at least load it with a wp7 since they won't take android . if its running on android i would totally get one.
Hanamichi Kurotsuchi
Hanamichi Kurotsuchi Nokia is a very good phone for its battery, toughness, camera ( for ex, n8) but it's bad at apps.
Tebo Lemur
Tebo Lemur 41mp and Symbian - both pointless
George Millhouse
George Millhouse wouldnt get a nokia phone period
Timus Maximus
Timus Maximus Nope and just cuz it has a 41mp cam does NOT make it any good !!
Montreal Montgomery
Montreal Montgomery Def not besides nokia has already confirmed that the pure view technology would come to their lumia line so why get that when wp is leaps and bounds above symbian
Zach Cline
Zach Cline Umm no
Prabhath Jay
Prabhath Jay no to symbian
Ivan Osuna
Ivan Osuna hell yea
Rohit Hazra
Rohit Hazra Well if u like to explore then belle is gud coz belle has many apps like those of android bt u need to xplore
Bryan Prime
Bryan Prime Nahh... windows phone yes. Symbian is not going to make it.
Kim E. Salinas
Kim E. Salinas I dont like nokia phones because i feel that their phones does lack something than other brands but i think nokia will be very great smartphone makers starting with this one just improve the software.
BossMan Atl
BossMan Atl Nope. I love my galaxy note.
Rohit Hazra
Rohit Hazra My blog is spreding d newsbout d advances in d world of #Technology givur f33dbaks , views, queries & all Here @ http://technopits.blogspot.com plz share
Tsepz Seretlo
Tsepz Seretlo Nope, at the end of the day i buy a smartphone for its overall package, as i enjoy exploring different parts of it and using it for variety of things e.g. Social Networking, Gaming, Web browsing, watching videos, taking pics, reading/sending Emails, calls, texting, modding, trying new apps etc... and the 808 falls in comparison to high and mid end Androids in many of those things, sorry but as great as its Camera is its overall package is lacking greatly.
Adrian Salazar
Adrian Salazar It be nice as a camera phone so long as I keep my iPhone for everything else...
David Barnes
David Barnes No. Was glad to get away from it. Loved the Nokia. Hated the software.
Rohit Hazra
Rohit Hazra I don't like android much coz now a gud android 2.3 is even available fr Rs. 5k
Rohit Hazra
Rohit Hazra Ofcourse infact i am spending 13k bucks for symbian
Rohit Hazra
Rohit Hazra @tony nokia wud never go fr android jst lyk apple and blackberry ;-)
Jerom Pierau
Jerom Pierau YES but Symbian Belle is not that bad.
Rohit Hazra
Rohit Hazra I guess symbian is gr8! And acc to me u can replace it wid wp7 mod thats gonna b available soon!
Tony Salazar
Tony Salazar Neither. I am surprised that Nokia has not introduced a android phone, Nokia used to be such a Great Phone manufacturer what happened to them.....I still remember my Nokia 5160....What a phone and the battery was Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Augustas Juršenas
Augustas Juršenas Hell no , Symbian is just so bad..
Rich Bridges
Rich Bridges The camera on my Galaxy Note is good enough for me. I'll never go back to Symbian.
Esteban Gonzalez M
Esteban Gonzalez M Never. It's just not worth it having so many good Android offerings out there with excellent cameras as well. I'd "sacrifice" the huge MP count any day.
Dan Emmelhainz
Dan Emmelhainz I would over look Symbian for as long as it took XDA to force Android or WP onto it. :P
Doc Watson
Doc Watson its through a 5mp sensor though isnt it? so the pixels dont really add up.
Evan Thynne
Evan Thynne Nope, Galaxy Note<3
Douglas Prevo
Douglas Prevo Probably not, since as soon as you stick symbian on a 41 mp cam phone you have made a one trick pony into dog food.
Alaaeddin Almanassra
Alaaeddin Almanassra the phone is not in sweden yet :(
Alaaeddin Almanassra
Alaaeddin Almanassra first

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