Nokia Sirius tablet, new iPhone 5S colors, and more!

Marco Hanna
Senior Multimedia Producer from  Nashville, TN
| August 27, 2013

Marco is back with another episode of the Weekly Bone, and he's bringing the latest on the Samsung ATIV S Neo, the latest Windows Phone 8 device to land on Sprint. The Neo is the most powerful device running Windows Phone 8 on Sprints network. Also, more news about Nokia's 10.1-inch Lumia Windows RT tablet. Code-named Sirius, the tablet appears to be a new RT-type tablet featuring a full copy of Windows 8 with a Nokia twist. The tablet device will be built using the same polycarbonate unibody construction as the Lumia devices. Lastly, a new iPhone 5S has appeared in grey.  All of this and more in this episode of the Weekly Bone!

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