What a week!  PhoneDog's Official Smartphone Rankings have made it through another week, and Aaron's back to round things up.  HTC's One X continues to dominate both the People's Choice and Expert Rankings charts.  The Nokia Lumia 900, Samsung Galaxy Note, HTC One S, and Apple iPhone 4S also make an appearance.  Which device will be the top dog next week?  Cast your vote now at /rankings!

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"What's your favorite phone of all time?"

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Tommy Beene @Chris. Phones!
Chris Barfield Mr. Beene still loves his phone
Tommy Beene Nokia N8!
Matt Duckworth I've tried to defect to Android, but I alway end up right back on iPhone because it just works!!!
Deon Daniels HTC One X
Bill Simonson RAZR. Maxx
Ishtiaque Fahim nokia c6-01
Gaurav Bhardwaj Nokia n91 galaxy s..now i am in love with galaxy note..it is the best ever..
Payton Slattery @tim miyashiro awesome, you are right
Tahrim Ehsan Abir hey aaron...when you'll put the s3 on the list...wondering how many votes it will get.
T Louis Michael Samsung a107.
Tim Miyashiro The original Moto Razr, I don't care if it doesn't have sixteen CPU cores or a 40 megapixel camera.
Joseph Pan Razor Maxx
Mark Belkowski haven't found one yet.
Chad Morrill Handspring Treo 600
Adrian Salazar Out of all my android phones I owned I have to say that recent move to iPhone 4 would have to be my favorite...
Michael Paul Nokia 3390
Tony Abiama For all time, it would have to be the Original HTC EVO 4G, had everything I wanted in a phone, like the screen, size, kickstand... And with it rooted it was a beast
Dontex Dacari The EVO 4G...That phone just had so much hype,excitement,features and so many first... it just set the standard of what a high end smartphone should be...
Josh Dunn htc evo 3d
Daniel Airozo HTC G2!!! I miss phones with great physical keyboards.
Cal-Gene Johnson Never mentioned the new iPhone Aaron. Anyways that no doubt will be the best smartphone ever!!!
Devin VandeVelde S3 all the way
Bladimir Mora Blackberry best phone ever !!!!!
Leslie Attwell HTC Hero!!
James Haines The broken one. For the sheer peace and quiet. ;)
Michael Stern DROID RAZR MAXX!
Erno Nostaja Nokia 6110
Susan Hugus I have a Galaxy Nexus which is great, but it is ICS that makes it a favorite. The OS is what I find to the most important part of a phones experience.
Zo Strokes HTC Touch Pro1. only if it had a 1GHz processor and 1 GB of ram. it would have been a beast.
Noshad Islam HTC HD2
Neil Roe Currently HTC ONE X.
Neil Roe Sony k800i , Nokia N95 8GB ,& HTC Desire ( original),they were my favorite phones of all time,still got them & working.
Zulfiqar Butt And also Nokia 3410
Zulfiqar Butt HTC sensation xe
Nic Gruwell IPhone 4
Jason D Turner OG Droid or Palm Treo Pro
Humza Ahmed I have a Nokia E5 as my replacement phone, i had a iPhone 4, everyday i always try to break this nokia but it never happens, water, 30ft drops, you name it, i did it! Lol
Andrew Conrad Lg chocolate #1!!!! Brought style to phones.
Avi Rava Sony Erission Nokia Nokia N72 Samsung Corby Mate Nokia E5
Daniel Lujan I have owned many phones and not because they break or get lost. I just like buying a new phone every year or so. First place definitely goes to my Droid 4. Second place goes to my Thunderbolt. And third place goes to (don't laugh) my Sidekick 3.
Joel Piiroinen Nokia n96
Antonio Luis Sidekick lx
Hyman Villanueva Galaxy Note
Eddie Gutierrez Nokia 900 wish sprint could get one cuz i really want it and plus all the phones ive had have been replaced atleast once abd with the one i.have now i wanna break it so sprint needs that lumia 900 asap!
Michael Gonzalez Htc mytouch 4g... Still use it to this day
Varun Verma Lumia 900, I want one..but it ain't available in India.
Jaevz Chavez Droid RAZR
T Louis Michael Sansung Sunburst.
Ricardo Lopez G1 started it all
McKinley Senders Samsung SCH-A930
Jstan On Key nokia N9,
Jim Mccoy Palm pre
Jaime Espinoza released*
Jaime Espinoza Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch. will change when the S3 is releaded
Saurabh Sinha Moto Razr V3i... Trend setter.. ultimate classic.. currently HTC ONE X
Naga Appani Motorola RAZR V3 Black...
Octo Verduzco The Note.... Wish Sprint had it tho....
Christopher Williams GS2 and GNOTE, soon to be GS3!
Joe Vazquez Nokia E71x
Patrick James Frederick I xperia play. y u ask? CAUSE IM A GAMER!
Ivan Aleman galaxy note
Jeremy OCain My HTC one s
Hubert John Abiera Of all time? HTC Titan.
Frank Mendoza my galaxy s 2
Richard John Soares HTC one x. I've got two. Why I'm not sure lol
Joe Cregan HTC Incredible. Many memories with that phone. Now I have this swag Rezound
Rostom Bouazizi nokia 3310 <3
Jay Lazaro samsung e715
Rumman Hassan iPhone 4s
Umer Faruqi iPhone 3GS !!!

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