Week 15's voting is done, and Aaron's back yet again to round up the People's and Expert's top smartphone picks. The HTC One X continues to top the Expert's Choice Chart, but the People's Choice Chart saw the Samsung Galaxy S III jump ahead for a second week in a row. The Nokia Lumia 900, Samsung Galaxy Note, HTC One S, and Apple iPhone 4S make an appearance yet again. The battle between the HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy S III continues for another week, with the iPhone 4S dropping off of the People's Choice Chart (by one vote!). What's the best phone?  Cast your vote now and let your voice be heard at /rankings!

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"Apple's iPhone 4S drops off of the People's Choice list. Is it no longer one of the best smartphones?"

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Jeff Koenig
Jeff Koenig Here we go again. Different people like different things. It just makes the world more interesting. Now let's be nice.
Renan Gallardo
Renan Gallardo @ Wendy Reviews are never reliable... It can be done by someone who's biased towards a certain OS...
Gaurav Bhardwaj
Gaurav Bhardwaj Yes it sucks..iphone yuck..
Rachel Saunders
Rachel Saunders If my Android phone could figure out group messaging I might find a way to love it again. as that is how I communicate ( or don't since my phone is a POS ) daily with my friends. it beyond frustrating to only get half of the messages, the stock message app will not string group threads at all, they all come up separate with the times all jumbled. the market app Handcent is a little better but seems to get all buggy at lest once a week. its stupid!! its a basic phone function and apparently its to much for android to handle. I'm telling you a non buggy iPhone is looking really good right about now.
Devin Martinez
Devin Martinez @paul martin well I have both a GNex & a 4s & I can tell u the GNex lags & crashes a good bit. Android phones can give a lot of problems due to their open source, a simple app from the market can screw up ur phone.
Gerald Mccrae
Gerald Mccrae I carry an iPhone and android, I think the iPhone are for people who don't like phones that are buggy and android are for people who like buggy phones. As for manufactures they love android because they don't have to design there own software where as apple they design there own software. So I guess the winner is apple
Paul Martin
Paul Martin So who has all these "laggy" Android phones? My GS2 and my Note have NEVER lagged or bogged down. I've never had reboots or freezes or lockups either. People need to understand that phones are like cars now. If you buy a cheap low powered unreliable turd, don't expect to race it on the weekends.
Wendy Lindop
Wendy Lindop I want to know why the lumia 900 is beating the Note? It gets slammed in most if its reviews!
Patrick George Jr.
Patrick George Jr. @Trieu FYI... I'm not saying who started the war and yes it is the averge uneducated user who are fanboys that argue over stuff like this. They say stuff like "well you can customize it".....ok I can customize windows and OS 10, that doesn't make one better than the other. In the end no one wins its been going on for years even if it happens to be crap or not.... that was my whole point behind my last post.
David DiPilla
David DiPilla But here the thing Android phones do more I love their features but their system sucks they are laggy but the ios is a solid device and the apps are so much Better but Apple is loseing this battle android phones are ahead of it now I don't know why Apple does improve their phones like Android I was hoping ios 6 had widgets and customize stuff but I was very disappointed
David DiPilla
David DiPilla I have had the iPhone 3g and iPhone 4 and I loved them then I wanted to see how Android phones were like I had a htc thunder bolt and it was terrible the touch screen sucked and it was laggy and it restarted like 3 times day then I had the droid 3 I wanted to throw it out the window I wanted to kill it the phone sucked!!!
Ritthy Hang
Ritthy Hang About damn time
Chad Richter
Chad Richter If it takes a quad core processor and 2gb of ram to make a phone run smoothly and reliably, you've fucked up. ios and wp7 run beautifully on single core processors and less than 1gb of ram. Android is simply and basically the os that just won't measure up. I sell phones and to try and sell android to someone who wants something that simply works and works well is frustrating.
Kristopher Davis
Kristopher Davis Wow after reading thru these posts its pointless to post. So many uneducated posts; full of untruths, rumors, etc . Smfh!!
Bernie Fen
Bernie Fen screw IPHONE. PERIOD. ANDROID FTMFW!!! = )
Felix Tran
Felix Tran @Patrick FYI, this war was started by Android fanatics and Apple fanboys, not the average users lol
Patrick George Jr.
Patrick George Jr. mac vs pc ios vs android ps3 vs xbox 360........its your choice to buy it or not if you can afford it get both. In my case I have both android and iOS and I'll tell you the average user don't give a flying flip about rooting roming or customizations. they just want something that works and work well, alot of the times they walk into a store to buy something and they let the sales person convince them that what they are buying is good. Do your research people you owe to yourselves. Stop arguing over BS Google or Apple aren't loosing money because you like one over the other. Just saying
Cole Bachman
Cole Bachman Anybody who says no android phones work is a complete idiot. Unless im crazy and not using one to post this right now.. Dont judge the cheap crappy phones look at a high end phone. Thats like comparing the first gen iphone to the 4s. Get some sense
Julien B. Louisius
Julien B. Louisius Okay i'll say it.. Windows phone ftw!!
Ryan Anton
Ryan Anton It never was
Sean Watson
Sean Watson To be no longer means it had to have been one of the best at 1 point. Lies I say!
Bradley E Watson
Bradley E Watson Plus my Droid Razr Maxx is climbing back up the ranks. And 2 my sister has the Iphone 4gs and my phone runs circles around that P.O.S.
Bradley E Watson
Bradley E Watson Lmao!!!! Now I remember why I have an Android phone. Ive never liked apple.
Kirk Ngo
Kirk Ngo of course. its so outdated
Yusuf Bahadur
Yusuf Bahadur If iPhone5 is crap than I think android has officially won. But as of now it should be even with android. LOL windows will always be at the bottom
Marti Ruiz
Marti Ruiz pantalla mediocre
Jeff Cross
Jeff Cross This Apple Android riff is on par with the late 90s east coast / west coast rap wars. Add a few guns to the mix and start counting the bodies!!!
Ronnie Cave
Ronnie Cave I use an iPhone because in my book, iOS is the best OS on the smartphone side of things, my phone does everything I need it to do and more, and its not junked up with useless widgets and crap(why would i need a widget if i have an app for it),when it comes to tablets I want it to be more like a PC, so what did I buy? An android based tablet that runs ICS, I like browsing files and having things run like a full size PC on my tablet, but not on something I use to make phone calls
Tayfun Kaynarca
Tayfun Kaynarca Im the user of apple and samsung. I thing galaxy s2 better and s3 the best
Josh Richardson
Josh Richardson But anyway- its a personal choice. I ain't gonna argue over it:)
Josh Richardson
Josh Richardson @rick- I can guarantee you that I know more about phones/ computers & technology that you do- I'm currently studying for a diploma in IT, I can use an android device- I just choose not to because there terrible. My friend recently upgraded from an iPhone 4 to the S3, and he said it was a huge mistake- he hates it. Apple are one of the biggest company's on the planet for a reason.
Josh Avondoglio
Josh Avondoglio It's one of the best smartphones, but clearly not THE best.
Alberto Garcia Flores
Alberto Garcia Flores @Jeremy Stewart yeah android is laggu, and you got the One X well, once you try the Galaxy S II you'll never go back to the iPhone, and with the coming galaxy III you won't find any lags you'll love Android I'm sure. Just give yourself a try just like I did. Had an iPhone and no, just no. Its slooooooooow and poor display quality and model never changes! I had the iPhone 4 then I looked into the first iPhone and guess what? No no difference at all. Android, specially Samsung Galaxy S line is just better than iPhone. Even Apple knows that, that's why they keep suing and suing. IPhine is a really good phone don't get me wrong, but its not the best phone.
Antonio Vazquez
Antonio Vazquez plus i like being able to fully have control of my device and Android honestly does more than iOS does, plain and simple. that is why Android wins
Rick Sievers
Rick Sievers Josh, iphones are for people who can't use a Smartphone...
Felix Tran
Felix Tran Android is laggy, yes. But it's a bit unfair to compare it to iOS. Android has to work across multiple devices with different hardware, while iOS is designed for the iPhone (and iPad). To be honest, I love Android for all the things I could do with it, but just wish it had the stability of iOS.
Cody Williams
Cody Williams Android is better I think but that's personal choice
Mark Mann
Mark Mann Never was
Rashaud Cook
Rashaud Cook One more thing, no matter what, theres more iPhone user then android, and android has more phones. Now who's number one
Joel Valladares
Joel Valladares Its about time it happening
Josh Richardson
Josh Richardson Anyone that says android is good- your an idiot- I own a 4S and I would rather use a Nokia 3310 than an android device. They're laggy as anything! At least the iPhone actually WORKS. Unlike some devices. And seriously- what kind of company names there operating system after a f**king dessert-.- C'mon! iPhone's are for people that like the Professional look, android is for children:)
Rashaud Cook
Rashaud Cook See if apple puts widgets on IOS, then people gonna say they trying to be like android. So why change it. Apple know they are behind they just can't come out with everything android has because it will cause a lawsuit. iOS works, android with all this quad core stuff still lags and crash, iOS works the same always. Apple is the smartest company out there, hands down!!!!! They're not stupid
Cesario Brito Jr.
Cesario Brito Jr. Awwww and phonedog is all upset. LOL
Kevin Joel
Kevin Joel Never was the best, just lots of sheep! Talk about terrible UI!
Rick Sievers
Rick Sievers It never was the best... just a bunch of unintelligent people thinking it was.
Jomar Lee Streeter
Jomar Lee Streeter The iphone is a non motha fuckin factor
Noah Hudson
Noah Hudson To me iPhone 4s is still best smartphone
John Williams
John Williams PhoneDog's influence is the only reason the sorry iPhone has been on the list in the first place. Not really a smartphone anyway, just an iPod that makes calls....
Jerry Tan KL
Jerry Tan KL The sinking of iPhones
Patrick George Jr.
Patrick George Jr. Id rather rather have a warmed over phone that works than a phone thats buggy as hell and praying i get an update to fix my issue
Anthony Bailey
Anthony Bailey A warmed-over phone from 2007 with a laughable 3.5" screen, that took several major operating system updates and several hardware enhancements to finally get: turn-by-turn navigation ... reject call by text message ... a subpar notification center ... a decent camera ... the ability to sync your phone without having to use iTunes ... the ability to multitask ... all the while STILL lacking 4G or Flash ... ALL of which have been widely available to Android users, for many years. Yeah, Crapple cheerleaders ... you guys really do have "the most advanced operating system in the world" woven into the most amazing "smartphone" in the world. Whatever gets you iSheep to sleep at night lol!
Patrick George Jr.
Patrick George Jr. If you haven't owned/used an iPhone or android your argument is null and void in my book....google needs to fix android but they wont cause people don't complain they accept it and move on
Felix Tran
Felix Tran Smartphone war is entertaining as always. Go Android and Apple fanboys!!!!!
Dan Bittner
Dan Bittner About time iPhones are crap. Never been good.
Scott Ritchey
Scott Ritchey Not anymore geniuses, no 4g, little screen, it just doesn't compare to newer phones and hasn't for a while...?
Felix Tran
Felix Tran @Anthony dude, you can't get a vid from Samsung to support your argument...of course they have to say good things about their phone. Next time find something from a less biased source...
Fred Perry
Fred Perry It never was
Dion Forteau
Dion Forteau By specs and standards the iPhone IS a smartphone . Haters gonna hate, you can't get away from that. However it has gotten a run for its money. I have replaced my iPhone with a GNote and I have no regrets.
Alci Dainjer Durden
Alci Dainjer Durden Explain to me how iPhone is productive in a business cuz it's not, Android does more than iPhone ever could, honestly who uses siri??? All my friends have an 4s they have inky use it barely a few times, iPhone is all locked up O.J. can't even look thru folders
Renan Gallardo
Renan Gallardo @ Jeremy I used an iPhone 4 and a couple of Android phones and I'd say Android's still better despite those flaws...
Kevin Zhang
Kevin Zhang Nope
Patrick George Jr.
Patrick George Jr. Not to mention being stuck on a phone thats 6 months old and not being able to get android 4.0 its only hurting the consumer not google or the phone manufacturer/carrier...people need to wise up and stop buying into a broken system and hope for change
Jeremy Stewart
Jeremy Stewart Mmm mmm mmm sure you can personalize your pretty little android phones and have the weather and Facebook on your screen instead of pressing an app, but the quality and lag that comes from an unstable android os is pitiful! And the app quality from an android app is.... Well I don't have the words, I've had that (supposed) bad ass htc one x and after a week went straight back to my iPhone! And I believe if anyone has the chance and time to play with an iPhone you would say the same thing about an android! Sure I would have an android device.... Only if there wasn't any iPhones on the planet
Allen Drewe
Allen Drewe Never was. Phone was a cash grab from go.
Anthony Bailey
Anthony Bailey What's the matter, Isaac? You sound butt hurt. The screen on my Gnote (ALONE!) shits all over the iPhone. I love this Samsung sponsored video showing how inferior the iPhone is to the Note ... scripted or not, it highlights how irrelevant and crappy the iCrap really is... http://youtu.be/l2gjn12QS9I
Marrion Bell
Marrion Bell @chad exactly thank you iphone zone for you who cares if it aint got the big screen it works better than all of them
Sue Riot
Sue Riot Thought: what if, rather than worrying what tech other people buy, people just think about the tech they buy? Will never happen because people are too stupid to realise they are arguing about bits of plastic, which will become outdated in under 6 months.
Kaizer Joelle
Kaizer Joelle For every 1 apple flagship phone there's a bunch of android flagship phones that is challenging it. I'm surprised the 4s is still up there whilst the other android phones that were stacked up against it 3+ months ago are no longer even in the picture. *shakes head*
Marekus Fluellen
Marekus Fluellen never was lol. but one day it might be.
Jose Angel Santiago
Jose Angel Santiago Are you allright Aaron? You seem sad lol!!!
Renan Gallardo
Renan Gallardo @ Raymond I did own an iPhone 4 and it wasn't a Smartphone by any means... It's a fact from someone who has used WP, Android and iOS... Only reason I even got an iPhone was because of Infinity Blade... Not because it was a great phone... iOS by itself is lacking... Playing catch up to both WP and Android... iOS 6 is proof of this...
Isaac Shinde
Isaac Shinde ok i understand phone 4s is dropped , donno y why people voted samsung g note , come on man can u find cool apps like siri on that bulky android phone.....? huh
Sue Riot
Sue Riot Android is like Windows. They'll stick that software on every phone they can. I got my first iPhone a few months ago, and I like it. You like your phone? Well done. 'smartphone wars' tend to be just promotion. It's like hate people for liking one direction. You don't like them, spend time on something you DO LIKE
Thanh Phan
Thanh Phan Who cares abt that list
Raymond Knight
Raymond Knight God, you guys are all idiots.. @Renan - That is the stupidest fucking thing I've read in quite some time. You guys are all sucking on the Android dangly dong.. There are fantastic Android phones, and the iPhone is a great device as well. You ignorant bastards show a vast lack in knowledge, by mocking a device that paved the way to your precious Androids. I hope for your sake, you've got some string handy.. So, when the iPhone 5 (Or whatever they see suitable for the name) is released, you can tie all of your blandroids together and use them as anal beads.. At least giving them some purpose in your miserable lives.
Juan Gonzalez
Juan Gonzalez becasue it's been the same thing for 2 years. it's an iphone 4 with a software upgrade and a better camera.
Patrick George Jr.
Patrick George Jr. ...i guess people love phones that freezes(android)and apps that force quits all the time(android) and before you guys start calling me a apple fanboy i have the htc evo 4G LTE and an iPhone 4s......
Chad Richter
Chad Richter I think apple users are content enough with their devices that they don't have to vote weekly on a website to feel better about their purchase. I've used about a dozen android devices and honestly I prefer the iphone. a stable os is infinitely more important to me than having an unstable phone with a screen so big I can't use it with one hand which causes the battery life to be abysmal. I'm not saying android is bad just that for me stability and battery life are my number one priorities with a smartphone purchase. That said, if/when the razr maxx gets ics, I'll give it a shot but gingerbread doesn't impress me.
Quentin Fisher
Quentin Fisher Most iPhone and Mac OS/iOS users in general are too pretentious to even acknowledge a poll questioning the superiority, including myself.
Ross Silva
Ross Silva thats right, iphone is nothing but a recycled turd
Susie Tracey
Susie Tracey I have an HTC Inspire I love but I always go back to using my 4S. I think it's popularity has dropped off only because people are now selling them to get up the money for the iPhone 5.
Japeth Harrison
Japeth Harrison Goodby and Good riddance!
Arnulfo Aviña Torrés
Arnulfo Aviña Torrés In my book it has never been!
Renan Gallardo
Renan Gallardo Was it even a Smartphone to begin with?...
Zach Brito
Zach Brito Told you apple feel off :-)
Kevin Kaufman
Kevin Kaufman this weekly voting is a bit much
Alejandro Castro
Alejandro Castro It was never the best smartphone damn. Hop off apples joint >__> Windows & androids are the only good phones.
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia iphone was only best in 2007... plzzzzz.... samsung is the best.... even my drikking old samsung flip phone from 2005 was beter than the iphone.. watch the new iphone not even uave 4g lte and stuck with ita fake 4g it has now... FAIL
Justin Azzarito
Justin Azzarito
Charlie Piotrowski
Charlie Piotrowski iPhones nice, just Sprint has the crappiest data rates with the device.
Anthony Bailey
Anthony Bailey Hate to break it to you all, PhoneDog.com, but the iPhone hasn't been "one of the best smartphones" in about two years ... when the original HTC EVO 4G came out and immediately reduced the iPhone into irrelevancy. Since then, pretty much every high end Android smartphone from Samsung to HTC, have slaughtered the iPhone and kept it out of a TRUE top ten list. Since people like you all and a million other media outlets stay sipping' the Apple Kool-Aid, you all are the only ones who continue to think the iPhone is something to talk about.
Daniel Ivan
Daniel Ivan It' no longer rival for the latests Android devices
Dorian Rossi
Dorian Rossi It never was one of the best smartphones.
Tabib Rehman
Tabib Rehman Stop being the best along time ago
Bryan Wilt
Bryan Wilt No its not!!!!!!!!!!!! Sheesh!!!!! When will people just hop off apples shlong?!?!!? It's just so freaking rediculous!!!!!!!!
Juan Jose Rios
Juan Jose Rios LOL
Andrew Fenning
Andrew Fenning the iphone sucks.
Michael Anthony Franzone
Michael Anthony Franzone apple
Michael Anthony Franzone
Michael Anthony Franzone good hate happle

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