PhoneDog's Official Smartphone Rankings have made it through a seventh week, and there have been some exciting developments!  The Galaxy Note slipped from first place to second, replaced by the Nokia Lumia 900.  The HTC One X continues to do well on both charts, and the HTC One S made it into fifth place on the Expert's Chart.  What will change next week?  Be sure to cast your vote at /rankings!

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Gaurav Bhardwaj it
Erick Williams HTC EVO 4G with a custom all day.
Jhonny TG Impone 9 and SGS7 :/ He didnt say past, present or futuro XD ok... SGS2 and G. Note
Dominique Ingram Amaze 4g best smart phone I have owned by far
Kevin Joel Nokia Lumia 900.
Gaurav Bhardwaj Galaxy note. ..the fumia sucks..
Than Bigata LG 3D and iphone 4s
Paul Alexandru IPHONE 4 S
Shubham Gupta Depends upon changing technology ,currently it's htc one x!!! ;)
Joernie Berrios Samsung Vibrant-CyanogenMod7-
Roger Ohlsson Sgs2 (S3 next week) and Note
Raj Mattu Samsung note and 4s best if both worlds
Chris Northcutt Galaxy Note!
Devin Martinez Love my iPhones so gotta say my 4s
Alexander Popov Really, lumia on first place guys?? note is the best phone out there right now and it beats lumia by a lot and in all ways possible, except may be the visual design of the phone, but that is not a big deal at all, since you'd put a case on it anyways. i'm disappointed in the community here...
Roy De Vera Walican HTC Desire HD!!!
Jim Walker Lovin my Bionic, and Foxfi is way cool.
D.j. Cooley Samsung galaxy nexus!!!
Damira Rodriguez Havent got tired of my Samsung Galaxy S2. I loveee itt!
Umesh Lakshan wt 2 say. HTC ONE X
Steve C Trevino Droid KRZR!
Fred Haynes Galaxy Note by far is above all
Joanna Enrique Ramos Samsung galaxy note! I love my new phone :)
Myron Black not the atrix 2 i thought it was till i dropped it and half the games dont work on it
Brianna E. Azzara Droid Razr Maxx
Reece Weig Htc Rezound
Michael Alvarado Castellano iPhone 4s fuk android
Jose Angel Santiago Gs2 epic 4g touch Sprint
Batista Lamotray The best phone I ever had was a HTC hero now I have a nexus s and a Samsung boost mobile samsung transform ultra.
Jamal Shamsudeen Motorola droid razr maxxx
Elliott Schooley Galaxy s2 epic 4g
Isaac Iron Liver Al-hindawi My old Nokia N 91 still use it as an MP3 player
Matthew Fort tch.....Fk all these phones...THE OLD BLOCK PHONE FROM SAVE BY THE BELL!!!
Demian Clements I liked my sgs1, loved my sgs2, my galaxy nexus is a gem. Despite the downgraded MP the camera I am happy.
Joshua Edwards The samsung galaxy s2 i9100 and the htc one x
Michael Xu i know that my lumia 900 is not the best phone in terms of capabilities and power but it's the phone that I enjoy using the most :)
Dan Bittner Galaxy note by far
Equaknox Knox 4s n evo 3d
Geraldy Reyes Lumia 900
Eldon Ong if i can get galaxy note, ill be the most satisfied and happiest person
Matthew Martinez htc Evo & iphone 4s
Anthony Lopez Motorola photon 4G nd evo 4G lte
Eduardo Ordaz My moms Old LG Prada for now. Hehe.
Xue Xiong i9100
Eddie Lucas Samsung Nexus S 4G
Nathan Kendall I currently am loving my HTC Inspire 4G.
Cole Bachman Samsung galaxy s2 skyrocket
Eric Huxtable Galaxy s 2 Epic 4g touch (because of sprint's slow data, I had to go to verizon) but its still better than my DROID RAZR. Anxious for the galaxy s 3
Grant Stansel Galaxy note
Alonso Monster Baca I phone 4s white
Auston Groth Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch on Sprint!
Angel Loera HTC One X
Eric Quach Sony Xperia S. and on a side note.... You look way different from last time I checked phone dog on this picture.
Matt Miller Nokia Lumia 900, by far.
Angel Ortiz HTC Sensation
Christian Brown The Samsung Galaxy s2
John Mercado Samsung Galaxy S2, Epic 4G touch
Jasmine Mullins Garcia Currently: My Pantech Burst :)

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