I'm super excited to be saying "Aaron from PhoneDog.com" and to be back as the Editor-in-Chief of PhoneDog.  Sometimes in life, you take a different position and you realize early on that it's not the right fit - and where you belong was at the previous organization.  That's the case here; I'm very loyal to PhoneDog and I'm excited to be back and working with an awesome team as we roll into 2013.  We have some great changes coming, and I'm exited to roll those out and get your feedback!  You'll want to stick around; 2013 is going to rock!

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"Aaron is back! Speaking of 2013, what mobile developments do you want to see this year? HTC M7? Galaxy S IV?"

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Lenn Liggins
Lenn Liggins Give Windows phones more or a fair shake.
Anonymous Glad to have you back, wasn't the same without you!
Ca Martin
Ca Martin Glad you are back Aaron! I hope they gave u a huge raise!! I go to your site for New Phone Information!! You do a great job on unboxing and reviews!!
Anonymous HTC M7(; Reviewed by Aaron and what was with the whole Techno Buffalo thing? Oh Well atleast your back!
Harry Strachan
Harry Strachan Aaron I have to say that you just didn't seem comfortable over at TB. I don't know what happened over there but that Jon dude seemed a little pompous. Glad you're back!
Mark Belkowski
Mark Belkowski since when can you quit a job, Try another then go back to the first one? anyways welcome back.
Mixx Master Tkr
Mixx Master Tkr wait didnt he was at techno buffalo? :o
Austin Radus
Austin Radus your a traiter, and a real d*** move you pulled at technobuffalo. just state the real reason you left, Phonedog gave you a huge raise cause the site sucks without you and Noah and they needed you back.
Pintor Radjamin Nasution
Pintor Radjamin Nasution HTC M7 reviewed by Aaron ;))
Chuck Corallo
Chuck Corallo I think it was the hisense booth review that brought you back
Itsok Imawelder
Itsok Imawelder i heard it was because he had to do some time in jail for twxting and driving too much
Ed Eff
Ed Eff Back to smaller phone devices with as much power as the big ones??!
Roger SwiftMan Parks
Roger SwiftMan Parks Galaxy SIV, HTC M7 and Motorola X...
Márk Domoszlai
Márk Domoszlai SGSIV/Note3 and hopefully an ASUS Padfone 3.
Jean-Claude Devereaux
Jean-Claude Devereaux you rule dude!
Raymond De Jesus
Raymond De Jesus I am a fan of Aaron Baker, PhoneDog.com is better with him. Philippines here :)
Jason Vanderhyde
Jason Vanderhyde Kick ass Aaron! Damn glad your back!
Young Bin Song
Young Bin Song God DOES exist... Hallelujah! (I'm an atheist. :))
Maria Izabela
Maria Izabela Welcome back, Aaron :)
Sumit Sheth
Sumit Sheth u r lion don`t go to buffalos...u are there to hunt them ...
Sumit Sheth
Sumit Sheth nice 2 c u back....on ur recommd. i bought sgsIII n i am totally satisfied...awesome device
Arpit Gohil
Arpit Gohil next time please dont go any where
Shahul Hameed
Shahul Hameed Taylor is best ,Aaron a joker
Hicy Gd
Hicy Gd u again :P
Tejas Tharu
Tejas Tharu Oh My God...... <3 Happy a lot to see you Back (y)
luchosantafe Welcome back, I really like to watch your videos. Phonedog way better that technobuffalo
Jacob Koehler
Jacob Koehler Now I have to go back to youtube and subscribe again! *sighs* :/
Lenn Liggins
Lenn Liggins I'm deleting my Windows 8 pin to TechoBuffalo.
Tiffani Baldwin
Tiffani Baldwin Aaron's back. I am one happy fan!! Thank you Aaron Baker for coming back. You did what you had to do and you came back to us. Keep doing what you do! You do it so well.
Anonymous Welcome back!
Joe Keener
Joe Keener So I should ditch the other site now?
Muhd Khairuddin
Muhd Khairuddin OUH YESS! Aaron is back!!! Will you stay here for long or just temporary?
Tiffany Earl
Tiffany Earl Glad to have you back. Missed you
Tyler Hell
Tyler Hell All I want to know is what happened for him to come back so quick!
Kyrie Johnson
Kyrie Johnson Welcome back Aaron!!
Aeron L. Ocampo
Aeron L. Ocampo Welcome Back Aaron!
Pablo Emmanuel
Pablo Emmanuel Did they just troll us then? Making everyone sad about him leaving and not even a month later he's back o.O
Muhammad Syafiq Bin Bakir
Muhammad Syafiq Bin Bakir Welcome back.
Richie Soares
Richie Soares Welcome back Aaron!!
James Maxson
James Maxson phonedog has been sort of boring lately.. glad you are back!
Ryan Anton
Ryan Anton So...what...happened...? (Also, I can't wait for BB10!)
Bryan Chiam
Bryan Chiam Welcome back.
Jeremy Gross
Jeremy Gross good bye "other guy"
Sixto Pardo Paladines
Sixto Pardo Paladines Cool
David Moreno
David Moreno Welcome back AOPD! (I'm sure you can figure that one out.) Good to see you're back were you feel you belong!
Tony Apicelli
Tony Apicelli Great to see you back.
Robert Manser
Robert Manser Thank God, like Taylor but Aaron is my favorite.
Wissam Salah Al-fakiany
Wissam Salah Al-fakiany i hope they paid him 3x the chash he use to get !!! and learned from there mistake !!
David DiPilla
David DiPilla So great to have you back I got really upset when you left
Clint Barney
Clint Barney Welcome back! I like PhoneDog.com the best for phone info.
Chris Downs
Chris Downs Now I'm resubscribing to phonedog.
Murtaza Rzv
Murtaza Rzv S iv
Lennes Shaw
Lennes Shaw Lenovo k900 release date
Carol Flores
Carol Flores Yeah welcome back...looking forward to your dog fights
Andrew Sherbun
Andrew Sherbun HTC M7
Linda Babilaa
Linda Babilaa That was fast
Jessica Leigh Young
Jessica Leigh Young Welcome back!!!
Kev Miguel Lar
Kev Miguel Lar Congrats and welcome back!!
Fundador Lopez
Fundador Lopez Now I can subscribe again to Phonedog
Jeff Cross
Jeff Cross Wait...what just happened???
Malissa Allison
Malissa Allison *yay*
Melissa Wynemia Kritzell
Melissa Wynemia Kritzell Welcome back Aaron.
Cesario Brito Jr.
Cesario Brito Jr. I'm waiting for Note 3 but very interested to see the GS4. It will give us an idea what to expect on the next Note.
Orlando Hernandez
Orlando Hernandez Welcome Back! Now let's work on getting Sydney back lol
Luis Robles Figueroa
Luis Robles Figueroa Welcome back :=)
Cool'n HotAnd Juice
Cool'n HotAnd Juice Nice to see u back Aaron Baker!
Jose Jealousonestillenvy Reyes
Jose Jealousonestillenvy Reyes Welcome back!
Clint Avila
Clint Avila I'll enjoy your reporting anywhere you go. If you're happy, we're happy. Welcome back.
Dee Nazario
Dee Nazario Note 3. I skipped the Note 2 on purpose to get a 1080p Note 3.
Anthony Goodwin
Anthony Goodwin Yay!
Pablo Echevarria
Pablo Echevarria The HTC M7 would only be interesting if its for all the carriers. Tired of the exclusive s.
Craig Oxley
Craig Oxley How can you say ur loyal to PhoneDog Aaron, you left, that's not being loyal to them. You obviously have what the company wants, so it is good they had you back. Guess you'll have to spin your magic this year to really impress. Good luck with it all. Techno Buffalo will always be my number 1 choice of reviews but ill put time aside for PhoneDog ;-)
Bu Khamseen Mohammad
Bu Khamseen Mohammad HELL YES!!!!!!
Noah Nemuel Nano
Noah Nemuel Nano What happened to technobuffalo?
Shawn Sedha
Shawn Sedha M7, bb10 or gs4
Dan Bittner
Dan Bittner Hopefully back for good
Pawan Kumar A
Pawan Kumar A OH YEAH... :D Thank you thank you so much... :D
Tony Abiama
Tony Abiama Uh oh, he has returned...
Yuone David
Yuone David this is crazy! welcome back mr!
Finn Evans
Finn Evans Where have you been all my life Aaron?????
Rupan Hossain
Rupan Hossain Happy to see you back :-)
Michael Gavina
Michael Gavina Wish Noah was still at phonedog
Shawn Lumives
Shawn Lumives Thats where u belong. But what really happened.
Anonymous Nokia Lumia Catwalk. Can't wait to see a Lumia with an aluminium chassis.
Rich Wydra
Rich Wydra Nice to see you back!
Krishna Adettiwar
Krishna Adettiwar He left technobuffalo?
Michael Diehl
Michael Diehl It's been really boring lately
Michael Diehl
Michael Diehl Hell yea
Justin Peralta
Justin Peralta YES! HE'S BACK!! :D
Gary Rohr
Gary Rohr That didn't last long...
Randy B Hoopes
Randy B Hoopes Never realized you had left
Sebastian Gomes
Sebastian Gomes Gs4. This LG Revolution needs to go!
Marva Solomon
Marva Solomon LOL. Wut?
Anthony Bailey
Anthony Bailey Now he's back??? Well, at least PhoneDog will be worth paying attention to, again.
Jan Michael Cruz
Jan Michael Cruz BB10
Micca Koster
Micca Koster I'm glad your back
Jose Angel Santiago
Jose Angel Santiago *start
Jose Angel Santiago
Jose Angel Santiago Hopefully he won't starr with how much he loves iphones again lol.
Håvard Ulsaker
Håvard Ulsaker I'm really looking forward to the Galaxy Note III and obviously the Galaxy S4. It will also be exciting to see what Apple can offer with the iPhone 5s and iOS 7.
Carlos Guerrero
Carlos Guerrero What??!!
Leonardo Claudio
Leonardo Claudio Welcome back.
Robert Smith
Robert Smith yeaaaaAAAaaa no i can subscribe again
Kenneth Bom Tang
Kenneth Bom Tang "how's it going guys, i m aaron from phonedog.com"- now it sounds right!
Kyle Cordiano
Kyle Cordiano I would be curious to see if Motorola has any plans to release a nexus phone and I want to see BB10.
Tony Rodi
Tony Rodi All is right with the world again!
Lona Bremer
Lona Bremer Welcome back. Now can you please revise your stance on the LG Intuition? I think if you change your perspective you will see that it is a worthwhile and valuable phone. We are calling it the "Boomer" phone!
Kari Jandran
Kari Jandran I'm so glad! PhoneDog and Aaron just seem to go together.
Boudhayan Bandopadhyay
Boudhayan Bandopadhyay Welcome back Aaron..so did you say good bye to technobuffalo for good?
Kristoff Lewandowski
Kristoff Lewandowski Omg, thank you!
Dan Daniel
Dan Daniel great plan Aaron get TB to pay for the trip to CES food and lodging them come back, WELL PLAYED SIR, WELL PLAYED. We all know PD was too cheap to pay for it
Kevin Post
Kevin Post Htc M7? I known only that LG has some rumour about a windows phone8.
Matt Collins
Matt Collins Peace has been restored in the techno world of phones.
Mc Garrette Jules
Mc Garrette Jules HTC
Justin Cadogan
Justin Cadogan Welcome back man !!
Ruben Andy Colon
Ruben Andy Colon No one like Aaron :)
Rick Grant
Rick Grant Welcome back!
Gaëtan Le Gac
Gaëtan Le Gac Welcome back dude ! :)
Nick Kathrein
Nick Kathrein I would have liked you at either site but really there was no one to take your place at Phonedog. That's since you do a good job. When Noah left you were able keep that magic on the videos like Noah did. It's not easy to find people who are good at this. I can only guess that Aaron and Noah left for the same reasons and this time Phonedog didn't have a person to fill those shoes and ended up having to loose viewers or pay what their talent is worth. Watch out though because Phonedog has shown you how willing they are to replace you instead of pay you with you and Noah so when they think they have another person they'll go with them instead of paying. This is all me guessing but I it's the only reason for whats happened here. Welcome back Aaron and I'll be watching you and the "other" site you went to because they are great also.
Jesse Snider
Jesse Snider Welcome home Aaron we love you!! :)
Ric Rush
Ric Rush Glad you're back Aaron, now go get Sydney :p
Bobby Delaney
Bobby Delaney Hopefully Taylor will be able to finish his 30 day droid DNA challenge. Its like Conan when Leno came back.
Mario Rivas
Mario Rivas Glad to you back Aaron...cause the other guy "SUCKS" and I would like to see SlV. Are going to "mwc" this year?
Alex Ma
Alex Ma Yessa!!!
Abram Wenevermet Dennis
Abram Wenevermet Dennis That was fast.. They must've got tired of reading about android.
Jp Garmay
Jp Garmay good :D
Elijah Ford
Elijah Ford It's about time!!!!.
Ken Hoey
Ken Hoey Too many egos ...each website can only have one front man! Each band only one lead Singer not two
Gary Lancaster
Gary Lancaster Taylor just got Jay Leno'd! Which I liked then and still like now :)
Shawn Knoll
Shawn Knoll Welcome back
Nick Cruz Pagdato
Nick Cruz Pagdato Finally he back i wanted to falcon punch my comp i did not like that other guy LOL
Dominic Jessup Reid
Dominic Jessup Reid side note: that walk up in the video was creepy. lol
Sean Watson
Sean Watson At this point I want whichever becomes available on Verizon
Carlos Rivas
Carlos Rivas Good he's back because the other guy sucks
John Cruz
John Cruz thank god your back Aaron
Arpan Nexus Roy
Arpan Nexus Roy yababybringiton.... XD yayyyyyyyyyyyyy
Ladale Toliver
Ladale Toliver awesomeness
Adam Schulte
Adam Schulte Welcome back Aaron! And I want to see the Galaxy S IV
Eldon Ong
Eldon Ong When is sg4 to come? i dont want s3. Abit too late to get.
Louis Bevans
Louis Bevans Htc
Marcos A. Gutierrez
Marcos A. Gutierrez Hmm I wonder if PD tried to sue TB for taking Aaron. We know how PD likes to sue for stupid reasons.
Austin Benson
Austin Benson Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Tyler Saddington
Tyler Saddington No! I want you at TB
Dominic Jessup Reid
Dominic Jessup Reid what?! okay you need to make a decision. lol
Zach Jewell
Zach Jewell why did he leave and come right back
Rock Roche
Rock Roche S IV since I don't have the S III.
Juwon Donte
Juwon Donte Lol well dam that was quick didn't you just leave phone dog like 3 weeks ago
Johnny Steele-Amengual
Johnny Steele-Amengual Yay Aaron!
Rey Gonzalez
Rey Gonzalez The Galaxy S4 for sure :D
Jaasiel Torres
Jaasiel Torres I know right let me join in lol
Anthony Evans Jr
Anthony Evans Jr I do wonder what the pay is like lol
Stephen Lee Belcher
Stephen Lee Belcher Master Chief Is Back
David DiPilla
David DiPilla Omg yes!!!!!!!
Lauren Ashley Coleman
Lauren Ashley Coleman For good? I hope yes!

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