PhoneDog Election 2012: Just say YES to physical QWERTY keyboards

Aaron Baker
Writer from  Dallas, TX
| Published: August 9, 2012

Many years ago, Al Gore invented the Internet.  And with it, he invented the physical keyboard.  Keyboards stand for prosperity, freedom, and the days of American flags in everyone's backyard and where your local fast food fried chicken place knew you by name.  But in recent years and motivated by the Internet evildoers, keyboards have come under attack by members of the left and right.  Liberal internet agitators will stop at nothing to make sure that universal on-screen keyboards are the only input method, and conservative web cronies are concerned that more keyboards will equal less jobs for hard-working virtual QWERTY software engineers. The fact is these people are lying to America.

Tired of all the real political ads on TV?  Join our campaign!  In the latest installment of the PhoneDog Election 2012 parody series, Aaron's going after the Internet evildoers that want physical QWERTY keyboards to go away.