PhoneDog Live Episode 004 today at 5:00PM EST!

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from Arizona
Published: August 23, 2013

Join your host, Evan Selleck, for PhoneDog Live this Friday at 5:00PM EST! In this week's episode, we'll cover the latest and greatest news and rumors swirling around the mobile space. We'll talk about what's coming next from Nokia, the Moto X and its manufacturing woes, as well as a new device coming from HTC reportedly called the Zara. And, what's next for Microsoft without Steve Ballmer? Of course, there will be plenty more, and you'll be able to follow along live, and join in on the conversation as usual!

As usual, be sure to join us live at our Google+ Hangout, which you'll be able to watch in the video above when it goes live. You'll be able to join in the conversation through our social networking sites, as well as with the hashtag: #phonedoglive through Twitter. So go ahead and follow the links below to join in!

PhoneDog Live Episode 004

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