Martin Cooper, the designer of the first cell phone, joins Sydney from PhoneDog in this special interview. We talked for half an hour, discussing topics ranging from that original cell phone to the mobile market today and the so-called "spectrum crunch" the carriers say we are facing. Marty shared his thoughts and gave some interesting insight on these topics and more. We also allowed our viewers to submit their questions and five were chosen to be included in the interview. Thank you to everyone who submitted a question. Watch the interview to see what his answers were. Some of them might surprise you. The full interview is shown in this video. We'll also be airing segments of it during this week's episode of PhoneDog Live on Friday at 5 p.m. ET on our Ustream channel. Thank you, Mr. Cooper, for your time.

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"What was your first cell phone?"

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virtueveracity Alcatel one touch club. I was 12 years-old. That was in 2001. :)
Emil Quidit-Pimentel Samsung Katalyst :)
David Lebron LG Rumor! The joys I had with a physical keyboard. :D
Kirk Ngo Samsung glyde
Jessica Rodriguez AT&T Samsung A427
Sams Lkhani Nokia 6600
Bryan B-Weez Warren Voicestream....lol. I got it back in 2001. U had to buy minutes lol. I thought I was so sweet. But tmobile ended up buying them off.
Donald Snider Sanyo pm 8200....I liked it more than the razr I got after.
Wissam Salah Al-fakiany Oh w8 it was alactile db
Kartal Ogur LG kp170
Jdcrz Psn a nokia 3395 i think
Rob Watkins STAR TAC!
Rachel Davis Nokia 3310 lol
David Barnes A cheap Kyocera from Virgin Mobile
Justin Cartier Samsung SCH-3500 on Sprint. Service sucked, phone was ok. Circa 2000 or so.
Ricky Winata a very cheap monochrome phone
Lynnie Ayers Motorola Ultra Classic..half brick lol 1990
Shahul Hameed Nokia 3210
SS-Richel Amatali Motorola c116
Kimberly Johnson Nokia something...
Igor Bukhantsov Galaxy SII
Jamal Burns Hi syd
Gianni Barberi Panasonic 1996 that's the year.
Daniel Cuadrado Motorola DynaTAC 8000X
Paul Alexandru My first cellphone was a Siemens....
Siddhant Chaubey Iphone 1 But now I dont use an iphone 'cause android is awesome.....:-)
Perri McPhee Nokia 3390! I loved that phone... Remember snake?
Chad Richter Motorola v555 from cellular one. I miss that phone sometimes.
Micah Watkins A Nokia with an antenna and changeable faceplates.
Howell Ruehl A Motorolla POS!!! Seriously LOL!
Rache Marie Pomol some tiny little black phone by siemens and the screen had faces on it lol
Derek Medeiros Wood grain Nokia
Darren Coventry Nokia 101, analog couldn't even text... I've still got it boxed and instructions :-)
Geo Schaart HTC HD2
Minh Nguyen top this Radio Shack Tandy car phone.
Amer Ahmed Lg rumor 2
Jose Angel Santiago Motorola razr flip phone
Baldemar Valle The big white one with the four long antenna.
Patrick Matteson Motorola Brick phone 1993
Manoj Manu MOTO yuva
George Kosta Petroff The Nokia "Shorty" on Virgin Mobile! Currently have the ZTE Warp on Boost.
Daniel Quintero Razr v3 blue on Cingular
Cyrus Taylor Motorola clutch on SouthernLinc, I hated it, the only thing I liked was that you could hold the button down to keep people from talking on push to talk lol
ShehrYar Asghar Samsung propel
Chorbs 'sz A unlocked motorola razr.. And it suckedddd
Fonzy Paniagua it was a little brick nokia phone, it had a flash light ! It was So revolutionary !
Brad Ferguson That big brick from att not sure what the model or brand.
Jesse Pitt Startac baby... Now its ht. Rezound
Samuel Esparza Samsung t219
Rich Bridges Motorola V600
Paul Rodriguez some nokia 1000 series. can't remember which nor is google helping much = )
Adnan Muhammad Sidekick lx then first android G1 and so on
Rawlston Shamik Nokia 5120 or 5165 -got both-
Alex Ramirez Sony ericsson brick
Brian M McCoy Audiovox 9700 10 years ago when there was no color on the screen. It had a green backlight.
Christina Beebe Gomez Primeco phone. Pay as you go. Haha
Jesse Moorhouse Motorola Razr
Ken Post Nokia 5165. I had the clear green faceplate, antenna, and sides
Marvin Oubre Samsung SGH 225. Stub antenna and monochrome 1 inch screen
Jay Alejos Bag phone
Tobi Rascovez Nokia 3315
Joseph Lopez Some motorola track phone with no color and no games on it. My first smart phone was the Tmobile Dash... Then all the Sidekicks and iPhones.
Ahmad Sachoo nokia 2100
Marc Finnegan A flip Nokia from T-Mobile, not sure the name
Rick Conrad Wow people actually remember? Ummm it was silver and a flip phone that's all I remember
Walter Ayala nokia 5125
Lisa Bumgarner Massey Motorola bag phone...now I feel ancient!
Brian Hamilton Moto StarTac
Sachin Welson Nokia 5300 xpress music, :-D
Calebe Cássio Nokia 7373
Linda Babilaa Sprint touchpoint
Daniel Schmitt Regular Motorola flip phone. My first smartphone was the HTC dash with windows 6.5
RockinRose Wolf Donnell Some Nokia I think it was Bag phone that plugged into my ciggerette lighter. Cost me 40 bucks! I had just started a 2nd shift job dad bought me the phone and I paid the monthly bill. LOL!
Vincent Del Pizzo Samsung SGH-t319 for T-Mobile Prepaid, then that took a swim and I got a Samsung Stripe SGH-t329 for T-Mobile Prepaid, then I switched to Verizon Wireless and got an LG Chocolate VX-8550 in Blue Mint, then a Samsung Glyde SCH-u940, then an LG Chocolate Touch VX-8575, then an LG Ally VS740, and now I have an HTC Thunderbolt 4G LTE ADR-6400L. (:
Hunter Brown LG AX490! When flip phones were cool.
Kevin Collazo A Nextel i275
Cristian Garcia Sidekick ID :)
Jan Michael Cruz 5110 nokia
Tebo Lemur Samsung monocrome blue phone thingy...
Izzuddin Helmi nothing but Nokia 3310 :)
Andrew Hennessey Samsung D807! 3rd grade! I remember going to pick it out at the Cingular store :)
Max Myles Kelly the samsung juke!
Aaron Scaletta Nokia 1100 :)
Reinaldo Quiros motorola star-tac
Kunal Paul Samsung SGH-J150B

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