Sydney got some hands-on time with the Porsche Design BlackBerry P'9981 while at BlackBerry World 2012 in Orlando. The P'9981 is basically a Bold 9900 but in a premium shell with high-end features. The front face is cased in brushed aluminum and the sides are framed by stainless steel. The back is hand-wrapped Italian leather and it comes with a matching dock that is also constructed out of hand-wrapped Italian leather. In the box, Porsche has included a set of its own high-end earbuds. Other than that, you've still got a 1.2 Ghz processor, a 2.8-inch display, and a 5-meagpixel camera with a flash. Even so, with all of its premium features, the P'9981 retails for $1,800 off-contract. If you're in the US, you can buy one and it use it on AT&T's 4G network or T-Mobile's EDGE network. Check out the video to see a quick look at this premium phone from RIM.

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"Would you spend the cash on the Porsche BlackBerry?"

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Anonymous never too much for a bad os
Anthony Maffei Hell no! Just go bankrupt and die already!
Suryo Lee hell no
John Nowak 4techblog.com
Pablo Echevarria Classic Rim job.
Paul Alexandru IT IS S.H.I.T
Mazin Nasir No way, it's just plain retarded to spend that kind of money on what is exactly a 9900. I honesty don't even like the look that much.
Michael Mckz Well it n when rim start thinks about their z ppl n fast they might service...I much say bb is the worst buy...only thing about them is pinging..
Bryan T Miller The only reason blackberries in general ever became popular was because before the iphone in 2007, blackberries were pretty much the only choice for smartphone available with all carriers
Bryan T Miller Lol! No That crapberry isn't worth $800 let alone $1800 that they actually have the balls to try to sell it for
Mark Fisher Jr. Too Dan expensive for a dam phone with just a Porsche name on it. Rediculious.
Yosra Sipayung No idiot
Max Chesley Blackberry.....I think NOT!!!
Dharry Mejico Fraga nope... id rather have my 4s gold plated for that cash... BB is going down hahaha
Kyle Slaughter I used to like bb, but ever since I found android <3
Calvin JW I would never buy any blackberry.
Jones Robert ...some dummy out there will buy it.
Richard Kalva And they wonder why their going out of business. Asses
Scott Smith Would't matter if Rolls Royce designed it, Blackberry is still going to go bankrupt and dissappear like the 8-track tape did.........
Andrew Johnson Never :-P
Adrian Anguiano It's over a thousand dollars just because it has the brand name Porsche on it. That's retarded and also blackberry is dead, RIM blows. Whoever pays for this is an idiot and also Porsche only has two good cars the 911 turbo and Cerrera GT
Brad Allison Hell no!
Jesus Salvador Delgado Martinez I would rather buy the blackberry bold 9900
Frank Enstein Hell no, bb's are old news, outdated fkn junk.
Raja Roy Any one wants to buy 1 month old blackberry P9981 at INR Rs.1.20 lacs. Only
P.j. Smith BlackBerry belongs in the smartphone graveyard. Go die along with Palm and WebOs phones
Natasha Szabo YES!!! LONG LIVE RIMPIRE!!!
Yusuf Bahadur Forget the specs the phone itself is so godamn ugly !!
Residual Hatred The specs are average at best. If Blackberry wants to survive, they better start designing better devices. I would never spend over $200 for a cell phone let alone $1000 and change.
Nikolas Manuelides Would you buy an 8 track for your car? Then why would you buy a blackberry as your smartphone?
Jason Walker I wanna know who it is at RIM that is insistent on releasing the same phone over and over that doesn't sell? That ship just needs to finish sinking already.
Silye Attila There is not even a single comment saying that, yes. What a massive bb success. :)
Fred Wong No if it was a phone other than the BlackBerry (ie Android devices, iPhone) I might.
Angel Jewels RIM has officially lost their minds!
Jr Gambill Would rather have the Bold 9900.
Ryan Ewen So unbelievably ugly
Seth Haber I'lltake 2 things that were cool in the 90's for $1800 Alex
Gabriel Orendain F@#k Crackberry
Norman Chan not sure never have a blackberry in my life
Clifford Sugisawa I dont even think people who own Porsches would spend the money on a Blackberry designed by Porsche
Avi Rava NOOOT AT ALL!!!
Neal Kathuria No way ... Way too much $
Aaron Couts I have to admit I do miss my crackberry, but android has offered things blackberry hasn't
David Tambascio They still make blackberry??? Lol..
Odin Johnson hell no!!! I love blackberry. If they would add wifi hotspot feature and get better apps that don't cost so much I would love to switch back from android.
Jacob Martin No, because it has the word "blackberry"... Make that a double no, because it has "Porsche" in it too.
Sahil Arora $1800 for any phone is stupid. I wouldn't spend that much on a phone regardless of specs. If you're a porsche fan, save that $1800 towards buying an actual porsche car. JS
Daniel Cuadrado Wouldn't pay a penny for it.
Willie Hicks Sure, if I could afford it!! :)
Joseph Lopez No, but i would spend cash on an actual Porsche any day. Preferably an 86' Porsche Carrera (whale tale)
Tony Abiama Can't they just die quietly already...?
Ben Conover only phone I'd spend $1800 is an 8 core LTE Advanced Android with a 1080p screen and 25 MP camera. :)
James Frovich blackberry is still around? :P
Ric Stewart What is blackberry doing still making phones??
Devin Vosburgh lol weis. And no. :D
Francisco Saucedo way to much i still would stick with android
Garfield Gray What is it about this phone?
Ric Stewart Nope!!
Bryan Cotton i wouldnt buy a free blackberry!
Matthew Ryan Vargas simply put, no
Jerel Boza Hell no
Jordan Reckmann Heck yes...I will be forever blackberry!
Trey Steinke No way! Total waste.
Branden Khalili Megapixel, not meagpixel.
Wais Hamidi First :P

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