AT&T's exclusive garnet red Samsung Galaxy S III is in the house!  Aaron takes a first look at the new color.  Coming to AT&T on July 29th for $199.99, the red Galaxy S III packs the same specs as the original US device, including a 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 CPU, 4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD display, an 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD recording, a 2,100 mAh battery, and Android 4.0 with TouchWiz. 

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Anonymous That dark red is luscious! Sprint should have too.
Andre Jackson
Andre Jackson Love my white so pure
Anonymous Y U NO MAKE BLACK?
Eugene Yap
Eugene Yap Samsung can retire
John Leasure
John Leasure Wish the Red was anywhere other than ATT
Anthony So
Anthony So Dark grey would have been better
Andy Jaggars
Andy Jaggars I like my white
Aaron Lee
Aaron Lee Ugly
Matthew Dooley
Matthew Dooley Wish all carries carried it in more than the two colors
Marvin Rodriguez
Marvin Rodriguez Going to get the garnet red Galaxy S III. It's about time a different color came out am tired of seeing white and blue. Now only left is making a red Samsung flip cover for this device and we good!
Jose Pablo Islas
Jose Pablo Islas I like my blue one
Jesse Huertas
Jesse Huertas I'm holding out patiently hoping that TMo scores the red one
Vicente Reyes
Vicente Reyes Don't care.
Ethan Maness
Ethan Maness Hmmm.well its not the best looking. I Perfer the white version .
Jason Mason
Jason Mason White is the show stopper
Jay LifesGreat Coote
Jay LifesGreat Coote ugly white is way better.
Vicki Figueroa
Vicki Figueroa Still like the white one best
Robert Salender
Robert Salender Needs more #D82312...
Mrigank Bhowmick
Mrigank Bhowmick Yuck!!
Chase Millar
Chase Millar Pass.
Amer Ahmed
Amer Ahmed kim Ladefoged is a complete idiot
Mark J F Makinika
Mark J F Makinika love it.. but i have the White one....
Robert Centennial
Robert Centennial Garnet red, pebble blue, oh brother.
Zach Cline
Zach Cline @ Alberto - Turn off your 4G. That should help
Dan Bittner
Dan Bittner I love it red is great
Johnny Makris-munoz
Johnny Makris-munoz Oh my god these days there is no color for a certain sex get over it
Robert Centennial
Robert Centennial Ugly
Alberto Garcia Flores
Alberto Garcia Flores @Danu thanks I will try it
Grzegorz Kaczkowski
Grzegorz Kaczkowski Ladys only
Jeff Hollins
Jeff Hollins Clean...
Juwon Donte
Juwon Donte Pebble blue is still the best to me
Danu Carrión Perales
Danu Carrión Perales
Alberto Garcia Flores
Alberto Garcia Flores I have to charge it 3times to get through the day:/
Alberto Garcia Flores
Alberto Garcia Flores I need help here!! My Galaxy S3 uses 50%of the battery in 4ish hours even if I don't use it, I killed all apps that might be running but it didn't work, anyone has the same problems or what can I do, it's the Verizon 32GB
Michelle DeRosa
Michelle DeRosa Love red
Teresa L Smith
Teresa L Smith I love the red! Glad to see a different color for a change.
Bernie Fen
Bernie Fen Nokia i believe was the first mobile devices who started making interchangeable cover plates... def miss the good ol' days of "Phones being just phones" lol
Rani Hinnawi
Rani Hinnawi I still like the other two better. This looks more like maroon, though it is pretty nice
Chris Ramsay
Chris Ramsay Looks really nice, I just wish it wasn't exclusive to AT&T.
Julian Redmond
Julian Redmond i like the red one but i wish they should have made it come out for all the oher carrier that carry this phone
Ian Baylon
Ian Baylon What's wrong with just getting a colored case?
Danny Bond
Danny Bond FSU sucks
Felix Tran
Felix Tran My mom would love this phone O__O
Eduardo Ordaz
Eduardo Ordaz Looks good. Going to recommend this to my mom.
Kim Ladefoged
Kim Ladefoged Well white is for girls and men who like the opposit sex, blue is for men. So red.. hmm.
Jeff Cross
Jeff Cross I wish all the phones came in multiple colors or had the options for interchangeable cover plates in multiple colors. I miss that about my old Nokia.
Timothy Rutledge
Timothy Rutledge Nope
Abhinav Mohan
Abhinav Mohan Not bad
Arvydas Gr
Arvydas Gr awful.
Candace Miller
Candace Miller <3 Love garnet! <3

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