Aaron gets some hands-on time with the Samsung Captivate Glide during a recent trip to New York City.  The device is the newest member of the Galaxy S II family and packs a 1 GHz dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 CPU, 4-inch Super AMOLED display, 8-megapixel camera, front-facing shooter, and Android 2.3 with TouchWiz 4.0.  It has a four row QWERTY keyboard, making it perfect for those that send text messages and emails on a regular basis.  It'll be available soon on AT&T.

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"Do you still need a physical QWERTY keyboard?"

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Ronald Williams YES, I love them but AT&T doesn't make any good ones, I am viewing the Captivate Glide now
John Villanueva Yeah, like to have one to know that its there as a back up.
lefty2717 Yes I still prefer my keyboard. but with the new supersized screens I may be oable to get over it.
Anonymous yes i miss my first motorola droid
Anonymous Yes. Having a Keyboard is what i look for when I get a new phone. the best keyboard i had ever on a phone was on the T mobile G1.
Anonymous No, I don't need or want a physical keyboard. Swype is my requirement!
EmpireCDS Its always a good option. I don't see keyboards leaving anytime soon but swype does give it a run for its money.
Lily Maua YES!!! i love my DROID3
Anonymous I wish my droid charge had a full keyboard
Karl D. Green yeah i still need my qwerty. And I have the best qwerty kb phone of all time, the EPIC 4G WITH ANDROID 2.3.5 aka GINGERBREAD.
Kevin Berry I need it for work. I work in terminals all day.
Leobardo Ruiz Yes for the love ofgod yes
Michele Dena i like the option to have both on a device
Jesse Bryant I hate physical keyboards, I find them hard to use now.
Steve White yes. i hate the virtual keyboard
Howie Eastin No you don't, virtual keyboard all the way. Physical keyboards are so cave-manish
Matthew Klein Absolutely. As someone who types long documents on my phone, I enjoy the extra screen space to view what I'm typing. The tactile button feedback is nice too.
Joel Agterbosch I do! Can't type blind without feeling the keys
David DiPilla But I do like sliding the keyboard out lol
David DiPilla If you have a android phone you need one lol if you have a iphone. Na the iphones touch screen is amazing. I have the droid 3 and it sucks Ill be getting my iphone back with iphone 5
Tony Stone Not sure why anyone would want one nowadays.
Alex Ochoa Yes I do
French Twist No, but it's nice to have !
Bronson Chad Thomas I still love my BlackBerry Curve myself! Don't get me wrong I love the Droid Incredible 2, the iPhone, etc. but I still LOVE my BlackBerry! Always will!!!
James LeBlanc T9 FTW!!
Nathaniel Hull Wish it was 4.3
Nathaniel Hull I dont think its needing one, some people just like it, to give variety
Rico Woods Hell yeah thats why I still got the pick. There's only to good ones out epic 4g and mytouch4g slide
Ashley Martinez I used to think I wouldn't be able to use a phone without a physical keyboard but with my Sensation the keypad is so sensitive and swype is awesome so I really don't miss it
Austin Miller Yeah. Ya do.
James Newman Depends on the size of the phone. I was messing around on T-Mobile's G S II the other day and could type really fast and accurate on it. If it is a smaller phone it needs a keyboard.
Bethany Whaley I've had an EVO 4G for over a year now and though I love it, I MISS MY KEYBOARD. I need it back!
Michael Westerfield No. I have one on my epic and never use it. I ended up not liking the physical keyboard.
Ben Landwehr Lol, maybe a couple years ago.
James Adelan Cowie It's always nice to have. Bb torch is great for that. Bb's have the best keyboards in the world IMO
Jason JJ Berrang Yep we would rather have the physical than the virtual.
Gordon Christie No but I can see why ppl choose them tho
Carlos Nava No all we need now is a nice 4.5 in screen on every phone just like my galaxy nexus ....
Ben Landwehr I'm great and very fast with touch screens. Especially with 4.3" screens and swype. However, a QWERTY keyboard IS more accurate especially you're using normal multitouch. A lot less mistakes. Not to mention if I'm texting a lot or writing something in email, using a keyboard is just a lot easier. I only use swype in portrait mode anyway when I'm lazy or multitasking.
Isreal Smith To each his own... I do both... Android/BlackBerry lover.... Neither really out of necessity, but desire is a powerful thing...
Tony Abiama Nah, not at all.
Josue Cifuentes suck my bad....see lol
Jones Robert ...my EPIC TOUCH has rendered my lust for the PHYSICAL KEYBOARD obselete.
Josue Cifuentes yes virtual keyboards sick lol
Issam El Kouartey No onscreen keyboard are very good these days.
Agim Alion That's for the blackberry crowd, where the keyboard is the only reason they still have a blackberry
Csy Hnrcsn I have one on my phone, but have yet to use it... it only provides comfort in knowing it is there, so I can attempt to sleep at night.
Mark Fisher Jr. It doesn't matter to me. Long as something is being Type.
Per Kristian Sørpebøl Not with the big screens. Can even write on a bumping buss
Reese Woodson This phone most likely won't get ICS. So in my opinion, I wouldn't buy it.
Yasser Lassalle I think qwetry keyboard is a thing of the past
Kyle Krichbaum if one is available then I want one. however I dont need one. I just want a top of the line phone with one.
Jamar Meo And hell yes
Judi Bryan LOL! As a "geaser", I'm here to say I LOVE swipe. Don't miss a qwerty at all. Swipe is faster and more accurate (usually) than any qwerty I've used. I agree with Brandon, though, sometimes the spellcheck wants to "correct" words that I've actually spelled correctly. Since my phone is only two weeks old, there may be a setting somewhere to add to my dictionary...I just haven't looked.
Stephen Wagner Yes, but nothing good is coming out so im going with the galaxy nexus
Jordan Williams If all you do is text message, a touch keyboard is fine. If you get in to doing serious research from your phone, or find autocorrect/spellcheck annoying, a physical keyboard is a must. Especially if you're fat fingered. LIKE ME.
Brandon Johnson That was supposed to be ever... One problem with a virtual keyboard is spellcheck...
Gary Bowling Only Geasers.
Brandon Johnson I haven't refer needed a qwerty I went from a good ol razr 2 to a blackberry Storm and never looked back (I took that POS back though).
Ray Nadeau Yes!, that's why I got the Epic, and when I have to replace this I'm not sure what I'm gonna do.
Tim Killian I could go either way. I do miss the short cuts though.
Jake Denning Thought I did, then I got an iPhone 4S, then i'm like NAH
Orga Price Motorola has all but killed my desire to use a physical keyboard ever again.
Zack Hébert I'd get a qwerty phone if one existed with the top of the line hardware otherwise
George Kosta Petroff Swype rules here.
Quincy Black I say yes. My touch screen is pretty darn good but i will always prefer hitting real keys.
Christian Sotelo I don't need that I use my screen keyboard
Robeir Toma sure for ebuddy:D
Yasir Sohail No thank you
Kerika S. Gordon no I use to but that need faded a while ago
Steve Williams no need for a physcial keyboard w/ swype....
Vincent Jean miss it sometimes, but iam good
Enrique Pascual I love swype so the need for a qwerty keyboard is dying.

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