Samsung DoubleTime Review Part 2

Sydney Myers
Teen Lifestyle Editor from Dallas, TX
Published: December 16, 2011

The Samsung DoubleTime is one of AT&T's new low-end Android smartphones and it features a form factor we haven't seen in smartphones before. With an external display and an internal touchscreen display (both measure 3.2-inches), the design is reminiscent of the enV phones by LG and Verizon. It adds a uniqueness and versatility to the phone. Along with this unique design, the DoubleTime has an excellent physical keyboard.

With a 600 MHz processor and a 3-megapixel camera, the DoubleTIme is definitely a low-end smartphone but it also has a reasonable price tag of only $50 on contract. Still when compared to AT&T's line-up of mid-range and low-end phones for the same price or lower, is the Double Time the one you should go with? Watch the full review to find out.

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