You may be a high-end smartphone user that prefers the latest and greatest, but not everyone feels the same way.  For those migrating up to Android for the first time, AT&T's Samsung DoubleTime could be a great option to consider.  Available now, it offers a 600 MHz processor, dual 3.2-inch displays, a 3-megapixel camera (though sadly, without flash), a four-row QWERTY keyboard, and Android 2.2 (Froyo) with Samsung's TouchWiz UI.  It's got the looks of a "Quick Messaging Device," but packs some features that would be beneficial to first-time users.

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"Do you see low-end Android phones as useful for certain people?"

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Jake Beruh I am wondering should i get the double time or iphone4s its my first smartphone
Jason King Low end smart phones dont need to be made anymore the high end models go on sale after 25 days ..
Jose Pablo Islas Yes, just because someone can't spend 500 on a phone doesn't mean they shouldn't be able to use Android
Adrian Salazar Simply put if u want a low end phone get a iOS or wp7 device...lmfao...
Adrian Salazar Nope, low end phones suck. Especially to android newbs which in turns gives android a bad rep making them make there next phone purchase a iOS or wp7 device because they think they'll have a better experience.
Anonymous I see them as decent for people that do not have Android exp. But for peopel that know what they are doing. They are usless.
Krushi Vemula Instead of a low end android u might as well get wp7 or the iPhone. They're simpler to use and cost about the same as a low end android. If ur a power user then get a high end android.
Victor Brownwell Yes there are useful, belive it or not. Not everyone is upsest with high-end phones!
Brent Boot Christensen Low End Smartphones suck, and make ignorant people rag on android because their phone is useless.
Thomas Boehnlein And that's relative to the carrier you are using. If you're on boost, get the nicest phone boost has. Not the cheapest. You want to enjoy your phone, not curse it on a daily basis.
Thomas Boehnlein Nooooo. If you can't afford a nicer phone yet, keep saving.
Brian D Buckley This is such a dumb topic PhoneDog....seriously, this is something Gizmodo would ask. You are above them! And Ofcourse low end phones are useful! Training wheels, phones for non power users! I have a Sensation, my wife has A Gravity Smart. She is fine with hers and baffled by my phone. Low-end phones are for Low-end users period!
Silver Fox Duh, everyone can't afford replacing their phone before time for a upgrade with another high end device
Allison Reynolds Cost wise to those who want one but cant afford it, yes i do.
Cory Wilson Just by a high end phone on sprint an flash it on boost mobile
Erman Guido For teenagers
Jairo J Camacho I want to see the htc titan unboxing and review;)
Mike Bardsley It all depends on what they're doing in their daily life. I mostly like the high-end ones myself.
Malika A Williams If it weren't for low end android phones I wouldn't have one, #thanksBOOSTMOBILE
Pierce G Hohenstein The option to buy a low-end smartphone is ridiculous. I believe fully that if one is going to buy a low-end smartphone, the only use for that is for the replacement of a feature phone. Some feature phones, especially on AT&T, are more useful than some of the low-end smartphones. For one unlimited data and texting is still available on AT&T for feature phones. It could also be used for the first smartphone for a grandmother or older mother. Even then, it is still silly to buy a low-end smartphone. If you want to buy a low-end smartphone, buy an iPhone 3GS or 4.
Kip Count What an elitist headline. lol.
Chris Lutes I think there is a place for low end models. There are people with budgets and needs. A smartphone is like a computer there are different price points and features to suit ones needs.
Mark Belkowski Remember winmo people!
Anthony Finney Jr. They're useful to the ones that can't afford the high end phone
Adam Folger Low end android phones do have a place. But for gods sake do your homework before you go and sign a 2 year contract. And don't just think about what you need in a phone right now. Think further down the road. Think about your kids. Can't tell you how many people I've talked to who let their kids download all kinds of games and nonsense then wonder why their phone runs like crap. On top of that smartphones should come with a competency test. Thank God Google is stepping up and starting to make android more idiot proof.
Ben Pickhardt I'd rather have a fancy dumb phone the a dumb smart phone.
Shawn Poling Yep i see people with them all the time
Christian Perez No because it ruins the TRUE experience Android brings hence the reason why releases high end products across the broad with all of their products/
Tim Miyashiro If they like almost useless phones, sure. Like it matters to me anyway, I dropped Android for Maemo.
Marti Ruiz Even midrange suck im usin a 2con gene ratio my touxh .i moss my galaxy s
Devlin Robear Poor people can't afford phones, so it makes no sense whatsoever.
Matt Mianulli Not that low-end, no. It's a waste to use a larger (in a memory sense, both HDD and RAM) OS on phones with limited purpose capability. It will just slow the entire thing down. I see the marketing opportunities for companies to taunt cheap "Smartphones" and an app store but the quality won't be able to match the marketing. If anything, it'll skew the general view on Android for those who aren't tech-savvy or phone-savvy. From the business perspective, I guess then Android becomes more of a house name, Android's market share increases, and units move which only means that there's work to be done and money to be made.
Stephen Wagner i guess low end phones are good, but then the people who buy a low end phone but want the high end android experience they hear about complain when they dont get what they want. the commericals are very misleading sometimes. the problem is low end phones still come wwwith 600 mhz processors when they can still be low end with an 800 mhz or 1 ghz. and memory is anoyher problem. for some reason, companies decide that people with low end phones dont want apps and dont put enough app storage on the phone, which just makes it not work like its supposed to
Doc Barbarossa My wife's 1st smartphone was a vortex. Good starter phone. Now she has an inc2..
Lona Bremer I do think they have a place. Some people don't want lots of bells and whistles. But the low end smartphones have to be able to perform within their parameters.
Tiffany Edwards I can't afford a stinking 200-and up phone. I also can't afford a ridiculous price for a plan per month. I could of either bought a "dumb phone" and had a contract or bought a "semi smart" as I call it and have unlimited everything for 55.00 a month. I love my little phone because it is better than what I had and it is the best I can afford. So yes...it is useful for those on a budget who don't want to be stuck with phone that only makes calls! I mean what is that nowadays?!?! Lol
Guillermo De León For older people yes.
Tonny Be Personally, with everything I see selling phones daily, it seems to be more of a hindrence to the brand then any sort of 'help'
Harry Whitehurst No, they all terribly suck..
Robert Centennial Ya poor people
Mark Belkowski i got a lg vortex for my wife and it was good for awhile but the phone is too slow and not enough memory. for xmas im going to get her a droid incredible.
Matthew Ryan Vargas Low end smart phone= netbook of the phone world. except in the phone world it really is t any good for anyone.
Tony Allen Not really, I think if you're going to buy a smartphone, you should buy the best of what you can. It seems low-end smartphones, not just Android. Are taking the place of feature-phones.
Anonymous if it has better battery-life then yes

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