Aaron takes a look at the Samsung DROID Charge, Verizon's second 4G LTE device. Announced back at CES, the Charge offers a 1 GHz Hummingbird processor, 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, 8-megapixel camera, front-facing shooter, and Android 2.2 with Samsung's TouchWiz user interface. It was supposed to launch on April 28th, but has been pushed back indefinitely due to issues with the carrier's 4G network.

As expected, it's a good addition to Verizon's ever-growing 4G LTE lineup and is packed with features, but at $299.99, it's on the pricey side. Is this the phone to go with? Part 1 of 2.

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"Aaron reviews the DROID Charge. Would you consider buying it, or do you have your eye on another device?"

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Luis Hernandez Droid Charge is not charge enough. When it reach 3000+ on the benchmark ill get it
Nela Schmagoogly I have my eye on the Samsung Galaxy S II! Hands down, the SGS2 will become the holy grail of Android as soon as it is released in the states!
Armando Sanchez I think the HTC Thunderbolt is better. But I love the physical buttons though.
Joshua Julian Btw def holding out for the d3
Joshua Julian @Lorenz the D2 Global is ridiculously fast, solid battery life, perfect form, and, as anyone who actually owns one will admit, a fantastic QWERTY. Real, tangible tactile feedback will always be better and more accurate than haptic feedback. Sorry, but an outdated Droid is actually better, and it's not even the best Droid out there...
Frederick L Duke Sensation or iPhone 4, 5, or whatever it will be called.
Aldo Atemis Go Android!
Aldo Atemis @Lorenz HTC Evo and possibly the HTC Evo 3D I hope
Andrew Ahn Htc sucks. It has horrible battery life and can get super laggy after a while
Tony Frank Droid sucks
Lorenz Angelo Barcelona @Zach OK what's so bad about Samsung? Lack of updates? The i9000 was one of the first non nexus phones to get gingerbread. Plastic build quality? Its made of high quality plastic, and if you don't like plastic, there's a thing called cases. Touchwiz sucks? Replace it with launcher pro. Problem solved. Having those problems are better than having shitty batter life that can't be fixed or having a locked bootloader.
David DiPilla The iPhone would dominate every single phone if it had customize and widgets
Zach Cline Lol the fact that you have you had to root your samsuck to make it faster is a fail in itself.
Shawn Towle I love Android, like the Droids, don't mind Samsung, but this phone is ugly and cheap feeling.
Hector L Torregrosa-Ramos I love my LG Touch EnVy!
Lorenz Angelo Barcelona @Aldo, ok name a SINGLE core phone that's better than the vibrant running Bionic V. The speed of a g2x, a super amoled screen, and good battery life, a very very good camera, what other phone can do that? Lets see all HTC phones are put out the equation because of shit battery life, Motorola phones don't have roms that make them that fast....what's left? Nothing.
Darryl Mouzone I don't get LTE in my area so buying that phone would be a waste of money for me.
Jeremy Stewart I'm liking that blackberry bold you reviewed Aaron.... If it cones to att I will probably get that
John Kalal My Bat-phone beats you all!! HAHA!! plus it fits nicely beside my Bat-a-rang, my Bat-lasso, and my Bat-cuffs! Take that! WHACHANGA!! SMACK! KRUPLUNK!
Mathieu Omoregie For anyone who said HTC Sensation....I salute u LOL....we all waiting it...#tmobileflaship
Wais Hamidi Flip phones w/antennas. FTW!!!
Michael Miller @julian vaughn: what overclock are you using???
Jordan Mosley ABSOLUTELY, who knows when the Bionic will be coming, and this is definately my second choice. I don't plan on waiting for VZW to get rid of unlimited 4g. Its better than the Thunderbolt and the Revolution, has the best screen available, and is the thinnest of all four.
Brian Edson Samsung sucks. Htc and Motorola all the way. From my droid incredible.
Daniel Helfer HTC sensation, AT&T version.
Larry Smith Jr. i have a another phone in my future. it's called a htc evo 3d.....beeeyotch!!!!!
Julian Vaughn Droid x 1.4 ghz stable:)
Norleena Davies droid x rocks til droid x2 comes out. galaxy s2 will top all
Benjamin Padilla Don't really like Samsung. Love their screens but that's about it.
Misery Kimo Skumfuk I love my droid x!
Richie Costello I already have the HTC EVO 4G and love it!!!
Darrion Smith Tmobile HTC Sensation
Derek Balsamo Sorryfor the mistype @Lorenz
Derek Balsamo @ Lorenzo. Goddamn right. Vibrant with bionic V. I want to change to Cyanogen but the ROM isn't stable enough.
Matt Nordin Love my Samsung Focus! Windows phone 7 FTW.
Zach Ortstadt Yeah I got my eye in another phone. Palm pixi plus. It's in my pocket right now
Anthony Bui Samsung. Nuff said.
Tim Miyashiro I'll just stick to my Inspire. 2400 on quadrant :D
David Brinegar @Derrick, I believe the captivate is the same as the fascinate with no camera flash
Joe McCann iPhone 5
Aldo Atemis @Lorenz not true. Alot of phones can beat yours.
Derrick Wimberly Jr. Once again samsung made a copy phone. My captivate is the same as the droid charge jus not 4G. HTC Inspire 4G is better by far. Come on samsung get it together
Zach Cline Not buying android again. Even if i did it wouldn't be a samsuck.
Justin Michael Duncan @ blake sharp & @ melvin mejia....you suck
Ronnie Carlough and my single core mytouch 4g.is off the chain ;)
Ronnie Carlough O yes .the HTC sensation.
Cory Stephen Sonustun htc sensation, thank you.
Lorenz Angelo Barcelona HTC is a joke. Big ass screens and small batteries? No thank you. My vibrant with bionic v will kick any other single core phone's ass.
Aldo Atemis HTC is first. Always for Android or Windows Mobile
Tim Miyashiro >Samsung NOPE
Arnulfo Barajas Samsung sucks balls!!!
Aldo Atemis HTC then LG then Motorola then Samsung
John Mooring I'm waiting on the Bionic. 4G on my Thunderbolt has me spoiled, but the phone can't really handle the speeds LTE is really capable of.
Derek Balsamo HTC then samsung/LG then motorolla cuz blur kills android
James Thomas Bowman Lg sucks balls , so does samsung . Htc is the best , motorola second , samsung would be third if their software wasn't complete crap .
Noe Zuniga Sensation!!!
Melvin Mejia droids suck balls!
Tony Rodriguez im waiting for the LG Revolution

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