When you get the Samsung Epic 4G Touch and the Motorola DROID BIONIC in the same room, there's only one thing to do - put them in the ring for a dogfight battle!  The Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch offers a dual-core 1.2 GHz Exynos processor, 4.52-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD video recording, a front-facing camera, and Android 2.3 with TouchWiz 4.0.  The DROID BIONIC sports a dual-core 1 GHz TI OMAP processor, 4.3-inch qHD display, 8-megapixel camera with 1080p video recording, a front-facing shooter, and Android 2.3 with Motorola's UI.  

They're both the flagship devices on their carriers, but only one can be the champion.  Will it be the Epic 4G Touch with its awesome display, or will it be the BIONIC with its blazing fast LTE?  Part 1 of 2.


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"Epic 4G Touch or DROID BIONIC?"

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Nicholas Kinsey oviously the bionic (: i want this phone soooooo bad or the DROID incredible HTC!!!!!!!!(: but i dont have enough money saved up to buy one of them yet ): could you tell me witch would be a better choice though?
Margarita Joel Orosco When are you going to do part.2 of the dog fight?
Vincent Hung Samsung is pwning the all smartphone competition especially since they make their own hardware for their phone like the screen and the chipset
Jonathan Palaka Bump Verizon Samsung is the best phones and tvs to buy
Mark Navarro @Matthew Sprints network is perfect where I live.. Maybe you should move to get better coverage lol!
Wood Franklin @Mathew u have a few days to dump sprint since they raised their etf. Instead of calling the best service crap service.
Matthew J Callaway Sprint is garbage, little to no network coverage.....horrible 4g service. There is a reason the prices are so low. Even though ive been grandfathered in to my unlimited plan, I would rather pay for the tiered data plan than have sprints crap service.
Kory S. Deberry Samsung Galaxy Note
Ed Plnia I got the Epic 4G Touch, this phone is amazing. Battery life is incredible without turning off synchronization and connected to wifi since early yesterday I still have battery today none android phone before was capable of doing that
Jonathan Rivas Epic homes.
Terrance A Bratton The GS2 epic is the best android phone to date
Hari Prakash can u do a vedio on the epic 4g at&t?
Kenny Horn I wish I had one of either lol I got blackberry
Justin Cartier I'd have to go with the bionic, sprint's network sucks. But they seem to get better devices.
Egide Muhire iPhone 5??
Min Kim Blackberry Bold Touch!!
Cristian Henriquez Would NEVER in my life, if it was the last phone to use to call for help, would ever use a samsung phone.
Adrian Salazar None, htc sensation 4g flshed to htc sensation xe
Ruben Torres Lovin my bionic! Battery blows tho! But what's new on smartphones!
Winston Blair Epic touch.
Anthony Douglas Will be getting it in less than 14 days eff you Big...I mean little red :)
Anthony Douglas Even though I am on Verizon the Epic 4G Touch is a waaaaaaaaaaaay better device
Anthony Gross @Matt B when is that Galaxy Note coming to the U.S.? Now that's going to be the phone to get. It should blow all the rest of them out the water.
Marcelo Rauda Bionic all the way! I rather have Verizon's TRUE 4G LTE network, than Sprint's so called 4g network that runs on Wimax!!!
Mark Navarro Epic touch! Sprint is stompin on other carriers with their line up. What's up with verizons 299 deal with their phones. You a sucker if your going to pay that much.
Bryan Kawashima Which one? I can't decide!
Richard Allen Yarrell The overall devices on that network does not match up to the dualcore goodness on sprint and the funny part is the best is yet to come with the google device as well as the upcoming iphone 5 and future EVO BRAND of 2012. Plus the announced october 7th sprint event days away a stronger network is on the way.. The UNLIMITED NETWORK is the best
Richard Allen Yarrell Honestly piss on Verizon all devices on sprint just piss all over there whole useless network with useless overpriced devices. Sorry to have to dog verizon but the truth is the truth. The EVO 3D and PHOTON 4G as well as the current Epic touch 4G just makes all devices on Verizon useless who cares about there so called fast network.
Andre Daniel Valentin I have an Atrix 4G and love it so I will side with the Bionic
Christopher Olivas Epic 4G Touch! And I'm on Verizon. lol
Eric Kroh Another 3-6months better phones..for now..ill keep my LG revo
Kasun Hettige droid bionic
Greg Urbanowski Still rockin the EVO.
Alexander Sharp iPhone Droid BBerry combo
Kevin Schomer Poor question if you aren't interested in switching carriers.
Trey Hadley droid bionic
Zaben Hashish Lol little kids
Zach Cline The iphone has nothing to do with this idiot. Android sucks.
Jesus G. Nolasco IPHONES SUCK!!
Nyle Ahmed That depends which one is GSM???
Jesus G. Nolasco IPHONES SUCK!
Christopher Sullins Epic Touch hands down! We are getting all the top developers on XDA going to the Epic Touch.
David Harness Motorola DROID Bionic. Though it's not better in speed or battery it has a better screen size (in my opinion), has a better UI (in my opinion), and is on a better network (in my area I get Sprint 3G and roaming 1X while on Verizon I have some LTE and 3G)
Piterson Massenat Desir Anything with kal el onboard
Terrell Cowvins Epic 4G Touch
Ricardo Lopez samsung note :D
Grace Choi Epic foshoooooooo
Anthony Evans Jr epic touch
Niang Gawane G2x post from g2x
Rian Kapadia IPhone reminds me of dog shit
Matthew Alexander Epic 4G Touch!
Jaz Lasa Love my epic touch :-)
Sintell Terry Epic touch
Vincent Whalen Quick everyone say what phone you have instead of just picking one of the two options provided :)
Vincent Whalen Lets make this easy who was bought again?
Bryon Carlin Epic touch 4g posted from my epic touch.
Rico Woods The epic actually. Has more pixels. Because of the screen size and the super amoled plus if u go by sub pixels I noe because I have the evo 3d that has the same screen as the bionic
Lucy Ann Vigor!
Arnav Kaul bionic, i got tha photon 4g, it kicks asss
Justin DesRoches Samsung infuse 4g (I'm on at&t)
Matt Balcer Galaxy Note!
Emmanuel Ramos Epic Touch 4g
Bradley Conforti why do droids always ahve some stupid name? Their commercials have nothing to do with a phone either. They are made to capture the attention of little kids.
TB Ogungbadero I don't know why people are even saying anything else. Forget bias for a moment, the epic is the most powerful phone in the world right now.
AeHee Ma Epic all the way!!!
Rehan Dúdè android is open sorce and free? This mean any mobile manufactrur can use android in there phones without paying to google ?
Joel Rivera Rani? Low resolution screen? Hahahahahahahah! Try having a Samsung Intercept, 240 by 400..........
Angel Miguel Peguero Epic touch baby
Memo Mrtr Epic 4g
Rani Hinnawi Epic 4G Touch, mainly because of its raw speed. I like Motorola's UI now better than Samsung's, though, and the 4.53" screen is a little too big, especially with such a low screen resolution, so with all that said, Epic 4G Touch, but barely winning.
Robert Skeen Epic 4g
TB Ogungbadero Epic 4g Tough. Easy.
Rehan Dúdè android is open sorce and free? This mean any mobile manufactrur can use android in there phones without paying to google ?
Joel Rivera Epic Touch 4G, it actually is a sexy device.
Mark Coppock Photon!
Nathan Hutton Epic 4g touch!!! lighter. Brighter. Faster. Bigger. Better. and no verizon.. :)
Miguel Richiez Is this even a question? EPIC 4G TOUCH
Tonio Johnson I got the epic touch. This question isnt essentially fair since its based on which carrier each person has. I think my boss is a little jealous of my phone and he has a bionic. Go figure.
Rehan Dúdè what feature these phone hav?
Shannon Smith Epic...i love mine!
Rickyo ODaniell Epic Touch. By far!
Diego M Perez Exynos power! Long live epic touch!
Maria Dicken Bionic all the way! LOVE IT>
Jesus Navarro Sensation 4g .
Ziggy Torres Doesnt matter what carrier you have Epic 4G Touch is the best phone out period.
Noneya Biz Whoever said iPhone needs to be hanged by their balls...over a pool of crocodiles.
Eriq Blaque Epic, Bionic has music playback defect. If ya bought it , return it. It's hardware baby...no patch for this.
Eden Miyagi Geeee!
Zack Enos Bionic :D
Janelle Jae Hunter EPIC 4G TOUCH!
Ryan Smith I must say new blur is a HUGE improvement.
Paul Gicewicz The only thing the bionic has going for it is LTE.
Noneya Biz Epic by far.
Ryan Smith Epic 4G touch... though
Quentin Washington EPIC TOUCH 4G!!! :)
Leandro Arce Epic 4G Touch!!! Is way better!!
Chris Ransom Neither . EVO 3D FTW

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