As cool as devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note and HTC One X are, not everyone needs a high-end superphone.  For those people, the Samsung Focus 2 is an awesome option.  Coming to AT&T for $49.99, Focus 2 offers a 1.4 GHz single-core CPU, 4-inch Super AMOLED display with 480x800 pixels, 5-megapixel camera with 720p HD video recording, a front-facing camera, 1,750 mAh battery, and 4G LTE connectivity.  It'll be a great choice for many - and is a steal for under $50.  Part 1 of 2.

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"If you had $50, would you buy this or a cheap Android phone?"

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Reese Woodson I wouldn't even buy a cheap smart phone and would save up for a more high end phone. The reason why is because the bill is going to be the same. So you might as well get the best phone you can buy.
Matthew Mills Honestly i would go with the Samsung Focus 2. A $50 Android phone would give you more of a headache in the long run. I don't even think a $100 Android phone would run as smooth and fast as what a Windows phone could do.
Bundaaloo Windows is just too boring. Android any day !! Even if i got the Lumia 800/900 for free I would risk installing an Adnroid OS on it than run it with windows.
Bill P. Limpisathian this, a cheap android phone would be unbearably laggy for me
Marcus Cadwell If i had $50, I'd save it towards a phone I'd actually be happy with for a couple years. A phone isn't something you cheap out on. Buy the best you can and you won't have to worry
Humza Ahmed Android phones are like computers, Apple claimed on the iPhone 1st generation presentation, that its running Mac OS X, even after 5 years I still see it as a toy.
Marshall Jon Steeves Yeah, I would buy this.
Renan Gallardo Android?... The best?... Best at what?... Best at having the same old problems no matter what hardware they throw in... Why would I pay for a device that has a Beta OS?... Doesn't matter if it had Quad Core processors... Wouldn't pay for an overpriced iDevice... Fact is... a 1st Gen WP could easily smoke even the SIII, One X and the 4S...
Lance Tomlinson Its never good to buy something thats in 6th place world wide in market share. Windows phone dropped from around 2% down to 1% of world market share in one year. Why would you jump on a sinking ship? The only OS that have really gone up are Android and iOS. And with Android having a huge lead over iphone for #1 Android would be the obvious and only choice. Android owns 56% of the Market (up from 32% last year) While iphone only has 22% (Up from 16% last year). There is no way any OS is even going to come close to the dominance Android has, so why would you settle for a second place device? I want the best. I want Android.
Hal Turnage Sure! for $50. it'll make a good back up phone to my galaxy note
Anonymous I have a BB Torch 9810 and an Atrix 4G. I'll take them over this any day.
Yan Zhenghao This obviously, with just 50 dollars you can't get a good Android phone that performs well. Not to mention even quad core lags.
Jose Pablo Islas I'd save it and buy a decent Android phone...if I'm going to spend money, is going to be for something I actually want and weren't want to get rid of a week from now
Gabriel Martinez I would keep the money and wait for something better to come out.
Harry Kim you have better looking then old hair style
Michael Hetric I would consider it if it had at least an 8mp camera, & 1080p video
Perro Rosello cheap windows phone >>>>>>> cheap android phone. androids are HORRIBLE with subpar hardware. My Focus Flash can keep up with any dual core android out there
Norman Chan for $50 yes i would pick this up..color is awesome too..
Eric Shayna iPhone 4 at Best Buy.
CeeGii Borels yep, this is android alright
Paulo Melo its better pick htc titan... iphone with toy screen and cheap android sux...
Isaac Shinde i would like to go for an ipod.
Duane Campbell Pardon spelling.
Duane Campbell Nope because apples stuff is all incredibally expensive stuff that us not any better i have the ATRIX. And it is smoking....i live it and AT&T 4g
Michael Benesa Love how every question from Phonedog become flame wars...
Kristen Tucker Neither. I like Android best but with 50 bucks I woukd get the iPhone 4
Henry Murillo I'll never go back to android. Even if apple kept coming out with the same device every year, I rather have that. Or windows phone :) wish webos kept it real
Robert Centennial All androids are cheap. They are the Korean cars of the phone world.
Kayne Langston Android, my focus just broke out of nowhere today :(
Maciej Janik if its sim free yeah
Ken Hoey First Gen windows phone with 5 hours of battery life and freezes up for no reason...sorry to hear that hope things get better for you!
Ken Hoey!
Carlos Guerrero I would by the Samsung, anytime.
Adrian Salazar The iPhone 4 is now $50, not sure if this for all carriers or just for sprint so I probably get the iPhone 4.
Renan Gallardo A real phone that has battery and performance problems even on a Quad Core?... I'd even take the 1st gen Windows Phone over the SIII or the One X...
Cyrus Angel Ramos I got ATRIX 2 for free
Eddie Gutierrez Htc arrive for sprint
Ken Hoey My wife had the original focus...what a horrid device. Lucky I was able to sell it. Looks nice runs like crap.
Ken Hoey Maxx
Ken Hoey You'd take this cheap windows phone over a Droid razr mass or galaxy nexus? You're stoned!
Miguel Meza @Jonathan yeah thats my opinion.
Marvin Christmas i'd buy that.
Ken Hoey And by real I mean SGSIII or HTC One X
Ken Hoey I'd buy neither...I'd save money and buy a real phone. That phone is already outdated its not worth $50 its a 2010 phone sold in 2012
Ken Rowe The Focus 2 hands down. I'd take the Focus 2 over almost any android phone except for maybe the Samsung GS II.
George Majao Even if they gave me $2000 I wouldn't buy no android phone period.
Amer Ahmed Um... my atrix 2 was 50 dollars on amazon wireless and it's a high end device that's now less than 50 bucks
Antony Guan No I would but the galaxy s3
Jonathan Steele Miguel? "best" = your opinion.
Howard Abraham If I needed something today, I'd get the Focus 2. But I'd rather put the $50 toward a Windows Phone 8 device.
Fabian Toti I don't like windows phone but for 50 dollars I will get that 1 instead of cheap android phone I know how annoying cheap android phones get...
John W Bloodworth III if it was on sprint and no contract, i might just to be rid of my replinish
Miguel Meza why is everyone complaining about AT&T?? It's like the best carrier in the US.
Dawood Munir Bring those 50$ mentioned above, in your notice. iOS is much pricier and Android is piece of crap in that amount of money.
Stian Grøtåsen Nah. I'm good with my Omnia w and galaxy nexus :-)
Paul Davis No.... Atrix 2 would be better
Brandon Bucem Morris Love my one x.....but it's hard to argue with 50$
Peter Combs no not if it will be on the att network !!!!
Tim Lindt Android! but iOs is better <3
Abhinav Mohan NO I would buy the samsung galaxy s2x from telus itsssss the best phone out imo based on specs + price.
Luis Reich Android
Angie Koch-Hindes at&t sux!!!!!!!
Ray Gramata I'd buy that.
Gavin Rozzi This. At the pricepoint, this just kills a crappy single core, crippled, gingerbread running android phone.
Randall Cloud I would buy that, not the android, but that's just me.

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