Aaron unboxes the Samsung Galaxy Exhilarate, a mid-range Android phone from AT&T.  Announced at CES 2012 earlier in the year, the Galaxy Exhilarate features a 1.2 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S3 CPU, 4-inch Super AMOLED display, 5-megapixel camera with 720p HD video recording, 4G LTE connectivity, 1,750 mAh battery, and Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) with TouchWiz 4.0.  The device and packaging is eco-friendly to boot.

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"Would you buy a phone just because of its eco-friendly status?"

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William Christopher Roth
William Christopher Roth No.
Jen Olivito
Jen Olivito That would be stupid
Scott Quiles
Scott Quiles Yes, just like I bought an eco friendly car.
David Bauer
David Bauer To answer your question, i wouldn't buy it based on that very fact.
Carlos Gonzalez
Carlos Gonzalez It's a complete non-issue for me.
John W Bloodworth III
John W Bloodworth III I made the mistake of getting a replinish for the waver on the dataa upcharge. Never been happy with this phone
Petar Iliev
Petar Iliev nope.
Owais Akhtar
Owais Akhtar No! If the phone is better than the rest than I will buy it.
David Weiss
David Weiss I don't think anyone would buy a phone mainly for environmental reasons. Just like you wouldn't ride a pogo stick to work instead of a car. If it doesn't fit the task, who'd adopt it.
Martin Martinez
Martin Martinez Nope
Brandon Salyer
Brandon Salyer #firstworldproblem
Rick Sievers
Rick Sievers Nope
Jesus Aguilar
Jesus Aguilar no, but it is a great phone
Saad Khan
Saad Khan Simply NO!!!!
Alex Robledo
Alex Robledo Nope. Specs are more important.
Chris Northcutt
Chris Northcutt No
Steven Parker
Steven Parker Helllllllllllllll no...
Terrel Yorke
Terrel Yorke Idrc about the environment
Joernie Berrios
Joernie Berrios If its a Android with Quad Core...yea why a not....AOKP!
Yusuf Bahadur
Yusuf Bahadur HELL NO UNLESS it is galaxy note good or better
Aldo W Treurnich
Aldo W Treurnich as long as it's on Note,, SIII level!!!
Joe Gorzkowski
Joe Gorzkowski no
Sarah Trimble
Sarah Trimble Probably not. But I guess it's better a plus.
George Deleija
George Deleija AT&T LOL
Jabin George
Jabin George no
Nikolas Manuelides
Nikolas Manuelides and 99.9% of the times eco friendly just means less harmful to the enviroment, but still harmful
Jomar Lee Streeter
Jomar Lee Streeter I love being eco friendly but when it comes tl my phone i dont care whats being used!
Nikolas Manuelides
Nikolas Manuelides sorry, but nope, it might be one of the reasons, but not the only reason =/
Connor Goldsmith
Connor Goldsmith Nope.
Megan Melissa Hennessey
Megan Melissa Hennessey definitely a selling point, but the phone would have to be somewhat decent...

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