The popular challenge series is back!  This time around, I'm taking 14 days to get to know Verizon's Samsung Galaxy Nexus.  I've always liked the design of the Nexus and really like the aesthetic improvements in Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0).  But the battery life could be the worst out of any 4G LTE Android device I've worked with in recent memory.  Seriously, it's terrible.  I've charged the device twice today, and am considering forcing it onto 3G just so I can make it through a day with moderate to heavy use.  I've seen some signal strength issues that are a cause for concern, but I'll continue to evaluate those as the challenge goes on.  Stay tuned!

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"What are some of your favorite Android tips and tricks?"

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Anonymous I get about 10 to 12 hours before battery dies. I think it could be better but over all I go all during my work day. I did add the extended battery and that helps alot.
Ryan Lampkin Never buy a phone with a locked bootloader.
Stian Grøtåsen I dropped it about 4 to 5 meters today and I only got some scratches.
Rick Conrad Just got the nexus. Love it except the battery. This phone by far has the worst battery life. Is it ics? The screen? I can't figure out what is draining the battery down so fast. I don't have 4glte in my area and I turned off 4g so that's not the problem
Steven Pereira An app I love is 'Shush'...you just turn your volume rocker all the way down and the app pops up allowing you to set the time the volume comes back up (and to what volume). This has been a life save as I'm always turning the volume down during meetings/class and forgetting to turn it back up...missing calls. Great (free) app.
Richard Wilson Here's a trick...When your battery gets low, and I mean real low, and you have no means to charge it, just pop in your back up battery, and you're good to go again for another couple of hours! Thank me later! (-:
Elvin Burgos Pull down notifications tab right from the lock screen. Discovered that a few days ago
Gavin Grey Best android users tip: buy n iPhone
Adrian Begi Fast ass processors. Super amoled and 1080p HD screens. Expandable/Removable memory. And the fact that they are 4G but the coolest feature is the multi tasking and seeing your running apps on the new ice cream os. But I use an iPhone.
Shahul Hameed Love to watch the battery drAins much faster than iphone
Eduardo Ordaz Return a boring iPhone and get something cool. That's not iPhone related.
Mickey Knezevic The best trick is when i slam it against the wall and it starts working again...amazing!
Kris Sabo root clockworkmod and you can do anything you would need
LaQuise Murphy Moding and Rooting
Eric Casanova Root and over clock
Sahil Satishkumar Use Droid Razr Maxx, rename it as Nexus! easiest way to get the battery problem out.
Noe Zuniga If TMobile had this phone best believe I be using it....
AC Edwards There's nothing challenging about using a Nexus unless you have the faux Verizon version and live in a non-LTE area.
Justin Fitzgerald You won't want to return it. I have had mine for 2 months and love it.
Randy Fischer Don't use it. Get an Apple
Jerson Yanes oh im sorry... wats so challenging about using the last nexus phone? STUPID PHONEDOG VLOGGERS.. im gettin tired of all ur shit... imma end up on technobuffalo one of this days....
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Watching it force close.
Samson Everett root then overclock nuff said
Eric Quach able to take out my battery.
Michael Monnin Droid X is beyond crap. Have to reboot daily removing the battery. Contract renews 12/20. What device should I renew, if I do.
Jason Ramos 4.0.4 update and the extended battery for the GNex solves lots of issues
Cristian Tomasito rebooting it daily
William Priest Returning the android device and buy a iphone
Gloria Lane crap, not verizon! That is the sorry iest cell phone i have ever ever used:in my life...2 cents worth..
Marti Ruiz Hold notification bar one second and then slide your finger left and right to adjust brightness
Bill Siembida silencing the notification ringtones by tapping the notifications bar . Just 1 of many
Steve Moore I love the phone, its slick and ICS is better than I imagined. With that, I gave it back because i didn't like the display at low light, or the speaker volume and the absolutely horrid battery life I switched to the Razr. Eventhough it isn't the Maxx I get more than a full day with moderate to heavy usage even with the display brighter. I can't wait to get ICS on my DR
Joe Czo It's still android! Switch OS dammit!
Eric J Wilborn Press and hold power and volume down for a screenshot on the nexus
Tim Schofield be sure to check out my tips and tricks videos! http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL842BE1C44CDCF009&feature=view_all
Brian Edwards Long hold and "use the menu"
Michael Young Séo cyanogenmod lockscreen flash gesture! it was in the top 3 reasons why i even got an android lmao
Frank Porter 14 days is more like it. 30 is just way too long. Take Sydney's Blackberry challenge for example. She knew long before the challenge ended that she wouldn't use that device as her personal phone. The next 2 weeks amonted to her just waiting it out and complaining about it's faults.

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