I'm five days in to the 14 day challenge with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Verizon, and I'm still loving the design of the phone.  The display size (4.65-inches) is perfect for me, and the 720p resolution is a great feature.  That said, I've had some major issues with this phone that aren't at all typical for Samsung.  The wireless radio randomly cuts out for 20-30 seconds from time to time (even in strong Verizon areas), calls drop, and data constantly flips between 3G and 4G.  Also, the 1,850 mAh battery is terrible, to say the least.  If I run 4G LTE all day, I usually charge it 2-3 times before I go to bed.

It has a lot of potential, but the connectivity issues concern me.  Will I carry it past 14 days?  At this point, I'm not sure.

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"Is the Galaxy Nexus still the top Android phone?"

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Anonymous Did anyone notice that Aaron seems a little bit angry on this video? Lol
CJ Jeffcoat motorola droid razr maxx is and will always be at the top!!!
Kirk Ngo Not sure. I don't have it. So I can't say.
Dennis Heggenstaller Nexus was never on top, even my Droid Incredible 1(AMOLED) kicks it's ass..what a shitty screen
Wei Yan NY galaxy s 2 with ics touchwiz sucks...compared to stock Android. Hardware is second to none though. Too bad.
Lewis Hachmeister The question is SPECIFICALLY about an Android phone, so why are there people who have iPhones here spreading hate? Are your lives really that unfulfilling that you have to shit on other's opinions? Seriously grow the fuck up. You're adults. Fucking act like it.
Arush Bhat Most certainly !
Josh Veerkamp @Anthony, besides LTE, what does the Galaxy Nexus have that the Galaxy SII doesn't? The Galaxy Nexus is a Galaxy SII with a gimp camera and a different screen.
Charles Jones My Galaxy Nexus has seen 39mbps! I love the big screen! I was able to take 6 pictures in a matter of seconds when a drunk hit a car and took off. It was a decent distance away and I wasn't sure if I got the tag. It didn't look like it until I zoomed in. Yep perfect detail.
Eric Quach sony xperia s. :)
Anthony Bailey How is the Galaxy S II "on top," when the Galaxy Note is far superior? The only debatable thing about the two devices, is size preference. (Attn: Josh Veerkamp)
Josh Veerkamp Unfortunately the Galaxy Nexus wasn't on top, ever :( Galaxy SII has been on top since it was released and while it will be shortly dethroned by the HTC One series for a couple months, the Galaxy SIII is lining up to be back in the top spot.
Samuel Pahewa Can you iphone4 users even see the comments on your tiny 3.5inch screens ha ha bet if you had the note for 30 days you'll change just like Aaron did
Henry A Cabrera Rooted GSM galaxy nexus with aokp rom, FTW!
Nathan Parks Absolutely. One of the smoothest phones I've ever used.
Adam Collins If you like messing around with phones, then Nexus is the top choice. I have it and I absolutely love it, if there is ever anything you don't like about the software you can probably find something in the dev community for it. The camera is good, 4g-LTE BLAZINGLY fast, screen resolution, color, and saturation are all wonderfully beautiful, NFC chip, barometer, compass, accelerometer, gps, etc.. amazing hardware. At 2500+ quadrant scores, who cares if the sII has a sliiiightly better processor. Point is, it's a friggen phone, it does everything it needs to do and much, much, much more, amazingly fast. I bought it because it fit all of my preferences, the note is too big to be practical, and being on the best network the nexus was by far the best choice.
Brian Edwards I'd love to see a mirror match. CDMA vs GSM.
Mykal Parent Absolutely best phone out by far. First Nexus device I've ever owned and it rocks. Had 5 different phones last year while waiting for this one and it was well worth the wait.
Anonymous Aaron, get the extended battery,. I have the Nexus and where I work is only 3G home is 4G. Right now I've gotten 12 1/2 hours off the battery and I'm at 30%. So it's lasted the whole day for me.
Spencer ConservativeStoner Thorne My Hd2 could have ics if I wanted to so I think the HD2 wins
Josh Lazenby To the hand full of people that are throwing their opinion around, but don't know what they are talking about: The SGS2 has a better processor, camera, GPU, and apparently 3g radio then the Nexus. The screen on the Galaxy S2 isn't bad by a long shot either. Its not as high a resolution as the Nexus, but it is an improved version of the AMOLED screen compared to the Nexus. The screen on the SGS2 is amazing, and to say otherwise simply shows that you've never actually used one.
Royce Dessaure I had this phone for two months and had all the same problems! Phone sucks!
Jason Ramos Whoever says the GSII is better than the Galaxy Nexus is either lying or hating. The GSII has a lower resoultion screen, TouchPISS, cheap plasticky build quality, no LTE, etc. Stop hating on the Nexus all because your carrier doesn't offer it. Nothing beats stock ICS, 720p screen and blazing fast LTE. 30mbps!! Insane on Verizon! All the GSII has going for it is Exynos. Other than that it's old news and the Note is just too damn big and has TouchPISS. No thanks
Nick Kathrein ICS and no buttons are what makes this phone so great. Soon the HTC ONE X and the GS3 will be better and the GS2 getting ICS should make it better unless Touchwiz isn't as good as stock ICS
Carlos Nava Epic 4G Touch:Galaxy SII
Jason Slover Just keep upgrading guys someday you will have one as good an iPhone!!!
Clifton G. Harp I would say the Galaxy Nexus and I have the HTC Thunderbolt is the best Android device but overall, iPhone is the best in my book!
Huey Liggins The only thing the nexus has over the Note is ICS. Once ICS is released for the Note it will be number 1. Anyone siding for s2 might as well join the Note users until the s3 releases. Then that will be number 1
Ryan Turner According to your video, it doesn't sound like it!
Perrin Alexander I've been more than happy from day one. For me, the best Android Phone by far (to date)
Rob Kitzinger Nokia 5280
Risika Nyx Sorry everybody... Nexus S is still top android phone. =P
David Hilgendorf If your a nerd or techie then that's what matters and look at the nexus community compared to others. Lots more choices
David Hilgendorf Its the carrier and also it being 100% android and all that means is why everyone is waiting on os updates we will be experiencing that months before and also will see longer updates and most newer phones will face there eol a lot quicker then the gnex
Luke Wooldridge My rezound has ics!!! So what now!?!?
Anthony Bailey When was the Nexus EVER the top Android phone? The only thing that sets the Nexus above its competitors, is the fact it has ICS. That's not saying much. The Galaxy Note SLAUGHTERS the Nexus in every single spec, from screen resolution, to processor, to camera quality, and everything inbetween. Why are people so obsessed with this phone?
Kristopher Davis HTC One X!!
Adrian Jordan I believe the Galaxy S2 is just as good as the Nexus. However, I'm not sure what is the best Android device on the market is currently.
Worldfamous McCrea I'm so over all this what's the best android device crap...its a fuckin phone...they're all glitchy anyway...for all the money u spend its a damned shame...who cares anymore....u buy one and before u even get a receipt for it a "better one" is on the shelf...pathetic...they all suck ass...run tell that
Luis Lauranzon Samsung has phone and tablet ADD.
Rita Fay Carter iPhone for me. Android is nothing but problems out of the box.
Afiq Salam Feeqry Seriously, i don't know why some of you said Galaxy SII is the best. I've used several smartphones including Galaxy Nexus, iPhone 4 and HTC EVO 3D, and GSII, by far, the worst out of those 3. Low res screen, lame default browser, ugly user interface, cheap build quality. The only thing i can praise is the speed. So, GNex all the way!
Mi Dios Mi Vida nOKiA aLl d wAy **
Aaron Blain never was....just because it had 4.0 didn't make it the top anything...
Mark Belkowski Josh any lte phone will drain battery. My rezound does too.
David Hilgendorf Yep.... Especially when you have one with NO issues. I'm glad I got a good one. Usually with phones I'm on my 1st or 2nd replacement and this one is the ONLY one I've had. Right there it tells you its the BEST lol...
Josh Lazenby Seems like the LTE version has some issues. Main failing of LTE is the massive battery drain. I would guess the signal drop might be caused by it having to access two different technologies at the same time for connectivity.
Ken Gorab of course it is! too expensive, but it's the only one that'll have stock ICS so it will always be top dog!
Gordon Christie the galaxy note is very very nice but i cant afford one at moment
Perro Rosello Aaron why not use the GSM version? Its clearly less bug ridden than the Verizon variant
Alexandros Simeonidis Lumia 800 ftw
Reese Woodson The Galaxy Note is on top.
Tony Abiama Samsung Moment ftw
Davide Mazza Winner: Note
Gordon Christie goto onthegosolutions.com buy one thats rooted and add a custom rom
Frank Tiberius Marte Jr Droid Razr Maxx is still the best with a beast of a battery life
Jose Angel Santiago Just see the results from the mobile world congress 2012. I believe if I am not mistaken the galaxy s2 :)
Mark Belkowski Nope never was.
Gordon Christie no as it isnt any better than the galaxy s2
Luke Wooldridge Htc rezound ftw!!!!!
William Wadsworth Droid Razr Maxx FTW.
Danielle Williams I have this phone and its ok. The one thing I hate is how oit does not auto focus when you zoom in
Eduardo Ordaz nexus,note and galaxy s2 are da bessst.
UScelluler Smartfren for me the best phone for run 3G still samsung gallaxy epic 4G touch. :) very" fast
Nick Johns Yeah Nexus never was. Either the S2 or the note for sure.
Alfonso Manuel Avalos I second the note ccoming from a sg2
Michael Myers Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch is the top Android.
Niko Lapcic i agree it never was.. for me the best android phone still is the galaxy note
Soheb Qureshi s2 rules :)
Marc Barbieri It would be if it didn't constantly drop signal :(
Arvydas Gr It never was. It sucks

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