Cam from Today's iPhone (yes, let the jokes begin) makes another guest appearance on PhoneDog with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus!  It's available in the UK now (much to Aaron's sadness), and should be available in the States sometime this year with Verizon.  Specifications include a 1.2 GHz dual-core TI OMAP processor, 4.65-inch HD (720p) Super AMOLED display, 5-megapixel camera with 1080p HD video recording, a front-facing shooter, 1,750 mAh battery, and a stock build of Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).  Is it the ultimate Android device to beat the iPhone?

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Scott Lewis no things keep changing no need to get it now. i will get some thing more stable like atrix 2 with ginger bread for now . it just works!!! at a good price up grade again next year ice cream will be ready!!!
leopardchui next phone will be a nexus better software support
Ken Sogamoso Yes. What.
Fülöp Gábor My next phone is Htc Edge :P :)
Tyler Barron This phone is not special just android 4.0
Robert Skeen If Verizon will ever release the freakin phone
Sumeet Deshmukh Its nice, but i wanted a good camera!! 5mp isn't enough in the race! Phone is quite impressing, no bottons at front, they r intregraded as ui part!! Gr8 concept, curved display is really nice!! And definatly it will kill the iphone 4s! But i tested a sgn, and got call volume drop problem, wish samsung'd solve it soon if it's stuck with software
Frederick Jackson I want one!!
Zakari Ghachi Man this guy is boring
Anonymous why tf would yu put a 5 mp camera on a awesome device like this -__-
Brandon Worley Don't trust anything samsung has their paws in...ie fascinate charge...junk
Lewis Hachmeister Thank you Jonathan. Phonedog posted this for people interested in getting or not getting the Galaxy Nexus. Does they're question ask how much you hate Android or iPhone? Nope. So stop the shit and get a life. If you love your phone, cool. If you don't love this phone, why waste your time? Seriously. I'm laughing at every one of you spreading hate. Me and Jon know what's up.
Jesus Miguel Valenzuela I need this phone!
Arnulfo Barajas really disapointed on the dualcore 1.2 GHz processor and 5 Mp camera
Daryle Morris IPHONE KILLER !.. it is
Ernest Marvin Esteban I wish! I love the Galaxy Nexus. Best Smartphone ever
Kyle Cordiano Galaxy s ii
Tim Davis Yes, wherever Verizon releases the thing.
Ionut Ciopei I don't like the build . Man that thing is ugly (for me) but ICS looks pretty nice.
Michael Miller If it's only available on Verizon I don't care.
Jonathan Z. Dadekian Why can't everyone just stop bashing everyone else around? If you love iPhone and its what works for you, great go play with your iPhone. If you love your Android, news flash, its not going to kill the iPhone. It works on a different concept and appeals to a different crowd. If you like WinMo, great hope it fulfills all of your needs. Stop the senseless bashing.
Nick Truskowski The iPhone eater. Then again iPhone met it's match years ago.
Jesus G. Nolasco This stomps the gay iphone 4s
Chris Payne I love my Evo, it's very reliable, but my next phone will be a stock Android 4.0 device with a minimum 1.2ghz Dual Core processor. I hate Sense and any kind of overlay on top of Android. ICS looks amazing and should not be touched.
Terry Davis @Adam I've been using the Samsung Galaxy Note for about two Weeks now and love it.
Andrew Davis Have an upgrade in May, using an HD2 with MIUI now, hopefully HTC Edge comes in May :D
Neal Gilbert Samsung galaxy s2 all day in the consumers mobile galaxy s2 came in first and iPhone 4s in fifth place.nope not this time just brought galaxy s2 and loving it.
John Krismanick Next phone?????? What's wrong with my current one???
Joe Noyola @Jesse Dearth no offense but that's the dumbest things I've heard from a iPhone fanboy so far ...
Joe Noyola Where can i buy a unlocked one for tmobile??? I want one now and willing to pay $ 800 if necessary
Jesse Dearth Ya no offense but even the I phone 3GS is better than that...
Adam Catello Nope just bought the Samsung galaxy note...comes fedex tomorrow
Arvydas Gr Antonio, do you know, that LTE is just a word used to brainwash people and make more money? LTE eats the battery very fast, it's not as good as 3G.
Paul Alexandru Never, ;)
Stephen Wagner Yeah it is
Michael Jasso I sure want it to be;)
Clement Piovesan Nope iPhone all the way
Arvydas Gr No. It sucks. I has shitty Android. I know, the newest version, but the UI is so ugly... And it looks so cheap. I am in love with WP7 and I will never go back to shitdroid
Antonio Vazquez Without a doubt, much better then the iPhone plus it has LTE which the iPhone doesnt
Gwendolyn Suzanne Harris Kight No it isn't my next phone. I love my iPhone to much to ever give it up. Apple is the best!
Jonathan Z. Dadekian Lewis, I'm willing to buy an unlocked Nexus since I have the N1, but unlike last time my wallet doesn't agree with me :-p . Unless you know of someone that is giving the Galaxy Nexus away, I'm going to be locked into a contract :-/
Jose Sut Looks like. Iphone killer
Marquis Prettyboyswag IPhone 4s all day
Marco Raymond This is the phone of the year! I won't buy it now since I'm locked with my contract but after yeah I'll buy it
Mark Belkowski If i can win one or you guys hook me up.
Lewis Hachmeister Jonathan, There's a vid on Youtube, sorry I don't have the address, of a guy with a euro version which is unlocked and penta-band capable. He had it in the states running on hspa+ Tmo and it was handling it really nicely. No idea if it was a one off thing but I expect we will be able to buy that version and use it as a world phone. :D
Brandon Harrelson Whenever it comes to Sprint. And to that iPhone comment... LMFAO.
Jonathan Steele I would get it when my contract is up
Christopher Olivas Yeah...if and when Verizon decides to announce it :\
Frank Mendoza I want it so bad but not willin to pay 800 for a unlocked version
David Harness No, but it's a great phone
Juan Cuara Nope iPhone all day
John Cruz hell yes
Jonathan Z. Dadekian When available on T-Mobile it'll b mine
David Bui yesss.

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