The ultimate Android phone has arrived at PhoneDog.  Aaron unboxes the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the newest Google Experience device and the first smartphone to run Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).  It packs a nice list of specifications, including a 1.2 GHz dual-core TI OMAP processor, 4.65-inch true HD 720p display with PenTile technology, 5-megapixel camera with 1080p HD video recording, a front-facing shooter, a 1,750 mAh battery, and HSPA+ connectivity on AT&T and T-Mobile (this is the unlocked, unbranded UK version) in the United States.  It's available now at some online retailers for a pricey $749.99.  Is the Galaxy Nexus really all it's cracked up to be?

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"Is this the Android device that will finally beat the iPhone?"

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Dane Noro Obviously Jaden is too ignorant to do research. Retina display is 2nd to Super Amoled screen. Adobe Flash, voice commands comparable to siri, swappable battery (extra charging always for me) a more DURABLE phone. Look up youtube 4s vs s2 drop test where the iphone was smash each time. that's just to start. have a good day =)
Lets Røck Iphone was taken out of da game by the motorola droid razr and samsung galaxy s2
Adam Alday GS2 already bests the IPhone 4S.
Jaden Nussbaum I don't think it is an iPhone killer at all. The camera isn't as good, It isn't as fast. Android sucks. And plus, the iPhone has Siri,which is amazing. The only thing this phone has that the iPhone doesn't have better is a very large screen. FUCK ANDROID.
Naram Moshe Kills 4S. Not in sales though.
Drew Page I think the market is big enough for both to co-exist.
Luis Torres Galaxy Nexus and Samsung Galaxy S II kills the Iphone 4S
Brayden Ware I think it beat the 4s, but the iphone 5 will be amazing!
Anonymous Help! Should I get the Galaxy Nexus, Droid Razr, Htc Rezound, or the Galaxy S2
Robert Schmer @ Ronnie cave if it wasn't for the hippies in the bay area and the "I want to be trendy " bay area people the iphone would not sell near half what they sell
Robert Schmer Droid bionic has beat iphone 4s on many levels ... android is the wave of the future ....
Murad Nazi The Galaxy Nexus that Aaron bought came from this company http://www.expansys-usa.com/google-nexus-prime-android-smartphone-unlocked-16gb-224148/
Mendez Roy Nexus is the best,the problem is verizon is too expensive......I'm wainting for tmobile get it
Richard Terkel Aaron what site did you get this device from?
Maxi Fabián The best Phones reviews are made by PhoneDog.
Nic Gruwell it lags.. lmao nice job samsung and google
Srinu Smart sure iphone 4S
Michael Jones The iphone was beat about 2 years ago when the evo came out and ever since then the high end android phones have reigned supreme over the iPhone!!!! The i in iPhone stands for Ican't afford/admit android is better.
James Jeffers Lmao. Um beat the Iphone? I thought the first Droid did That! Or was that all the other Blog spots and Top Gadget places and not Here?
Blake Quinlan look **** **** **** N **** ****
Blake Quinlan wate is that **** out now?****.
Ronnie Cave Lol, the only thing the iPhone is restricted on is a flash player, once jailbroken even that becomes possible, yeah apple releases a new iPhone every year or two, but how many android devices are made in that time? And still sales fall short of the iPhone. Face it, if it takes 20+ android(speaking phones and tabs) devices a year to compete with apple, something isn't going so well, androids OS sucks flat out, there is no denying it, so keep your open source all you want, I'll keep a jailbroken iDevice and stay happy
Jason Yu What? iphone? I only know Android.
Nick Zhao what is an iphone?
John Alves Nope! there's no such thing! The iphone is unbeatable :)
Ara Boss Zakarian You can take the iphone, turn it sideways, amd shove it up any apple fanboy's a$$!
Miguel Sahagun The iphone is so last year
Rob Johnson Victor, no, my two years of android was not one android phone. It was SIX. Yes, SIX android phones. Wanna know why? Because they are so shitty they kept breaking and I kept having to get them replaced. Apple makes solid products. The hardware they use is solid, and so is the OS.
John Sanchez Gotta love iphone fanboys. Analyze the two devices and make a realistic argument. You bought a bitten apple plain and simple
Andrew Cinnamon I think that in many area, yes, android has passed up iOS, but iOS will never be killed and iOS shines in many areas.......-also who says the iPhone has lag-----it doesn't
Peter Kis Well, I'm typing this on a Galaxy Nexus. And yes, I definitely think that Android has finally taken the lead. The hardware has been better on many handsets for a while now. With ICS they've now taken the lead in the software department as well.
AnaG1998 HELL YEA!!!!!!
Jay Fourmont You would think that with a new phone, it would be updated with a 8mp camera, the FFC to have at least 2mp and hd connector. Also include a boot loader and or a dual boot select. Whats the ram and OC specs with the phone? Why not elaborate on the hardware it has first other than telling us the CPU speed and dual core. Instead of just showing off how fast it is with the GUI. We NEED SPECS if were going to upgrade and make it worth the money if we buy overseas.
Piterson Massenat Desir lol im a big android fan but nahh
Robert Bratsch Not unless the vendor and carriers got there hands in it.
Jerm Torres Iphone's been beaten.. This is just another kick up the A**! hahaha
Zach Cline The iPhone was never killed. And iOS laggy? LMAO!!! Ok.
Anonymous not worth my money its ok but i will play the waiting game maybe if i was on verizon i would cough up the loot
Miguel A Navarrete The I phone was killed a long time ago..
Asher Enciso GSII has not lag. It beat the iphone 4s BEFORE it even came out. IOS actually has as much lag as the others but is has really nice transitions. Apple taking crap and making it look nice...
David Harness No such thing as beating the iPhone. It's personal preferance
Robert Smith It will never beat the iPhone until lil fan boys and girls REALIZE that iPhone is i-overrated. To many restrictions
pseagraves looks very nice. I just don't care for Samsung and their build quality
Ron Bragg My dick is bigger than yours. Haha!!! I beat you. :)
Andres Barroeta I hope the new gpu hardware Accelaration in 4.0 remove the buggy laggy of android
Andres Barroeta I hope the new gpu hardware on 4.0 fix the laggy in android
Andres Barroeta The problem of android is the laggy
Mark Mann Iphone has been beaten since nexus 1 and still hasn't caught up
Andres Barroeta Yes , it's
Erik Rosli It all boils down to personal preference and user experience. You know, sometimes I think that if I were to compare phonedog to a meme, I'd say PD is being a troll. Step 1: Start a flame topic between android and apple users. Step 2: Sit back and watch. Step 3: ??? LOL
Muzz Mackay too late, its already beaten.
Chris Peeler Sat down with an apple fanboy, and within 30 minutes was drooling over my Thunderbolt, Lol. Funny how he didn't know all that android offers. Can't wait for this phone.
Henry Murillo Dude the iPhone was beat a while ago...
Jay Lopez Sorry but remember when an iPhone 3g couldn't send mms and my moms razer could, that's when i realized this phone isn't for me or when the iPhone 4 had the attena issue and was close to a recall my Samsung vibrant wasn't doing that or better yet when the so called amazing iPhone 4s with siri which android users had well over a year ago and its battery life was shorter than Kim kardashians marriage i had a smoother faster bigger phone in the galaxy s2 basically if the iPhone had to release a phone every year it tells you that their previous hardware can't beat others out there...
Jiro Amano Triple effin' like. This phone is the bauuuce.
Eric Mitchell There's been a lot of phones that beaten the iphone.
Patrick Scot This beat tbe iPhone shit is old already. Just review the fucking phones as they come out iPhone isn't the standard of what a smartphone is anymore. Their screen hasn't changed much at all since the original iPhone so stop the comparisons.
Ernest Marvin Esteban obviously Yes. Not in total number of sales but in overall performance, power, features and user experience :p
Scott Smith Hey Chris Keeley, You Pathetic little Iphone Fanboy. There is no compelling argument that anyone can give that says that comparing an operating system to a hardware device makes sense. None. We don’t see reports of Windows 7 being compared to a Dell computer and then making assumptions about market share based on their sales. Why? Because, that would be stupid. That would be like comparing one model of Mercedes against all cars that GM makes and saying the Mercedes is losing. It just doesn’t make any sense. You can’t have it both ways. You either have to compare hardware devices or operating systems, you can’t mix and match.
Scott Smith Definitily going to be my next phone !!!
Rupinder Singh Chatha Samsung suck with software updates? My infuse waiting for gingerbread update. Never gonna buy Samsung again.
Alex Englehart Also you have ONE iphone and 30 different android devices, instead of device numbers sold (unless combined) you have to do all android devices vs the iPhone and not one single android device like the sgs 2.
Nick Dames you know i like having phones unlock , because when you put the sim card in , its shows you the true network data connectivity and shows the real network coverage it nexus s for Cincinnati bell and its says 3G with one bar but if i had a unlocked version it would be H+ or 4G with two or three bars....smh -_-
Jim Antrikin I'm not a fan of anything Samsung. Cheaply built.
Alex Englehart The rezound laggy? Lmao righhhhhtttt
French Twist Excuuuuse me?!! most high end android phones beat the equivalent iPhone in the market at the time of their release... doesn't matter if they don't outsell the iPhone. In specs alone, they do better. True, no device is completely superior to the others in all aspects but then it becomes a matter of personal preference, and what features are more important to the user... You're saying this like the iPhone is the absolute best device on the market, and it simply is not (no offense to Apple fan boys out there).
Joel Rivera Nothing Against apple it just annoys me that one has to beat another they are both amazing OS
Kevin Hardy Will never get another android...it will never beat apple...anyone who thinks otherwise is in denial/high
Joel Rivera No. Idiots will stil prefer brand over use + technology advantages.
Roberto Soriano it better go to sprint
William Sellow Just got my nexus today, straight from the UK
Walt Alan Wilcutts @Victor Over the last 2yrs I've had well over a dozen Android phones. You're thinking contract term. I'm currently a 4s user and I'm not switching back.
Chad Richter Talk all the crap you want. I'll consider an android phone an iPhone killer when one single model outsells one model of the iPhone. So far not one has even come close.
Eric T Ponce Why say the first to beat the I phone? I've had my g2 for a yeat and it still kills the I phone 4s just too simple for my liking androids beast
Jason Ramos How is the GS2 better than the Nexus with it's 800x480 display and TouchPISS?
Alen Teplitsky Doesn't it only have a 5mp camera and lesser gpu?
Eskias McDaniels Go toe to toe in sales? Ya youre probably one of those people who think the backstreey boys are the greatest musical groups of all time cuz they sold a BUNCH of records. Sales dont always tell the story. Theres a bunch of people who buy things because they think everyone else is. Followers
Alberto Garcia Flores The SGS II already beat the iPhone. Its proven that Samsung has sold more of this than Apple has sold the iPhone. Software and hardware wise Android its better, but IOS is very constant. IOS is a great operation system and Android is too, I have the GS2 and for what I saw of this Nexus I think the S2 is slightly better if it wasn't for the Nexus's 720p display.
Warren Saunders galaxy s2,evo 3d,sensation,motorola razr,the atrix and the htc edge is looking like a beast.allthough iphones are a decent phone they are not truly smart,however,apple IS,and marketing is their real power,they could add bluetoothing between devices and it would sudenley become revolutionary,even though my old nokia done it years ago.
Luis Reich And yes, There is an iFone 4S in my household. It SUCKS
Luis Reich Anyone who says the 3G, 3.5" screen, iFone is better clearly has not done the research... When you get a link on a message, go to the browser, can you just return to the message? No. Can you take a picture and share it with Facebook, twitter and other apps from the camera?? No, only twitter. Do you have a period on your keyboard without having to switch to the alt? No... And on and on and on......
Rob Johnson And I don't care if an android phone has a dual core 1.5ghz processor. The android os is so shitty that it doesn't take advantage of it. They keep chucking all this fancy hardware at a shitty os. It just doesn't work.
Brandon Ethington Dude I thought you were Aaron's stunt double. I haven't seen an unboxing in a long time. Think. How did you don't Aaron. Congrats and again another nice review. Thanks.
Rob Johnson No android phones are currently beating the iPhone. Believe me, I was an android user for almost two years before coming to an iPhone. The iPhone blows any android out of the water. It is a much more consistent experience. And everything is way smoother and faster. Sorry but android is just too fragmented.
Galen Omkar Melchert lol that kid joshua has some serious anger issues. truth is buddy, ios gets pretty damn boring after a week or so. even with a jailbreak (which is buggy as fuck no matter what you do) ios just is so plain. some of us actually like having control over our devices and we also like having the cutting edge, not a piece of hardware outdated by almost a year. so dude, calm your balls and vent your life issues somewhere else
Erman Guido Hopefully lol
George Vasquez Depends what you mean by beat. Google Android is already the most popular OS in the world. Beating Apple's sales last quarter. Hardware wise, plenty of Android phones already have dual-core processors, bigger screens, and better cameras. Software, c'mon, there's no argument there, Android=open source. Android>Apple.
John Garbo cant wait for the dog fight between Motorola droid razr and Galaxy nexus!!!!
Jeremy Whitman The IPhone has already been beaten ... Android has far surpassed them many months ago...
Douglas Prevo Its a trick question, beating the iPhone only exists our own personal opinions. If it does for us, it does, if it doesn't for me, it doesn't. People trying to answer this question or believing that phonedog is actually going to answer the question with anything more than "you decide" is kind of silly. Its only three of four more times silly for anyone to try to beat them to the correct answer in the comments.
Silver Diaz So a bunch a laggy devices ( rezound evo 3d) beaten the iPhone?
Daniel Rubino But, will it blend?!
Will Green Phonedog used to be awesome, but they really need to get off of apple's tit. be reviewers and quit being fanboys. Its just sad, apple got its ass handed to it along damn time ago.... just look at the sales figures!
Ben Conover every android device is better than the iphone
Kevin Loughrey Motorola razr far better than galaxy nexus
Solomon Watts Isn't every overhyped android device branded the "iPhone killer"? And after that, don't they normally suck?
Pierce Swan Beat the iPhone... im sorry by my last count the S2 is selling quite well alone against it and android dominates iphone market share... Multiple phones or not, marketing strategy like what windows did wins the war. So the iphone neeeding to get beaten deal has been over for some time... End.
Cesario Brito Jr. Finally? Umm there's already phones out there beating the iphone. Theres something called the Galaxy S II for starters. Phonedog, get of the BS already. SMH Anyone that disagrees, oh well.
Ed Plnia Joshua Rodriguez Becker what are you talking about the iPhone having good battery life? iPhone suck more than my Samsung Galaxy S 2, Epic 4G Touch "by the way I got them both just in case"
Everett C W Byrd Russ, the 32gb is 199 with LTE @ VZW, but nice try.
Nick Dames i want one for tmobile sooooooo bad ! like wtf uk gets it first, hey google , you are in the us !! -____-
Everett C W Byrd I love all these people making claims that aren't justified by facts... just like when Apple said that LTE would've made the 4S thicker, and the new RAZR is thinner. iDiots.
Lupe Ramirez I phone was beaten a long time ago haha.
Rita Fay Carter If android phones were never put on the Verizon network, then I would say yes.
David Hilgendorf Ahhh yea, Aaron making us jealous lol...
Russ Hemsath Amazing device but not worth $800 that's a little overkill for a phone!
Christopher Keeley Until a android phone goes toe to toe with an iPhone and beats it in sales, the answer is a resounding no!
Micah Madru The iPhone has already been beaten by A LOT of measures.
Cory Wilson Sgs2 beat iphone 4s an sgs 3 going to beat iphone5
Anthony Torres Ortiz Will it sale like the IPhone?!?! Probably NOT!!!!!!!!
Gabe Perez Aaron lost a lot of weight
Mark Belkowski that lag is a deal breaker for me too.
Alexander Wright Galaxy s 2, galaxy nexus, HTC Rezound and the HTC raider all beat the iphone by a long shot.
Pedro Rodriguez That will finally beat the iPhone? Aaron are you an Apple lover? Many Android devices did already! :D
?????? ????? Many Android Phones Have Beaten the iPhone WTF Are They Talking About? APPLE Just Has a LOT OF FANBOYS
Joshua Becker 4 things are needed to beat the iPhone, 1. Better fucking battery; Android's battery is complete shit and everyone knows it. 2. Android is a shit operation system and needs COMPLETELY rebuilt. 3.More apps in the Market; iPhone has 3 times more than Android. 4. Samsung, and the phone makers need to stop putting out shit products; actually develop them before putting them out. The EVO 3D Was a fucking fail, so was the HTC Thunderbolt, those both are pieces of complete and utter shit, especially on battery.... Face the music, Android will NEVER beat the iPhone... Apple may be completely fucking ridiculous with their requirements and lockdowns, but with Jailbreak I am fine, and I would rather take locked-down and good battery and OS, that Android's shitty, battery life, freezes, and fucking CONSTANT Fore-close... my iPhone apps NEVER do that!!!! I had the Aria, it was okay, then i had the Galaxy S Vibrant... that thing froze all the fucking time, fore-close CONSTANTLY. If Google did Android right, maybe a competition would ensue.. Most of the idiots that bash Apple know nothing... Android is shit and iPhone is way better... switch to an iPhone for a week.... Jailbreak it, and you will never go with Android again.
Daniel Vincent I think its funny everyone talks about an iPhone killer, if iPhone works for u buy an iPhone, if u like android buy an android, all I care about is it a good phone
Ossama Pervez S2 has already beaten iphone badly
Jesse Moore Hey. They're both good phones in their own rights. The end.
Christopher Manic Johnson Unfortunately the only thing that can beat the iPhone is Google's marketing and PR team. There are already Android devices out that completely kill the iPhone hardware and software-wise. It's Apple's marketing and brand recognition that's keeping the iPhone king.
Taylor Martin Is that an iPhone?
Jeremy De La Cruz all are good. Apple's better if you want a simple smartphone thats easy to use with a sexy design. Androids better if you want more free stuff, a variety, more customization and choice.Both are great
Adam Van Weelden Ha! That phone missed its time to shine. Already outdated beyond belief.
Yasser Lassalle I want that phone so bad
Pavan Aripakula ur lagging way back in terms of thinking? there are many android phones that already beat the iphone..
David Bui Can we just say that THIS phone is 299.99, compare to the easy price of a 199.99 iPhone? LOL. Everyone would just get the iPhone because its cheaper.
Justin Fitzgerald Your my hero, and now when is it out....that is the million dollar question.
Paris Hiltons On another note fuck at&t
Jan Michael Cruz As far as I know, iphone was beaten long time ago, specwise.
Quentin Hickman Fuck yall apple is where it's at !
Julius Sepeda It would be if google didnt fuk up the launch(and like apple) worldwide release it at once. # EPIC FAIL
Paul-James Wahlström-Williams If made by Samsung probably not
David Bui Galaxy Nexus? I'll pass.
Mike Nance Heck no....Galaxy S II is a MUCH better phone then that one...even without ICS....once SGS II gets 4.0, then there will be no competition from any other phone..
Ramon Quintero What do u mean by beating? Sales or hardware wise?
James Gustavo Hidalgo Lmaooo I'm pretty sure many Android phones have already done that....stop sucking the iPhone please
Pascal Hertinge S2 beats the iPhone (In my opinion) But the Nexus screen is too big..
Mark Belkowski i don't think the nexus is all that great. the rezound is a beast compoared to it.
Darryl Cobb That was the GS2 my good man. This is taking us a step forward.
Deontrez Williams Its been plenty of android phones that beat that wack ass iPhone
Angel Loera Wat da faq
Jon Recinos >implying the iPhone needs to be beaten

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