The Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) are finally here at PhoneDog.  Aaron does an in-depth review of Google's newest flagship phone, and while it's not available in the States just yet, it's making waves.  Sporting a 1.2 GHz dual-core TI OMAP processor, Galaxy Nexus offers a 4.65-inch Super AMOLED HD 720p display, 5-megapixel camera with 1080p HD video recording, a 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera, and a stock version of Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).  It's coming soon to Verizon Wireless (complete with 4G LTE support), but can be purchased for around $800 online.

Is Google's flagship device the phone to have this holiday season, or should you hold out for the litany of Android phones that are on the way?  Part 1 of 2.

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"Is the Galaxy Nexus the Android phone of the year?"

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Brian Barker Hey, once the Galaxy Nexus comes out on Verizon and somebody has one, anyone want to trade it for a Droid Razr?
Stephen D. Red LOL look at Last Comments
Jamar Meo fail for the last reaction lol
Luis Lopez Nah, its not. The iPhone 4S is the phone of the year and decade!
Dominik Winkler *Samsung could
Dominik Winkler Samsun is shit! Every Week they made a shit phone and Apple every yea a super phone which is the Best selling phone! And Samsung Coups make a phone with Beter Materials and Not this SHIT Plastik! Ps: ihr seid scheiße!
Dominik Winkler @Zakari Ghachi shut the fuck up u Poor man! Ur brain is Full of shit who made ur ugly Son!
Gary James Nexus ICs looks impressive, still waiting for the release. ..
Gary James Shouldn't we wait until most of us get the Galaxy nexus before we start talking about phone of the year?
Ahmad Sachoo *high five* Adrian ICE CREAM SANDWICH IS THE BOMBBB :D
Adrian Salazar Reboot 5 times? Never happened to me since i buy high end android phones so I wouldn't know what the fuck ur talking about. U prob bought a cheap ass android phone and had a bad experience, it's ok I won't judge u like ur mom for being a cheap ass muther fucker...lmfao
Chris Eng best OS, not the best phone.
Henrick Rawlins Of course not. The credit goes to the Galaxy S2. Well. At least a decent review but...... I still rather my GS2 You won't find an SD slot on the outside. Or indeed, the inside. Ridiculously, this – the flagship Google handset which is so set up as a media device – has been crippled by having NO expandable memory. Words fail . And they may fail you when you realise that 16GB internal storage is your lot. Maybe, just maybe I´ll get myself one. I doubt TIOMAP is faster than Exynos.
Jeremy Bleich Face unlock lol what a joke. iPhone won't add that because they don't want retarded dumb shit features on their phones. Have fun smiling at your phone after rebooting it 5 times a day because it froze Adrian.
Jeremy Bleich Not impressed. You'll see this same shitty os on very android phone q1 2012. Good luck getting your updates on yet another buggy android phone.
Adrian Salazar What does ios5 offer that android 4.0 doesn't have? Siri and android pull down notification? Pls android has nfc, android beam, face unlock should I cont? Ios is running out of ideas so it has to steal from android. Apple what a fucking joke! Lmfao
Adrian Salazar Fuck you paul, if you want to waist ur money on a piece of shit iphone that's on u. I have the money and will be buying the galaxy nexus at full retail price. Look at the reviews comparing the gs2, iphone 4s and galaxy nexus and the galaxy nexus smokes the iphone...
Chad Allen Froyo shouldnt be running on any of the 2011 phones at this time what a joke!
Chad Allen fandroids get to drool over yet another not so impressive phone that will mean nothing next month. I find it funny that people say Android left iphone in the dust just because Apple doesnt rush to 4g and throw out any buggy phone and say we will fix it later and then never update it!
Zakari Ghachi @Dominik Winkler ur brain is fucked up
Manish Kumawat it cannot be, what about its daddy GS2!!!!
Matthew Moorefield So until version releases it then we will know the other carriers?
Omar Rodriguez almost every android phone is better than the iphone
Robert Skeen Won't know until Verizon releases the damn phone.
Dominik Winkler All Androide phones have this shit plastic who Never Need!
Dominik Winkler All i phone haters are FUCKING GAY!! You didnt have the Money! (Poor People)
Susie Pitts-Cochran I find it hard to get so into the whole phone fanatic world CRAZY
Paul Alexandru Galaxy Nexus...That's the real joke here and the most over hyped phone out here...Fuck this phone
Paul Alexandru Fuck Adrian the iPhone 4S is better and smoother than this SHiT!!!And the phone of the year is the Galaxy S2
Raymond Toshlee Jones Jr. Damn. i wanted it to be on sprint
Elphas Kasere The truth is that the android phone of the year is the samsung galaxy s 2, if not the phone of the year, 4 me!!
Matthew Moorefield Is the Nexus going to be on AT&T?
Cristian Palacios The only reason its glitchy is because its the first phone ever to support ICS. Apple always has bugs on their phones so many owners jailbreak their iPhone. Advantage Android
Zach Cline Lol, Yeah that "joke" sold four million units in two days. When was the last time a glitchy android device did that? Thats right- Never.
Robert Smith IPhone lol what a joke
Mark Belkowski No its just the most overhyped phone of the year.
Emilio J Burgos Only question I have for phonedog is when are we nexus s owner getting ice cream sandwich? :/
Emilio J Burgos Nexus s!!! Where the first ones to get the update no one else is gonna have ics ota untill next year galaxy nexus is OK but why update if my nexus s is still a flagship phone!!!
Carolee Lopez I am pretty sure the Galaxy S II line are the phones of the year. °_°
Anthony William Whaley Android has slowly been building up their forces and now with steve jobs gone the apple empire is coming to a close and the android empire is just beggining
Don Harden I don't believe that it is.it's the next step in the evolution of the operating system. There will be better phones made with ics with much better cameras. Think of ics on the htc rezound or on my amaze that I use on att. Those are good phones with great little cameras in them.I'm going to keep my amaze and buy the me lg nitro on Sunday and see which one I like the other will be traded or sold.
Doc Barbarossa Watching this review just reassured me of my choice....I love my Razr!!
Spoorthy Vemula Got to give it to the galaxy s2. Especially the epic 4g touch for sprint.
Hector Portalatin I agree w Jeff Android Empire is starting to unfold right before arr very eyes, when Steve Jobs past (RIP) he took his ideas with him sure he left some blueprints for IPad 3 & iPhone 5 but after those devices its over. Android Takeover! FTW !
Jeff Hammond iPhone set the bar high in 2007. It's almost 2012, and Android has left it and the ancient Blackberries in the dust. Wake up people. Android HAS taken over.
Mark Fisher Jr. Sounds like it going to be a piece of shit later.
Shawn Towle The Galaxy Nexus is a fail. The only thing that makes it better than the GSII is that it has ICS. But once the GSII receives ICS, it won't even be a question as to what phone is better.
Angel Miguel Peguero gs2 the only phone that cant beat it is the next one so the gs3 lol . iphone fanboys like to watch this reviews to compare it the iphone is no king nomore
Henry Murillo If I could reverse my upgrade and had to choose between my phone (HTC Amaze 4g) and the Galaxy Nexus, I would confidently pick the Amaze.
Trevor White I love my HTC Amaze (not the bloated T-Mobile one - Telus) but Samsung GS2 would be my pick for phone of the year! It set a high standard which is still unbeaten!
Jason Alter Htc sensation.. phone of the yr/hands down.
Samuel Joseph Pullen Try using the phone for more than a few days before doing a FULL review, sorry you are losing credibility....
Jeremy Abad As much as I want this phone. I'm afraid it's not. The specs is pretty much like the GS II minus the screen size and NFC. I want this phone because of it having ICS and it's pure Google. Firmware updates will be immediate. Instead of waiting on Manufactures putting their own tweaks on Android.
Ernest Marvin Esteban Yep. Using it now and it blows away everything else. The UI is just beautiful and smooth :)
Michael Miller Release the fucking thing.
Guillermo De León HTC sensation!
Adrian Salazar Iphone is shit, enough said...
Ray Munoz Just remember one thing bigger isn't always better
Reptar Raven it is dual core, and it doesn't record in 720, its screen is 720, it records in 1080
Shane Paris There hasn't been a 'best'.. maybe a few honorable mentions.. the Atrix, the Razr, the Sensation, the GSII, and the Rezound.. I'm definitely missing a bunch
Sumeet Deshmukh I wished it'd b with 1.2+ dual core but it isn't and camera is just 5mp, so i dnt care i just want an update for s2
Anthony Torres Ortiz No because the next Nexus will come out in Jan :O IOS!!!!
Juan C Florentino Apple iPhone 4s a unique brand that doesn't drop it's value like all this different type of android phone every three months.... iPhone 4s is #1
Cory Wilson I like blackberry also
Ely Nakano duel core phone, welcome to 2009
Aaron Dean Give it a month and it will be just another buggy android phone that won't get a proper update and we will have to pray for xda
Chris Peeler Just get it out already Verizon.
Cory Wilson How can it be phone of the year an it haven't even been out for a year, Now ill tell the phone of the year when it hit the us htc evo
Darryl Mouzone Yes. Until a month from now when a more powerful Android phone will be announced.
Adrian Salazar How is the iphone 4s better? Dam thing has 3.5 " screen and has no 4g. All it has going for it is siri...and honestly who give a fuck! Android ftw.....
Servontius Turner Wouldn't know i dont live across the pond!!
Eduardo Ordaz Yes it is. I think both galaxy nexus and the galaxy s2 are the best. But waiting for the Galaxy S3. The powerful duo.
Robert Centennial the blackberry is king.......king of crap.
Daniel Cuadrado I like the razor better for some reason!
BigChuck Rossetti With the onslaught of phones that are on the way... it's a little too late... 5 Mega pixel? Weird... 720p recording? Not up to par... battery life? Disappointing... maybe phone of the year because of the stock android ice creamy goodness but still waiting for a device that packs all the best features into one...
Christopher R Corpuz too early to decide that. you might as well give the honor to the powerful samsung galaxy s II!! more power than the current iphone 4s. its snappy!
Carter Hooper Androis Phone of The Year should be the Sony-Ericsson Xperia Ray. Flawless form and loaded with everything.
Oscar Niebla Fuentes In 6 months it will become obsolete (once the first quad-core cpu is used in smartphones like the Tegra 3) and will be outdated
Ian Slade The phones specs arent really all that much better than that of the GSII, I think it's just the ICS that set's it apart. Plus as a person who uses the camera on a phone, the GSII Outspecs the Nexus in thats sense.
Cesario Brito Jr. Galaxy S II is the phone of the year....hands down.
Nikhil Chakka Samsung galaxy s II
Nico Pajor Samsung has IT IN!!!! all are the same plastic crappie!!
Manuel Leon Gay phone!
Juan Gaspar Way too soon to call, theres still another 3400 different android phones coming out before the year is over.
Ashish Upadhye definitely Galaxy Nexus- Phone of the year
Lionel Wright GSII :) in my opinion.
John Miley Meh. The Motorola Photon is much better.
Joanna Enrique Ramos I love my htc sensation
Cory Wood No cause it wont make it out this year! Maybe next year but lets not get a head of ourself!
Troy Minter It may be the android phone of the year, but the iPhone pwns all.
Cristian Palacios Nexus is googles test dummy phone. They just see what bugs it has n fixes them on the newer phones
Nick Truskowski Little too soon to be asking that haha
Ely Carranza No way it should be the sidekick 4g even though its not that great as others like the mytouch 4g slide or the samsungg nexus or galaxy sll but that phone is perfect for teenagers
Mario Luis Zesati Phone of the year
Stephen Wagner Maybe if it actually gets released
Steven Basso its the phone that might replace my webOS phone
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Buggy androids
Han Charlie Lee noooo! galaxy lags too much :(.. or is it just mine? idk but its just so slow :(

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