Which treat do you prefer more, Ice Cream Sandwich or Gingerbread?  Aaron pits the brand new Samsung Galaxy Nexus against the thin-and-light Motorola DROID RAZR, and while the Galaxy Nexus isn't the Verizon 4G LTE version, comparisons can be drawn.  The Samsung Galaxy Nexus (GSM version) offers a 1.2 GHz dual-core TI OMAP processor, 4.65-inch Super AMOLED true HD (720p) display with PenTile technology, 5-megapixel camera with 1080p HD video recording, a 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera, 1,750 mAh battery, and Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).  The Motorola DROID RAZR is also powered by a 1.2 GHz dual-core TI OMAP CPU, and has a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Advanced display with PenTile technology, 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD video recording, 1,780 mAh battery, and Android 2.3.5 in a body that's 7.1mm thin.

They're both incredible phones that'll do almost anything you throw at them, but this is a dogfight.  Only one can reign supreme (in PhoneDog land, at least)!  Which one will it be?  Part 1 of 2.

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"Galaxy Nexus or DROID RAZR?"

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Sather Flynn
Sather Flynn Tested both....easy decision....RAZR. GN had too much lag. Beautiful screen though.
Wrencis Johnson
Wrencis Johnson RAZR's better designed. Nexus got really hot on use. ICS added little to the UX. RAZR...
Anonymous Nexus hands down for me as far as the camera goes megapixels don't mean better quality photos iphone4 for example
Anonymous I know looks are not everything. But if they both do just about the same. Why not have the super model. Droid Razr all the way.
Mike Roche
Mike Roche nexus, pretty much the same hardware as the razr but better screen and it will always get updates.
Anonymous I'm a stickler for build quality, so DROID RAZR all the way, easily.
Anonymous Galaxy Nexus
Dean Chiang
Dean Chiang Galaxy nexus only took the advantage of having the ICS, apart from that, it's nothing, plus its ugly cheap plastic design as Sumsung always does. Razr is not the best, however it wins simply becuase it looks cool.
Josh Henry
Josh Henry The Razr!! Better specs, better look, and it will get ics! Not to mention extra features like webtop! Love it.. Im not a super fan of the screen tho i must say (pixelated). but its not horrible.
Mahmudur Rahman
Mahmudur Rahman With the brand new look on android 4.0 why would anyone choose the droid razr over the nexus. There is no argument about motorola optimisations as 4.0 looks better than MAP
Drew Page
Drew Page Droid Razr is much better, if I have to choose.
Tumaliuan Michael John
Tumaliuan Michael John galaxy s3!!! =P
kaiyel1 Galaxy Nexus!!!!!!!!!!!
Oliver Leon
Oliver Leon Galaxy nexus +1
??? Of course the Motorola Droid Razr because it is designed for the consumers.
Robert Skeen
Robert Skeen Galaxy NEXUS
Stephen E. Ribble
Stephen E. Ribble neither
Paul Davis
Paul Davis Double junk!
Brenda Vasquez
Brenda Vasquez I prefer the Droid incredible 2. Which is what I got. But since that's not an option. I'm definitely goin with galaxy nexus. Its pretty sweet!!!!
David Harness
David Harness Galaxy Nexus. No doubt about it.
Sean Reece
Sean Reece Htc Rezound all the way
Anonymous For me the Nexus wins just because it's a Nexus. I think the Hardware is almost the same on both but the Nexus will get MUCH more software-updates in the future and it's stock Android.
Dong Hyun
Dong Hyun This is exactly what I was wondering ... I can't decide ;(
Osama Qureshi
Osama Qureshi Droid Will Win.
Charles Phillips
Charles Phillips Better off waiting to see what the next Moto phone will be...AFTER the Max.
Hansel Starley
Hansel Starley RAZR hands down. Galaxy Nexus is a freaking dissappoitment.
Ernest Marvin Esteban
Ernest Marvin Esteban Nexus!!!
Chad Allen
Chad Allen Between the 2 i would choose the Nexsus but only the unlocked one because with Verizon your not getting the pure google expierience way to screw it up Verizon
Mujtaba Ali Ahmad
Mujtaba Ali Ahmad HAHA they're both bigger than your face
Phillip Devlin
Phillip Devlin The nexus looks cheap
Stefan Daniel
Stefan Daniel RAZR
Krushi Vemula
Krushi Vemula Nexus. The razr is nothing new.
Andrew Kasabian
Andrew Kasabian Nexus
Philip Weißner
Philip Weißner Nexus, cause it's a nexus phone
Daniel Quintero
Daniel Quintero Nexus galaxy
Robeir Toma
Robeir Toma Get a life iphone for ever
Doc Barbarossa
Doc Barbarossa Chuck Norris created the moto Razr...so I say Razr baby!!!!!
Karl D. Green
Karl D. Green Your gonna have t do this DOGFIGHT again once the GALAXY NEXUS comes to VERIZON officially
Manish Madahar
Manish Madahar Love my galaxy nexus...never gonna buy any other android phone unless its pure google experience like galaxy nexus...
Ryan Bassil Yousif
Ryan Bassil Yousif Galaxy nexus!
Naga Appani
Naga Appani RAZR beauty + DROID power = DROID RAZR
BigStanley Christian
BigStanley Christian I have 1 question. How in the hell are we supposed to keep up if everyday the cellphone companies keep bringing out better cellphones.I mean everyday there is a new phone comming out.
Dwayne Demaurivert
Dwayne Demaurivert It alrwdy has been surlassed fuck iPhone even wp7 is bettter
Garreth William Bennett
Garreth William Bennett HTC?
Erik Rosli
Erik Rosli Nexus for the purist. 4S will be surpassed, as it was with the iphone 4.
Noah Ward
Noah Ward I have an iPhone 4S and it's ok, I went from D2G to iPhone and I miss andro and the keyboard and I was gonna buy the razr but my we don't have a contract up for 6 more months lol
Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez Neither. iPhone 4S, 64 GB model to be specific. ;)
Mark Lucas
Mark Lucas I think the RAZR wins the total package. The onscreen buttons on the Nexus cripple the screen size.
Armando Mora Casarez
Armando Mora Casarez GS2 UK is still the one to have.
Ian Slade
Ian Slade Motorola defy :P still rockin mine!
John Marler
John Marler Out dated software is the way to go
Jesus Ramos
Jesus Ramos Wheres my mcchicken
William Hall
William Hall Samsung Focus S
Cristian Henriquez
Cristian Henriquez Team EVO 3d!!!!!!!
Cassandra Fraser
Cassandra Fraser Nexus
Gary Brown
Gary Brown Droid Razr. Have you seen the commercial?
Cory Wilson
Cory Wilson Gs3
Stephen Wagner
Stephen Wagner If you pick razr, you clearly don't know the point of Android.
Zach Cline
Zach Cline Pfft .. Samsung craposphere
Rick Wilson
Rick Wilson Nexus
Max Labuda
Max Labuda does the nexus come with ice cream sandwich? You didn't specify.
Jesus Ramos
Jesus Ramos Samsung galaxy s III
K.j. Littlejohn
K.j. Littlejohn Nexus!! All day
Angie Zamora
Angie Zamora for some reason I can't help but lean towards the rezound
Albert Adrian Castañeda
Albert Adrian Castañeda Verizon Statusphere Son!!!
Eskias McDaniels
Eskias McDaniels This is a joke right? Nexus for sure
Noneya Biz
Noneya Biz Love how all these iSheep crybabies are coming on an Android video to whine. Take your iphone, ipad or whatever icrap you have and shove it where the sun don't shine.
Jonathan Wu
Jonathan Wu i used to have that phone like you, but i took an arrow in the knee.
Oscar Dominguez
Oscar Dominguez Nexus Power!
Egide Muhire
Egide Muhire I'll take both. I'll use the Samsung to travel the Galaxy and when I reach a Nexus, I'll look for a bathroom and use the RAZR to shave my beard. It's that simple, really.
Corey Wells
Corey Wells Droid razr. I'm getting the white one in the morning! Bitches!
Mendez Roy
Mendez Roy Gs2
Armando Sanchez
Armando Sanchez Well this probably isn't a no brainer for some. But I go hands down Galaxy Nexus
Kalvin Henderson
Kalvin Henderson Galaxy Nexus because the Droid Razr doesn't have a removable battery.
Don Crispens
Don Crispens Nexus is a pilot for ICS...doesnt seem like a good idea to get it when the others will get a build that will have a lot of things tweaked out of it...to me (i own the Razr) the moto phone was worth it. Haven't had a problem with the device. Other than the battery but i knew that would be from the get go.
Luke Magsino
Luke Magsino Are you kidding me? NEXUS... screen, ics, updates, and more
Girlie Balingit
Girlie Balingit Was an Android user for a couple of years so I'm going to vote...NEITHER! iPhone 4S is what gets my vote!
Jay Owens
Jay Owens Nexus...hands down...
Steven Jaycoxe
Steven Jaycoxe Droid RAZR
Vincent Hung
Vincent Hung The next Tegra 3 phone
Eric Hook
Eric Hook Iphone 4s. Laughing my arse off. Had to type it.
Eric Hook
Eric Hook Galaxy Nexus by a mile...
Josh Smith
Josh Smith Galaxy RAZR. problem solved
Jeff Hollins
Jeff Hollins Skyrocket is top dog!
Norman Chan
Norman Chan razar owns
George Millhouse
George Millhouse iphone 4s?? give me a break
Marko Teullet
Marko Teullet Bye HTC hello Samsung
Jeff Hollins
Jeff Hollins Nexus
Jesus Ramos
Jesus Ramos My shit
Marko Teullet
Marko Teullet I want nexus !
Benjamin Handel
Benjamin Handel Can you do the Galaxy Nexus vs the iPhone 4S? That's the decision I'm making.
James Jeffers
James Jeffers Nexus until the white Razr shows up with Ics then who knows but Iphone4S sucks
Jakob Klein
Jakob Klein i reallllyyyyy like the droid razr! Aaron, if you wanna toss one my way feel free! haha
Ariel Orellana
Ariel Orellana a lil tough. both great devices!
Ken Tate
Ken Tate HTC Rezound for me!
Farru DMetri Mendezz
Farru DMetri Mendezz galaxy nexuss
Travis Scott Nobles
Travis Scott Nobles To be honest, they both look like great phones. Whichever one is cheapest I guess, haha.
Joe Gates
Joe Gates HTC Titan!
Benjamin Handel
Benjamin Handel Galaxy Nexus!
Paul Rodriguez
Paul Rodriguez See if motorola can make something happen again = /
Rahul Sharma
Rahul Sharma Galaxy nexus....
Reggie Goodwin
Reggie Goodwin That a hard one
Josue Fonseca Rivera
Josue Fonseca Rivera iphone 4s

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