Yesterday, I asked you which AT&T phone you wanted to see me carry for 30 days, and the response was overwhelming.  In a landslide, the Samsung Galaxy Note won over the HTC Titan, Apple iPhone 4S, and other hot, high-end GSM smartphones.

Thanks to your votes, I'll be rocking the Note as my personal phone for the month of February.  It'll be my primary communication device at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and at other meetings and events throughout the month.  I've been pretty vocal about the 5.3-inch display being a little bit too large for me, and it feels odd against my face.  Will my opinion change?  Anything's possible.

This is one video update of many, so stay tuned as I share my likes, dislikes, and more in my 30 days with the Samsung Galaxy Note!  And don't be a stranger!  Be sure to weigh in with your thoughts.

Special thanks to AT&T for picking up the video on their Facebook and Twitter feed and giving more people the opportunity to vote!

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Cary Nelson May be interesting after 30 days and getting more used to the Note if you move back to a smaller screen, if the smaller screen seems to small then.
Brantley Culbertson switching from my iPhone just to get it can't wait:)
Manoj Gs The best phone ever
Jonathan Owens that phone/tablet sucks like android. wp7 is the best
Jeret PlayMaker Smith Cant wait for it to come into the US
Brandon Berwick Looks great but I'll wait for HTC to come out with one that size.
Stephen E. Ribble crap....way over the top!
Pascal Bz The best phone ever, can't compare it to anyone else! Big screen, best specs! Thx to phonedog for ur full review! I like it :)
Sharan Chandrasekaran Pretty but a big device and you would need 2 hands to operate it...screen looks stunning and 2500mAh battery is a plus. Surprisingly fits my pocket comfortably!
Chris Backster way tooooooo big and crappy materials......nothing for me as a daily phone.....
James Bates Im from the uk and i have had mines for a few weeks now and i can honestly say this thing flys, i know quadrant standard is a synthetic benchmark with no real meaning but i have had over 6000 using custom roms... I am so happy with this device and i recomend it to people who apreciate the best gadge around... Also i got this phone free with an o2 contract at only £26 a month for 24 months which would translate to around $45
Sulaiman John Just lovin it
Wei Zhann Crapy casing but light , screen too overly exposed n looks yellowy, too bulky somehow. The size of Desire HD is good
Trevon Jordan Berry phablet! :) lol i kinda like it though
Rishi Nagahawatte Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
Rani Hinnawi Too damn big, cheap Samsung quality, otherwise nice specs and looks fun to use, but I'd never get one for daily use. It's pretty ridiculous
Krushi Vemula Way tooo BIG!!!
Perro Rosello too bad AT&T ruined it with that CrapDragon cpu...
Lee D. Witt Depends on how often you use the non-phone, non-texting functions. If one of the big draws is to be its usefulness as (at least) a partial tablet replacement, those features, such as S Memo, must be easy to access and use. If those extra features become as second nature to the end user as the typical functions, I think Samsung has a winning idea. If they don't pass muster then it will soon become nothing more than a "coulda' been a contend a" item.
Robert Centennial It reminds me of MC Hammer's curtain pants. Kind of ok in a video, but when you see someone actually using it you want to slap them.
Corey A. Mayo I think it's one BIG ASS note!
Francis San Pedro 5.5 screen and I'll get one.
Noman Ali Khan 5.3" isn't big enough it needs to be at least like 7" then it would be a monster phone
Anonymous To big
Jeremy Bleich I like how everyone compares the 50 thousand new phones android releases each year to the one iPhone released a year. Apple can release one phone an android is still fighting to keep up with it with 10 phones a month.
George Cardoza I want one so bad! Switching from my iPhone. :))
Adan Soriano i want one
Ryan Anton @Rodney Vanyi Myeeeh good luck with that
Larry Breder want it. can't wait for its release on att
Maxi Fabián It is Huge.. Too much big for a pocket device.. I rather the international Galaxy s2
Rodney Vanyi Love it! Can't wait for Verizon to get it!
Igor Rebenko I think it the best device around
Nick Kathrein Why does everyone say you have to put it up to your head to talk. Most people I know use Bluetooth most of the time and when you do put it up to your head to talk people aren't going to come over and make fun of you, they will want to know what kind of phone it is and how they like it.
Ernest Marvin Esteban Two of my friends have it. I envy them. They say it's the best phone ever. They don't need to carry their tablets anymore cause the Galaxy Note can do it all already
Henry Murillo Have u seen ISpy with Owen Wilson and Eddie Murphy? Well remember the scene where Owen picks up the huge camera and says "people are gonna say, 'look at what he just pulled out of his pants, its huge!" ... That's what I think of whenever I hear about the Note. Haha
Evan Fleming I think I'd honestly use one. Still haven't seen one, though.
Robert Simmons All I know is the TMO SGS2 blows the Sensation out of the Galaxy
??? I hope the white version comes to sprint this year.. that would be awesome.
Jersey Joe Da-Know 5" screen??? I think its A LITTLE TOO BIG. - I have the galaxy nexus & its PERFECT!!! :o)
Ricardo Lopez international version> att version
Robert Centennial It has great specs but its utter crap. Only a certified tech cock would use one of these. You hold that thing up to your head in public and you will be laughed at.
Hunter Messer In love. Once the AT&T version comes out I'm selling my GS2 and getting the Note!
Tim Bunting Feels cheap and tacky. Wish they'd take more pride in their design quality.
Chris Corliss It's a good device, the design is horrible though.
Jon Hudson Specs wise its way way way way better than the iPhone 4 & 4S
Cosmic TJ Checked it out in the store today. Bit laggy and I noticed pentile panel, coming from an iPhone 4. But a beautiful device. Depending on your experience I might buy it :-)
Alan Liu too big/cumbersome for daily use
Miguel A Navarrete Its badass i just hope Verizon gets it! Not just At&t
Machata Zsolt it is much more better than any of the iPhones
Clemente Miklavchich it a brick for people who want to show off their money
Luis Lopez Its alright, but the iPhone 4S is far more superior. ;-)
Gordon Christie is ti even better than the galaxy s2
Niko Lapcic best phone ever made :D
Robert Centennial Its nice but as a daily phone its just not cool. I feel sorry for you having to carry it for a month.
Machata Zsolt Love for 3 months now :D

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