I'm almost at the halfway mark with the Samsung Galaxy Note, and I have a confession.  Originally, I said I would keep the Galaxy Note on my personal line for 30 days.  I have accounts with all four carriers, and have nine personal lines of service.  So I threw the Note on another personal line (nice little loophole, huh?), and reactivated my iPhone 4S on my main personal line. 

Here's the kicker.  After a few hours of use, I found myself missing the Galaxy Note.  I'm still not sure what happened or if I'll keep a phone this large after 30 days, but I switched back and have been pleased with the experience since.  Otherwise, 4G LTE connectivity is a welcome feature on the AT&T version, though I find myself missing the physical home button on the international build.  Battery life has remained decent, despite the expected battery drain that comes from LTE connectivity.  It's noticeable, but I'm still able to make it through a full day with plenty of juice to spare.

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"The challenge continues! Are you a fan of the Note?"

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Kirk Ngo Yes i am
Jonathan Owens that android sucks
ComputerChris2 If you want it to get smaller just switch to the Galaxy S II
Henry G Nerida you'll be wishing you had gotten the note. when you see me standing next to you playing with my G-Note you'll cringe with envy and kick yourself for not getting the G-Note. go big or go home!!!
hopes_liaison I have found that your updates have really sold me on the Samsung Galaxy Note; however, still debating if I'll run out and spend the $299 to acquire the device. The Samsung Infuse 4G is more within my budget; seeing as how I can get it for free, through Best Buy, with a 2-year upgrade. LOL
Jean Robert Hunter Deuling I am a big fan of the Note. I have been looking for this phone for years. And I was a bit disappointed you cheated. But glad you learned your lesson. The Note has a strange way of attaching itself to you.
Henry G Nerida i was throttled once by AT&T only cause i was abusing Pandora. i now use my nano for music and no more date overage and no more throttling. i held the phone in my hand at Best Buy and this phone is the PERFECT size for an all-in-one device! i can't wait to get mine that i pre-ordered!!!!!!! haters will hate and i will still LOVE my G-Note!!!
Bryan Wall aaron your getting too skinny now
Tom Parker Lets see how much you like the Note after AT&T throttles you!!
LaQuise Murphy Yes i would REALLY love it!!
Jerome Taylor How many of you who say you dont like the note have actually put one in your hands!!!!!
Ethan Shrago I would of bought it on sprint if they had it a few days ago. But I'm rocking the epic 4g touch and I'm so loving it!!
Jose Ramos Just wondering if the note will ever become available for sprint customers
Utkersh Ghiya Im in love
Zach Cline @ Steve- Because that's what it is
Sumeet Deshmukh Yeah, but display is too large
Brandon Le Too big. Won't fit in pockets. Fin.
Steve LeBoeuf No. Its too big for a phone. Its like carrying around a mini tablet.
Trever Pitts Verizon needs this phone
Jose Angel Santiago Ill stick with my galaxy s2 epic 4g touch :)
Joey Drew Bucek Yes I can slap you with it
Shannon Manns @Bill I hope you are right...
Marc Finnegan No, its like palm Treo all over again
Chris Northcutt I want one!
Erica Reid I am over Samsung. I just picked up the Sensation
Richard Taylor Guess yu knt trust nun dese sites
Miles Justin McNairy Already pre-ordered last week and yes. I can't wait until it come to my house tomorrow!
Mark Fisher Jr. Hell naw. Too dam big. No homo.
Shawn Poling I'm getting this phone next week
Nick Chimento Sprint LTE please! Well when sprint starts to launch LTE aha
Lennes Shaw Sprint need this
Zach Cline It's not just a "phone" It's a tablet hybrid.
Zach Cline Verizon isn't getting it
Bill Siembida Verizon is getting it and its coming with ics .. won't be long now . Probably after mwc ...
Michael Singer the note is badass! just not really sure if I like the stylus having a slot on the phone... might get lost
Mackenzie T. Milburn gay phones are gay
Carolina Elisa Perez Parra I was waiting for a phone like this for years, I think it's awesome even if I'm a girl and have smaller hands than guys, this phone has everything. The best of a table and the best of a phone.
Charles Klima Grabbin it asap
Rick Conrad I know the trend is bigger better but the note is just to big for a phone. Sweet spot 4.5
Chris Schaffner And regardless of benchmarking, Aaron still says the Qualcomm is "faster". Battery life best out right now. Ok, now I'm even more excited!
Brian Marshall Haycraft This with ICS would be the bomb, and YES Verizon needs this like yesterday !
Mehul Patel Richard he atleast was honest....u never know others might cheat n they never tell you.. aaron at least told us...n besides that note was still on one of his primary line...so technically he didnt cheat.
William Martin definitely. unless something major is announced at mwc i think i'm going to get this next month, i've been wanting a tablet for a while and this beast looks like it could be even more useful for my particular uses
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Samsung phones are trash..
Shannon Manns Verizon needs this ASAP!
Alek Liskov Too large. I'll stick with my Galaxy Nexus.
Jan Michael Cruz tmobile por favor
Richard Taylor Fuk dat bruh you cheated im done with phonedog couldnt even do a honest challenge....guess ill hit up technobuffalo
Joe Czo Verizon please!
Nick Strite Maybe?

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