I've made it 18 days with the Samsung Galaxy Note, and while some of the issues that I had from the beginning are still nagging me (mostly the size), I'm getting used to using this phone as my daily driver and have found new ways to use some of the included features.  In particular, I've found the S Pen functionality to be surprisingly useful.  The random doodling is fun, but I've found it to be beneficial when taking quick notes in meetings and on conference calls.  My S Memo app is now full of random to-do lists, notes, and the like.

Battery life on AT&T's 4G LTE variant is noticeably worse than the HSPA+ international version.  With moderate to heavy use, I struggle to make it through a full day of use, particularly when Bluetooth and other battery-hungry features are enabled.  Still, it outlasts most other Android devices I've ever worked with, coming in second only to Motorola's DROID RAZR MAXX and its 3,300 mAh battery.

(I'd also like a white one.  What can I say, black gets old after a while.)

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Jamie Roberts Aaron did you use Google voice for your voice mail on the note? I get an error message while trying to set it up on mine just wondering if you had the same problem?
Taylor Torri If I didn't still have my Evo 3D on Sprint, I would definitely change to AT&T for the Note.
Manoj Gs The camera in the note is very good Infact it is a jack of all trades phone
Tyler Kirchman Lumia 900 is gonna be beast....
Henry Cuzo no its too big ima wait for the samsung skyrocket HD when it comes out ima leave tmobile for att i hope
Anonymous i would but im on verizon so i cant.
Dominik Winkler No its 2 big!
Jason Vanderhyde No. Im actually really looking forward to the Nokia Lumia 900.
Edgar Emanuel Rivera Rojas I will stay with my htc titan,i love Windows phone
Drew Page Heck no. There are lots of actual problems with this phablet. I'll stick with my iPhone 4 (and 5 later this year)
Shawn Davis Dunne Funny what a difference a year and some marketing make, I almost bought a Dell Streak a year ago and people thought it was ridiculous looking
Paul Alexandru Sooon,soon
Wendy Lindop Yes, white uk version. It's fabulous!
Wasis Waskito Can U make some competition on your fanpage? The winner will get a smartphone. Can U make it PhoneDog? I have to take a rest my Nokia 2330c-2 thank you, Wasis Waskito
Rick Conrad I want it bad! But its not cdma so won't work on verizon boooooo! Let at&t have nexus and give verizon the note
Genaro Molina I'd like to see how ridiculous anyone looks carrying the Samsung Galaxy Note... I mean if your going to have a large devise as that one then you might as well go all out and purchase an ipad. Defenitly not worth it. I'm sticking to Motorola's 4" to 4.3" screens.
Carmen Jessica Nope waiting for the iPhone 5;-)
Zanzi Ok No , why would i buy a phone or tablet that doesnt know itself what it is , for a phone i would go on maximum 4.3 inch , and for a tablet i would buy a normal tablet size
Mick de Raad Nope, dont have money :p
Keeland M Crosby I will if it comes to Sprint.
Edmund Nigel No I already have a tablet
Stefon Glover Want a real challenge....go a month without a phone!
David Bond Does galaxy s2 have gps issues like original one?
Dennis Orcutt Jr I'm shocked, the Note really is nice! So now I'm back and forth from Galaxy Nexus, to Note, to iPhone 4, to HTC Radar...All have their merits. I thought large size of note would kill it, but I'm pleasantly surprised! like.
Huey Liggins No not yet :(
GladisnFidel Jose Loving my note.
Jason Pendleton Next month I get to go get mine. I can not wait.
Bradley Burgess Jr Bought it and lovin it. Perfect for my "Big Toe" thumbs.
Frank Dizzle Nexus all day
Jeremy Gillett LG Optimus VU is better!
Kimberly Brown LOL! There's a few haters here too
Nick Kalman Yes I did. White one. Love S-Pen
Keith Ainsley Nope. Nexus :)
Gilberto Aponte Why would someone buy a Note?! You'd have to be a total idiot, and apparently there are a few here
Kimberly Brown Yeah, my husband did, the white one. The colors POP, soo pretty and smooth. I could switch from my iPhone 4s
Noe Zuniga No but I bought me a Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 ;-)
Piero Garavito Martell iphone 5 ?????
Scott Smith Aaron - Is there any word as to when Verizon will release the Samsung Galaxy Journal ???
Sharon C Scott I really like your reviews Also, will you do a review for the Sony Xperia Ion.
Jose Angel Santiago Ill stay with my sg2 epic touch until the sg3 comes out. Its a shame that the note runs gingerbread. Just doesn't make sense
Perro Rosello Nah... I boycotted Snapdragon Android phones. Im torn between the Lumia 900 and Galaxy Nexus
David Rathbun I have the international version and this is my favorite device to use. I watched the Terminator on Netflix on this device this weekend and the picture was unbelievably clear. I love the Exynos processors they are some of the smoothest and most powerful processors available.
Toreon Jones Sr. HTC oneX and gs3 sprint...... With 1 will we get hmmm????
Richard Allen Yarrell Seriously considering it when it reaches Verizon this summer as the Galaxy Journal. Meanwhile me and my Galaxy Nexus is doing extremely well on this day.
Every Chance Yup...got it
Ama Stamps When will the next prize be in to win.
????????? ??e?a?? Will this week. And same with S3.
Erick Joel im waiting sprint
Chris Grice Thinking about it. Hows the GPS? Typical Samsung problems?
Scott Smith Andy - Any word yet on the release date for the Verizon Samsung galaxy Journal?
Carey Falk Will wait a few months for the bugs to get worked out and price goes down a bit.
Tyler Frodl Might get it if it wasn't so damn expsensive
Ricardo Lopez nope no exynos so no
Sean Gentry Oh yes! Will make work so much easier.
Templo Uno Yes I did great phone wish it shipped with ics can't stand gingerbread
Patrick Fjaestad Fast No, im waiting for a bigger lumia device
Darren Penix Got it! Love it! First one out of the store with it yesterday!
Zach Brito Not on Sprint :-(
Gerardo Castillo My Upgrade Is In April , So I'm Thinking About It !!
Wasis Waskito No, I can't. Its about the money money money I dont have the money money money And I cant buy the galaxy note Remember about the price tag. . . . . . .
James DjKirb Rodriguez Yup I got the white one. Back lit led button bleed light real bad... I miss my 4s and it's only been a day...
Shawn Poling Yes buying it Wednesday or Thursday
Shannon Manns Too awkward in the hand.. Waiting on the Galaxy SIII...
Yadiel Marin Yeah!!! Its awesome
Johnny Cababe Praying the Galaxy Nexus shows up on att. Samsung is about to screw over GS II, Skyrocket and note customers like they did with the Epic 4G, Vibrant, Captivate and Fascinate. Update will be late!
Alfonso Manuel Avalos I would trade my s2 for one anyday I had a dell steak 5 so size would be something famiar
Noor Mahmoud Would like it on tmo, but not att.
Curt Popejoy We are headed to at&t in June. If there wasn't going to be the titan II and high end Nokia waiting for me with windows phone goodness I would certainly consider it.
Dee Ross If I could upgrade I would!
Thomas Boehnlein No. Not on AT&T. May consider if it comes to Sprint.
Adam Catello Yes two months ago when it came out in the UK love it on att
Adrian Jordan No, I'm waiting for the iPhone 5 and yes, I'm a Apple fanboy too.
Micah Watkins No way the phone is too big and I'd rather have the Galaxy S II as a phone.
Jeremy Davis Yep, I am in love. The size isn't all that bad, just a bit different to get used to. Love the real estate.
Greg Smart no. thinking about investing on a life... HMMMM
Michael Mulé Yep and it is slightly slower then the skyrocket that I used for a month before I returned it....now the question is whether or not the bigger screen size and screen rez is worth the very slight speed difference......cause a few good hacks from xda soon will speed it up considerably......
Gilberto Lopez Yes i did. Its awesome. But I got a cramp in my hand when I was using it lol
Abram Wenevermet Dennis I'll never buy another Samsung phone again!!
Niko Lapcic i am about to get one :D :D : D
Eduardo Ordaz getting the s3 also.
Eric Casanova Nope waiting for sgs3 or HTC one x
Stephen Shea Yes i did.
Eduardo Ordaz note is the best. you wowed alot of people with that.

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