My last 30 day challenge centered around the Samsung Galaxy S III, and since the conclusion of that challenge just under four months ago, I've carried it as my personal device (albeit in a few different colors).  The Galaxy S III answered nearly every problem I had with Android prior to that date - overall fluidity is fantastic, the OS is user-friendly, and the specifications are fantastic.  For the first time in recent memory, I've had no desire to switch phones; a testament to the fact that it offers a lot out of the box.

With a 1.6 GHz quad-core Exynos processor, 5.5-inch Super AMOLED HD display, 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD recording, a giant 3,100 mAh battery, and Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) with TouchWiz, the Samsung Galaxy Note II is, in essence, the Galaxy S III on steroids.  The size will be something to overcome (yet again), but the prospect of better battery life, quad-core processing, and 4G LTE (when the US version comes) is something to be excited about.  Has Samsung improved S Pen functionality?  Does Jelly Bean and Project Butter mingle with TouchWiz as well as Ice Cream Sandwich did?  Stay tuned!

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Ada Clarke I wish I could merge the galaxy note with the droid razr maxx! That would be my ultimate phone I hope the executives at Verizon are reading this lol:-)!!!!!!
Mika Kokko Samsung Galaxy Note
Matin Raj Galaxy note 2 but if it was in 2013 note 3, 2014 note 4 and it will continue.....(that is if the world doesnt ends and it is until i die)
Bellebeauty0304 Nokia Lumia 920 :)
John Anthony Nokia lumia 920
Jimmy Pai Can you make a dogfight between Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Vs Apple Iphone 5...
T Louis Michael Samsung Sunburst.
Sanket Prabhu Galaxy Note II 30 day challenge question: Does galaxy note has FM recording feature? There is small red button to record live fm radio on galaxy s 3s fm radio app, does Note II has same ?
Lenn Liggins Nokia Lumia 920.
Jack Spradling Love my Samsung Note i717
Tino Cabello Storm trooper 920
Elijah David Kleehammer Preferably my phone.
Isthikam Mohamed s3 obviousssly
Shahul Hameed Nokia 3310:-)
Robert Arias The one Doctor Who carries
Norharishan Nordin Any apple phone!
Gabriel Martinez Note 2 hands down
Still Dre Dane A remade Nokia 3315
Mohd Helmy Mahat Samsung galaxy note 2.
Teresa L Smith Galaxy note 2!!!!!
Milton Gfl Williams The one I'm carrying now,, the Samsung galaxy s 3!!!
Chester Candelaria galaxy note 2
Tyler Saddington Defs the BlackBerry Curve 9300! Who wouldn't???
Tan Chong Ling Samsung galaxy note
George Isenhart I'd love to take the 30 day Galaxy Note 2 challenge.
Jack Duggan Galaxy s3 or htc desire z
Maria Cardenas Galaxy s 3
Ernest Purugganan Galaxy S III
Ranjit Thomas galaxy note 2 + headphones
Malik Hyatt iPhone 5
Brian Jones Samsung S4 that comes out in March
Peter Blanco Galaxy Note 2 without a doubt. I've been nuts about it even before the official announcement at IFA. I want it!
Doug Smith My old G1.... The start of it all!
Marv Cabatic Samsung Galaxy S II. It suits my needs... if I could afford it.
Sam Crabbe Poor kathy
Rashaud Cook Nextel i930
Lance Hill The Droid Razr Maxx its the phone I have and honestly with the biggest battery ever its the best phone so far even if it just recently got 4.0.4 and may not even get Jellybean I still feel like any other phone would feel like a downgrade so bring on the Droid Razr Maxx Hd It feels awesome not having to charge my phone for 3 days
Sebastian Bagger Hadi HTC One X+ of course... :D
Steve Coyle Anything but the IPhone... I'd rather carry a flip phone than an IPhone....
Blake Wilson HTC One X+. Duh.
Trinity Kolarova Hoodrich Or latest bb bold 4g
Trinity Kolarova Hoodrich Kyocera dual screen
Anthony Peña Kyocera Hydro because its water proof take that iPhone
Fred Wong iPhone 5....and not the paperweight of a BlackBerry that I currently have in my pocket.
Chris Northcutt Mine... I have the Galaxy S3 and love it!
Perro Rosello First pick: Nokia Lumia 920 Lamborgini Yellow. Second place: Titanium Grey Galaxy Note 2
Anonymous Galaxy s3
Ethan Maness Either the galaxy note 2 .or galaxy S3
Larry Deshields Galaxy Note ll
Kevin McQuade GALAXY S 4
Julian Scott Samsung gs3
Julian J. Perry Def my s3
George H Nguyen Samsung galaxy note 2
Jerry Cantrell Cant wait for the note 2 for verizon im ready hurry up....
Stephen Victor a yellow Nokia Lumia 920.
Zac Luna Palm pre
Javier Sanchez Ojeda Note 2 of course
Wais Hamidi Blackberry Bold 9900.
Ryan Rees-Williams Lumia 820 without hesitation
Jesus Montalvo This isn't a challenge!! You've probably Been looking forward to carrying it ever since you saw it in Berlin like the rest of us!!
Anthony Means Well I'm carrying the best phone out there the Galaxy S 3 to be exact I think it beats the note by far then note is just too large for iPhone and too small for a tablet
Sebastian Gomes At the moment, it would be the gs3. I would use an iPhone as a coaster for beer. Still have a few months to my next upgrade so Samsung might release something even more amazing lol
David DiPilla My iPhone 5 and s4
Marco Raymond Nokia Lumia 920!
Khurt Escoffery The one i currently carry, the SGS III!!! I will admit the Note 2 looks very impressive
Sheeraz Sarwar I would prefer this over i-remote 5
Jdcrz Psn ... or the s4, whenever it comes out : )
Chris Backster Blackberry bold 9900 running android jelly bean
Josh Pieters Verizon LTE Nokia Lumia 920!!!!! I want it !!!
Jdcrz Psn ... the note 2 sounded pretty good!
Marcus Edwards It wouldn't be the note because it is way too big.
Michael Vowell iPhone 5 of course. Nice phone. I like the S3 too tho. But iPhone 5 is my preference.
Mason Fant Moto Droid Razr M
Buddy Koenig I don't like you no more Aaron
Maegan Babcock iPhone 5!
Corey Hockett Sidekick
Olivér Dunár That new htc windows phone. I dont know what its called. :D
Marti Ruiz note 2 obviously
Patrick Luna http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aj_MNqBx-C8
Arpan Nexus Roy note 2 or S3....
David Rushing Nokia Lumia 920
Angel Hernandez Happy w/ my s3(:
Clint Harris The one I have! HTC One V !
Sam Gonzalez I had the first note and now I want the second one with the iPhone 5
Eric J. Powers Oh, and screw apple!!!!
Sameer Biala Gr8 choice for the 30day challenge. Saw an actual phone on display today myself (Delhi, India). Wanted u to confirm first abt how well the battery fares with heavy full day usage. Samsung devices usually have run out of steam by 2pm for me on a regular day (data on, 3G, plenty of calls during the first half, FB and other general browsing etc. This has happened right thru Google nexus , SGS2 and now the Note 1 (5.3). Biggest upside for me wud be if the 3100 mAh batt can last a day (or even till 6pm). Waiting 4 ur comments!!!!!
Eric J. Powers I would love to try out the note 2 but I love my HTC droid incredible 4g!
Devin Martinez The one I carry ATM iPhone 5
Alberto Garcia Flores I'm carrying the best smartphone out there.. Samsung Galaxy S III
Carmen Jessica Got the SGS III about a month ago but would live to get me a Note II..
Ken Scott iPhone 5 .
Jared Ribic Samsung Galaxy Note 2.
Matt Smith Jitterbug
Zach Chapman The brick! Ohhh yeahhh.. 80s style.
Samir Barik The hot-shot Htc one s :)
Anthony Bailey Well, I've been carrying around my Galaxy Note I for the last 6 months with no regrets. The Note II will be the next thing I'm carrying around.
Bobby Delaney Note 2, htc one 5, one x, and/or one of the new windows phones
Ahmed Sherine Xaki any thing i take for free
Brandon Paul The Note 2
John Luttrell Htc x5 if its real
Hamza Khan Nokia 3310...
Tariqul Iblis Lumia 920 or 8X
Michael Castaneda Samsung Galaxy Note II
Geoff Sauder Samsung galaxy S III
Gary Bollinger Samsung Galaxy Note II
Eric Huxtable The HTC one X+
Eskias McDaniels Moto Razr flip
Angel Higuera HTC EVO 4G LTE
Anthony Evans Jr galaxy note 2
Anthony Ochoa galaxy neuxs
Eric James Note 2.
Kesha Sellars galaxy s3 even though I persuaded my husband to buy the galaxy Note...lol
Alex Dalton iPhone 5 or Nokia Lumia 920

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