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Aaron's back for a day 16 update as part of the Samsung Galaxy Note II Challenge.  The smartphone continues to impress thanks to a fast quad-core CPU, large battery, and gorgeous display.  The S Pen features have been vastly improved, and are great for everyday tasks.  That said, the size is becoming an issue yet again, as the phone doesn't fit well in the pocket.  Is this the best phone to consider this holiday season?

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"Note II, Galaxy S III, One X+, or Optimus G?"

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Mare Reymundo Optimus "G'
David Go LG Optimus Gangnam Style ?
Teeony Walz I have the I phone 4. But gs3 hands down !!
Raunak Dave' Galaxy S III
Shoaib17 Note II
Kenshi Press I have a question: since this Phoblet, can it run tablet sized apps? such as Photo shop Touch? if it does, I am sold for it...
Angelos Kontas note II and htc one x+
Bernard Adjodha Ascend D1 Quad XL :) but would love the Nokia 920 if it had AWS GSM 1700
Fayez Noor Galaxy S3
Isthikam Mohamed Galaxy S III
Jose Villa No Idea yet.
BG Michael Optimus GANGNAM STYLE Rocks...............
BG Michael LG Optimus G. WON! best Display! best ELEGANT DESIGN premium polarized glass materials. more ACCURATE video recorder & photo shots. TRUE HD IPS plus. Q-Slide, Dual screen,Dual Play. MOST POWERFUL PHONE SUPER BEAST! almost all perfect! NO DOUBT THE BEST PHONE IS LG OPTIMUS G.
Tyler Kirchman optimus g SPRINT
Kyle Mezrahi Lumia 920
Prince Steven ONE X+ all the way
Hansel Starley I'm waiting for the HTC JB :)
Johan Neethling Note 2 ftw...love my white unicorn!
William Plotner One X+ or Optimus G
Andrei Jelin Htc One X+ or Optimus G
Shawn Sedha IPhone 5
Angel M Otero HTC ONE X+
Reese Woodson I have a GS3 but Note 2 ftw..........
Christopher L De Vlugt Samsung galaxy Note 2 bigger is better! Right or wrong???
Corey Hockett HTC j butterfly
Warren Saunders Love HTC sense UI, definitely HTC one X+
Garrett Vincent GS3 WITH CM10
J Alberto Garcia Flores I don't like HTC Sense and LG... Well we all know there UI has always been ugly and this time isn't the different. My Galaxy S3 is the best
Noriel Dacer HTC one X+ for sure!!!
Anthony Bailey Note II without even needing to see what the other inferior phones are.
Roy Groh Galaxy Note 2 is easy winner!! I love my Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G!!!
Juwon Donte Note 2 then my s3...don't know what happened to HTC they aren't what they use to be
Sebastian Gomes Still liking the gs3. The Optimus G is no competitor since it's LG lol. Note 2 is too big for me personally. I've been iffy with HTC (probably because Verizon gets crappy phones from them)
Matthew LaFave Rooted galaxy nexus with cm10 nightlies ota updates
Jason Dickman It's nice to have options. HTC baby!
Joel Diaz All of them.
Lawrence Sindayen Galaxy Note II All Day. wtf quad core in a phone? enough said
Hector Alvarado Open up some apps to see how it fills the screen Aaron
Dre Ill @Robby Olko. Me, I already have JB on my GS3 and rocking 4.1.2 on my Galaxy Nexus!
George Cruz Finally more options!! But I'll stay with my iPhone 5
Carmen Jessica SIII baby:-P
Robby Olko The next Nexus > All have fun US galaxy s3 users getting 4.1 after 4.2 is out lol
Casey Knott GS3 !!!
Josh Babilonia Samsung galaxy 3 all thw way
Susan Hugus I will have no problem with the size of the Note 2 since I never have any pockets. I really wish a small phone bag were designed to hold a phone and a charging unit that one could carry. It has to be easy to get into, and I do not want to carry my phone in my purse since it is too hard to find when it rings.
Allen Lien hTC J Butterfly !!!
Mark Belkowski you guys sure like to compare phones don't you? gs3 all the way.
Donovan Fraser got s3 but I want that note 2
Danny Spaide Torn.....want S3 but note2 looks so good....T-Mobile
Douglas Ong one x+
Matin Raj Note 2.... There best there was. The best there is. And the best there will be.
Steve Choi Note 2
Tim Moore Galaxy Nexus for now. I like actually getting my updates before the next OS update comes out.
George H Nguyen Note II all the way!!!
Zane Fairbanks Note II. Nothing else comes close to providing the same features.
John Dalisay HTC J Butterfly minus the stupid name. :D
Noe Zuniga I have my heart set on the Note 2 for Christmas Time =)
David Piepho Note II !
Vishal Gaud one x+ ... htc all the way !!
Demahj Hook Without a doubt Samsung Galaxy Note II
John Dalisay Note IIIx+ G.

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