The Samsung Galaxy Note II is in the office for an early review!  Announced at IFA 2012 in Berlin, the Note II offers a 1.6 GHz quad-core Exynos processor, 5.5-inch Super AMOLED HD display, 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD video recording, a front-facing camera, 3,100 mAh battery, HSPA+ connectivity (on AT&T), and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with TouchWiz.  It's coming soon to five US carriers with 4G LTE (and HSPA+ on T-Mobile), and this time around, the quad-core Exynos processor will be staying.  Is the Note II a substantial upgrade from the original device, and better yet, does it continue to cement Samsung's dominance in the "giant smartphone" market?

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"Are you waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Note II?"

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SmithsLane that things is so.....ugly...i like the SG3 so much more
AlexandRio Fendi Lim sick of waiting it to release in Australia
Matin Raj It would be big for some people...but for people like me who do web surfing playing games........its perfect.
Andrew Peck Why would I waste my money to get that when I can get the iPhone 5 cheaper? I know that 1 of the benefits of that phone is the bigger screen but come on. That is just too big! When you want to make a phone call it would be like raising a brick to your ear, better yet a surfboard. Serously, way too big!!
Tejwant Singh I though phones are for calling and texting Got you lol I'm wating for galaxy note 2 too
Peter Nuon first US Tmobile device with exynos, this will be mine
Marcus Olausson I'll pick mine up tomorrow! I got the S3 and the Note 10.1 now :-D
Kwynn Widing Will the physical button be on the US versions? Or will it disappear like its predecessor?
SmithsLane the specs are nice but that thing is retarded big. like go buy an iPad with cellular if you're planning on using this. oh well, they'll catch the stupid ones in this wrap. I'm not planning to waste my upgrade in January so iPhone 5 here i come!!
Stephen Lindsay I have had an upgrade to use for the last 2 months but I have been waiting for the note 2 to get rid of this stupid iPhone 4!!
Skully Jareet Me too can't wait
Kevin Zhang nope... HTC Nexus 5
Mindy Kuskin Prestigiacomo Oh yes! I am expecting it to be the galaxy s3 on steroids!! Can't wait!!
Hmood Swager im really
Teresa L Smith That's going to be my next phone!
Travis Oleson I am so exciting and can't wait for my upgrade sprint samsung galaxy note 2! :D
Gail Sandler Wagner Can't wait till it's available here in the states! Seems like I've been waiting forever!
Jian Wang Nice!
Ron Scott Galaxy S3 on steroids? Yes please!!!!
Jdcrz Psn yes !!!
Brad Plowman Nope have the OG note and getting the iphone 5
Joanna Enrique Ramos Love my amazing galaxy3!
Mark Belkowski no the gs3 is fine for me.
Joanna Enrique Ramos Love my galaxy3!!!!
Roy Groh Thank for posting!! Very good review!! Amazing!
Joshua Feld I don't know, I'm not crazy over my iPhone 5, great device but I will wait and see what the reviews are like with the Note 2, or if the Galaxy Nexus 2 is better over time.
Sam Rodriguez Hell yeah. Quad core CPU? The only phone with that and a bigger and better Samsung than the s3? I'm glad I didn't waste my money
Ivan Woods I cant wait til it come to Verizon
Joernie Berrios Galaxy Nexus 2...thats a more important wait!
Sameer Biala Gimme a hell yeah !! N2
Michael Schneider Yeah its going to be note 2 or iPhone 5
Daniel Ayala note2 FTW
Mark Hellard Have s3,note 10.1,will get note 2
Touya Akira YES...
Jahanzeb Naeem the best phone evaaaaaaa....:D
Roosevelt White Yes can't wait got the note 1
Patric Chemaly Aaron is just so dreamy...uh, I mean...yeah, Note II. Can't uh...can't wait for that Galaxy Note II to go on sale.
Warren Saunders HTC one X + ......ftw
Cameron Binkley No, iPhone 5.
Wei Ern Another cheap plastic phone
Benjamin Wong I regret getting my S3 now...
Shawn Poling No I got the samsung galaxy s3. Love it
Saw Naing Mon nice job aaron
Eva Sandoval Nice cant wait
John Jackson @anthony note 2 off contract is 700
Kris K. Blomgren Aaron sucks.
Abram Wenevermet Dennis http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/security/the-problem-with-android-updates-playing-the-blame-game/8474
Anthony Bailey I am patiently waiting. Seeing how much it will cost me off-contract. I want to replace my Note I.
Angel Higuera Nah. I have the EVO 4G LTE...I need a good tablet now for wifi at home.
David McNeill I thought I was, then the yellow Lumia 920 peeked his head out from around the corner.
Marcela Patino Dammmm it when is ot coming to at&t i just older my s3 because no one had a clue when it was coming out
Reinaldo Quiros Nope I'm waiting for motorola droid razr maxx HD.
Lewis Hachmeister That or the One X+ seeing they're both coming to TMO.
Christopher Gronde SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!
Karl Wuscher Hell yea
Rickyo ODaniell I bought a 32 gig SGS III... I don't care. I'll get it when it comes out. I have the Note tablet and it blows all my other tablets away. I can't wait.
Brian Edwards No. Waiting on the padfone 2. Non-branded.
Shahmeer Chaudhry one x+ now
Miguel Placencia Anthony the iPhone eater was the og evo 4g.. this is not even in the same ball park as the iPhone
Chris King nope galaxy nexus does quite well for me
Anthony Evans Jr god i cant wait to own this iphone eater

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