It's the tablet phone you've been waiting for!  Aaron does a full review of the Samsung Galaxy Note II.  Announced prior to IFA in Berlin in August, the Note II offers a 1.6 GHz quad-core Exynos CPU, 5.5-inch Super AMOLED HD display, 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD video recording, front-facing camera, 3,100 mAh battery, and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with TouchWiz.  It's an incredibly feature-packed device that l

Those that appreciate the Exynos chipset (and a quad-core one, at that) will find a lot to like here, as the processor will be coming to the US variants as well.  The 3,100 mAh battery is also great for those constantly traveling.  Is this the ultimate Android smartphone?  Part 1 of 2.

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"Is the Note II too big?"

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Ada Clarke No I luv the big screen:-)!!!!!
Jose Villa I don't think so.
Matin Raj Its not big and it never will be (4 me)
Danny Nguyen its like a little pc and phone mixed together! AN all on one!
Teresa L Smith Not for me!
Birton Attila It's like, if Google Maps for Android is too good for you, then buy an iPhone 5 with Apple Maps... trolol... :)
Naj Khan No ''if'' You will get use to it
Kamil Nowak the bigger screen, the smaller... oh... wait, Still better lovestory than Apple Maps owners... ;b trolololo :b
Adam King no its a legit question, and i think it is too big, why not carry around a pc at that point, haha.
Juan B. Based "Is it too big" is not something you can really ask about the GS Note. If it were any smaller than what it is than.. IT WOULDN'T BE WHAT IT IS! The entire damn point of the phone is to be the size it is.. this is just idiotic. That's like saying, "oh, should I get a Wii since the Xbox is a bit large?".
Kenneth Li this is so stupid! that is like saying SUV use too much gas! if you worry about gas, dont get a SUV! if you think Note is too big, get something else!
Bamfo Kwame Hey Arron mail the note 2 to me wen ur 30 day challenge is over I'll send you my note one I'm broke right now lmao
Chris Northcutt Love that there is an option for the bigger size. I agree with the previous posts, if you want a smaller version, just get an S3.
Carlos Javier Nuñez nooo not big
Lynn Pudas Want it, want it, want it!!! Even before I saw part 2!!!
Kay Yon It's a phablet. How is it too small? Functions as a tablet and a phone.
Sai Aguru Its too small... :P
Stephen Victor for the whiners here, just get a smaller Samsung phone and be happy.
Eric King Yes At least in my opinion it is
Fernando Gonzalez I'm with tony. 4.6-4.8 is the magic number. Still extremely functional yet mostly usable with one hand. 5.0 is just too big.
Travis Oleson Galaxy note 2 is perfect for me! :)
Saul Valladares In no way shape or size
Jesse Ling duh,the s3 is already too big to carry in a regular pocket.its ridiculous
Devin Martinez Nice job copying apples do not disturb Samsung. Guess they haven't learned their lesson
Tony Abiama If I didn't already have a tablet then no, but since I do have a tablet it would be too big for my needs. 4.65-4.8 is just fine for my needs
Anthony Bui Or....a phablet!
SS-Richel Amatali Not a phone! its a hybrid,a phoblet or tabphone lol
John Zanatta Only if your hand is too small.
Jeremy Bleich Taking it back to zack morris with the shoe box phone. People look ridiculous holding that to the side of their head talking on it
David DiPilla YA lol but its a nice phone for a giant lol
Robert Centennial No, but it fits a certain demographic. It's not a pocketable cellphone though.
Geoff Sauder Yes it's an oversized g3
Stephen Wagner too ridiculous for me. It's a nice phone but having something that big just isn't for me
George H Nguyen its the perfect phone
Henry Quinn Miller I don't know weather to call it a tablet or a phone... It's obviously going to happen though. If they didn't make it someone else would have an inevitable device. This is of course my personal opinion. The iPhone 5 could have taken some inspiration and made it a tiny bit wider though. And the note was made well for what it's supposed to do. Just too big for a fellow who likes to use his thumbs.
Denise Charlton Just right!
Steve Bachman It looks like you are holding a small car up to your head! Why not just make my Nexus 7 into a phone and stick it in my back pocket?
Mihai Alex Not at all
Henry Quinn Miller WAY TOO BIG.
Joe Kirsch Hell naw~ 5.5 should be the max, then, you're crossing into tablet territory.
Gustavo Renteria My dick is too big? No of course no
Dietrich Brown No if you can get use to a 60" flat screen tv you can get use to a 5" phone
Huey Liggins I have the note. No its not too big. I'm kind of short and I find it to be great except for some criticism I get. Guys who are about 6ft tall are in detail. An iphone is too small for their fingers as well as mine. It's a great size and great for movies, reading, and drawing if that's what you like
Calvin Phann it perfect [: more narrow and long unlike the original
Giemuel Uy that's what she said...
Gabi Shine i hate samsung
Ash Morrison It's never to big! As the saying goes bigger is better!
Marti Ruiz i have small hand s but i'll get it
Amir Bah big enough for girls nowdays :))
Devin Martinez It looks like a VCR hahaha
Suzette Brown-Scotland Big yet perfect for me!
Dale Junior Its not too big...
Mark Schroeder It will look perfect in contrast to my big head
Adil Moten I'M STILL SO JELLY. And the Note wasn't too big. Maybe a bit wide, but looks like the Note II fixed that for the most part. And since I don't wear pants that are tight/with small pockets, I'm good.
Daniel DaSilva Or is the iPhone too small ?
Maria Cardenas I like it c:
Thomas Boehnlein Is it big enough is the question you should be asking.
Tyler Tresenrider Yes the first note was too big looks pretty dumb lol

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