It's time for another dogfight, Android vs. iOS style!  Aaron pits the Samsung Galaxy Note II (international) against the Apple iPhone 5.  The Note II offers a 1.6 GHz quad-core Exynos CPU, 5.5-inch Super AMOLED HD display, 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD recording, a 3,100 mAh battery, front-facing camera, and Android 4.1 with TouchWiz.  The iPhone 5 features a dual-core Apple A6 CPU, 4-inch Retina Display, 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD recording, and iOS 6.

Two very different phones, one winner.  Which one will it be?  Part 1 of 2.

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"Galaxy Note II or Apple iPhone 5?"

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Raunak Dave' Galaxy S III
Shoaib17 Apple iPhone 5
Aravindh Rajmohan galaxy note 2
Jose Villa I don't know :(
John Baker Note 2
Mendez Roy samsung
Gaurav Bhardwaj Note...obviously..
Louis Tungol p.s. note 2 ftw
Louis Tungol haha iphone users will definitely hate this... they dont like being told that some smartphones are better than their iphone lol
Mika Kokko Galaxy Note II
Magnus Campbell iPhone 5 Bigger is'nt always better
Teron Facey Are you trolling iPhone users Aaron lol
Eddie Phang Definitely Note 2 LTE! Unless the iphone can perform a par with the note. Hmm... maybe iphone 10 in the future? Lol
Hector Alvarado iiphone user and going to switch to the note, i think apple could have done so much better!
Matt Shipley @Lawrence Williams Apparently you never read my whole post cause I never mentioned any of the things you just said. The iphone doesn't have any of the things you mentioned but like I said in my post I use my phone for what it is. A phone. Text, email, calls, facebook, pics and etc. Me personally, I have no use for the things you said. I have never used or needed expandable memory, I don't need hot spot, I have had flash enabled phones and never used it, and battery issues is not a big deal. I always carry a charger with me. Always have, always will. And the antenna gate prob was only on the 4. NOT my 3g and it is completly non issue on the 4s or 5. I'm just stating my preference and experiences. I prefer iphone any day of the week over any android device.
Gaby Piñeyro Note hands down
David DiPilla Both but the note 2 is to big both are great phones s4 is the one to get
John Baker Note II
Jude Fils-Aime Note II r u serious
Alex Hunt Galaxy Hulk 2 Smash!
Aaron Dean Why Are we still talking about I phones???
Eric J. Powers No iphones in my future, still not impressed.
Demahj Hook Galaxy Note II vs HTC One X+
Naj Khan biggest is better note defintelly dont people get bored of same iphone redesigned
Christopher L De Vlugt Samsung galaxy note 2 hands Down bigger is better! the note's have Swagg lol
Christopher L De Vlugt Samsung galaxy note Hands Down bigger is better!
Andrew Walenta Neither. Getting WP8
Lawrence Williams @Matt Shipley, you claim that your iPhone NEVER gives you any problems? I work with people here at firehouse and between the antenna issue and battery issues your claims don't fly!!! IPhone is a solid , but you can't make claims that it is clearly better when you don't have flash, hotspot capabilities, expandable memory.......list goes on.......but keep believing what you do....
Teresa L Smith Note 2! The iPhone don't stand a chance compared to it!
Thomas Boehnlein Cling to your glass and metal like it matters. It's the only thing you have left.
Thomas Boehnlein Note 2 by a mile.
Max Chesley Note 2
Pablo Echevarria Wow! who cares if a phone is made of plastic or not. Ill take my plastic anyday. Thanks Samsung!
Jose Pablo Islas Apple needs to get out of the 'play it safe' mentality and start being innovative...like they claim to be lol.
Jose Pablo Islas Note, by a lot
Pratik Patel Plz Upload Compare video like: BootUp App launch at same time. Camera feature like MULTI SHOT AND OTHER NFC and sharing Other Advanced feature.... Need real compare video.......speed test and single single compare.....plz compare stuff at same time
Javier Sanchez Ojeda True it doesn't need to be fix but they do need to update so they can keep up their falling behind big time
Matt Shipley Yes Dan it has. Because it works. Ever heard the phrase, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."
Dan Bittner The iphone has been the same phone since 2007. As soon as the note 2 hits it will be the best phone on the market.
Matt Shipley And just for clarification my iphone is the 3g. My motorola was droid x, htc was thunderbolt and my samsung was s2. Iphone just works like it should despite being 3 years old.
Matt Shipley Even though the note 2 won the dogfight I still prefer iphone 5. Personal preference of course. Iphone and note same price or close not 100% on that but the samsung is plastic. Iphone is metal and glass. I've had samsung, motorola, htc and iphone. I prefer to use an iphone. Works every time I pick it up whether to make a call, text, email, youtube or whatever. Androids after about 6 month of use they start getting laggy and glitchy and freeze up. Never and I repeat never have I had my iphone to freeze up. All of my androids have froze and I had to take out the battery to reset them numerous times. The note has alot of cool features but just not for me. I text, make calls, email, facebook, and youtube and pics on occasion. I look at the day to day use of my phone and say. Am I honestly gonna use every feature on a day to day basis or even half the time? Nope. So for a great day to day phone that will fit in my pocket and not require me to carry a man purse. I choose the iphone 5.
Alekjandro Garcia Htc one x and galaxy s3 and note 2 and lumia 920
Nikola Karovic but price is same...
Anthony So Totally different in concept and design the comparison between the GS3 and iPhone5 was the real deal :)
Moise Badou Hum, Note 2 ! Duh IPhone 5 is pretty much the same device thats been around for about 2 years !
Abdullah Qaraeen Note 2 of course !
Matti Hietala That I will do. At least I prefer it enjoyable than this.
George Majao Enjoy matti
Matti Hietala Why am I even here writing these things? I'm going out to play some Disc golf. o/
Tien Duo Any Android Device is better than iphone
George Majao John : would you buy plastic for $200? Oh did you? Sorry I wouldn't pay for crap
George Majao Matt: my life is tech I had android phones before I know how they are, they are good but the iPhone is a better phone overall. Some features are better on the a certain android. And the reason apple products cost more is because apple believes they can't sell for less because it has good built,software is great and they use the best top notch materials. Apple didn't just climb as the best company in the planet. Before people can judge on which phone is better they have to know and test what's under the hood and over quality. Samsung makes ok phones but HTC has better built phones.
Matti Hietala Also I always laugh at my friends when they come to complain me: "Okay, I feel like an idiot. I bought new iPhone and I'm so disappointed because this is not what I expected. I feel like I just have been burning those 600€ like a piece of trash! :(" I'm like ROFLMAO after that xD And then I say: " Why you didn't listen to me when I told you to buy S3 or Gnex?"
Tyler Kirchman Realistically the iPhone 5 but coolness note 2
Matti Hietala And one more thing George: Did you know that Seiko is a quality Japanese watch brand that is known for their reliability and doesn't cost honey, so more people can buy them and it makes more ¥ for them ;) Although they have too expensive watches. So pls. Go away.
John Loper Looks like George is very ignorant. The price of a device has nothing to do with how great a device is. A device should only be judged by each individual's personal needs and desires. Also, the Crapple iDiot 5 on a 2 year contract is the same price as the Galaxy SIII when it first hit US carriers. I make $150, 000 a year but I chose the S III. So what's the price have to do with my income?
Matti Hietala Oh and forgot to say: Those smarter people usually have money to throw for an iPhone or two, but they know there is better products out there ;)
Matti Hietala George Majao: Apple sells more phones? So what. It doesn't make iPhone 5 good because of people whos religion is Apple is buying some overpriced brick. Otherways the smarter people is buying their phones, not because of the "swag" or what the heck somebody thinks to achieve when they have brand new iPhone 5, but because all that stuff iPhone have been allways missing, or has get it way after than Android. There is an comparison video out there. I link it to here if I can find it.
George Majao Window phones are much nicer then any plastic cheap androids
Michael Walsh lumia 920
Matti Hietala Nokia 3210 "The Hammer"
John Loper Note II
Jesus Montalvo This dogfight reminded me of the fight scene on the avengers between the hulk and the villain. Its not even fair ...
George Majao People just look at the sells and the company!! Apple is the leader of all tech companies. Keep in mind it's hard to get a iPhone 5 right now
Michael Scott Note 2 is different. iBone is the same old song & dance with a new cast.
Huey Liggins If a device can be marketed as a phone then it'd a phone. And if two devices are phones then they are comparable. And if you compare these two the iphone doesn't stand a chance. If the s3 is number 1, then the only thing stopping the note 2 would be its size. In have the note 1 and the size is not that big a deal as people make it seem. The note 10.1 even beats the ipad. The seller at best buy held an ipad in his hand as he recommended the note 10.1 to me lol
George Majao iPhone to android is like comparing Rolex watch to a seiko watch lol
James Harrison Two completely different markets for those devices.. i would argue that the dogfight is unwarranted. Wait for LG or Microsoft to inevitably make their first phablet.
Anthony Bailey I'm not even sure why PhoneDog thought it necessary to post this crap for anything other than providing a quick laugh to Android lovers. The Note II wins by default. According to MOST people (including most recently "Consumer Reports") that Crapple iPhone 5 can't even dethrone the S III. So how the hell can it begin to battle the ultra-superior Galaxy Note II???
George Majao People like android phones because they are cheap lol sad but true
Gerardo Ortega Any current Android phone beats Icrap5.
Charles Anthony @Crispin Magana samsung makes their ios chips that phone wouldnt be anything without samsung..note is a beast iphone is weak and pathetic i cant believe people are buying that phone 4 inch phones are 4 years ago apple needs to catch up
Lawrence Lepes There is no comparison; the Galaxy Note 2 reigns supreme in every way!
Gary Bowling iPhone 5, Note is just too damn large for comfort, and the low PPI really hurts.
Sean Brian iphone5 lose all the dog fight and I'm sure can beat any phone this year let's wait and see iPhone 5 vs wp8 and I'm sure wp8 are going to win
Mark Belkowski phone dog must get kick backs from apple.
Mark Belkowski galaxy s 3.
Kaizer Joelle Why do they compare everything to an iPhone? Is it a benchmark for everything android does?
George Cruz Just look a the sales!!
Lewis Hachmeister Note 2 by miles! Can't wait!
Ken Scott iPhone 5
Keenan Ochoa Come on isheep.com, i mean phone dog lol. the high end android will always beat the current iphone hands down. stop asking dumb questions please.
George Majao This is like comparing a BMW to a Chevy lol. Nothing is like the iPhone!! This shouldn't even be a question
Oscar Sanchez Palomino Gnote 2 by far...
Matt Pankey These phones aren't even designed for the same demographic. C'mon, y'all can do better than this.
Mohammed SoHail Note 2 vil smash iphone5....
Jakob Heikkinen Its like an insult to campare the Note II vs the iPhone 5, Note II hands down.
George Majao The only thing android took over is cheap skates that want cheap phones!! They fucking garbage lol
Jehu Natanael Barcenas Galaxy note 2!!!
Kevin McQuade Aaron stop asking rhetorical questions obviously the iphone 5 makes a better paper weight
Noe Zuniga It's like the note 2 took a turd and that's what came out..note 2 all day!!
Rahma Amin galaxy note ii for sure <3
Enrique Ivan Almaguer Note 2 hands Down
Camar Green we will compare Note II vs Ipad Mini when it comes out since Note might as well be a mini tablet. iPhone 5 for me. .. so I say PS Vita ftw I mean iPhone 5
Steve Choi This is like comparing 2009 C280 to 2012 S65 AMG
Brian M McCoy Note II any day over the iCrack 5.
Kenny Wenger Note II vs. iPhone7s...then Apple might have a chance.
Marlon Milligan um bigger is better...how is this a question.
Juwon Donte note 2 sorry isheep not everybody wants to get a device that hasnt changed since 07 other then a 4inch screen can you tell me what has changed with the iphone..the ios is boring as hell i should know ive had an 4s..android has taken over
Brain Roopull This is the most bizarre comparo I've seen in a while. Up next: 50lbs of Popcorn vs. The Color Teal! FIGHT! LOL
Jose Calderon It's such a close call, who care at this point?
Alex Robledo G Note II.
Dean Ablong iP5 = Sooo 2008.
Rene Robledo Note II
Ross Silva ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?? how is the iphone 5 even close to being as good as the Note 2? Of course Note 2 wins!!
Boyd D Garrett Jr Samsung e'eryday
Ian Baylon I've said this once and I'm saying it again, anything could beat an iPhone, even a brick.
Marissa N. Ibáñez I've been waiting for this DogFight. Soooo getting the Note 2
Jeff Hollins Note 2 by far.
Fonzy Paniagua Again phonedog, like seriously ? stop with the dumb questions. Galaxy Note 2
Doc Barbarossa Note 2 beats the iPhone 4s2
Sergio Reyes Im not an Android fan but I'd rather pick the Note II,iPhones are ugly and there catching up to other phones in features
Cree Ross Note 2
Crispin Magana Samsung copies Apple. So iPhone 5 wins!
Loch Ness Note, of course
George Cruz All the devices against iPhone. Like always
Henry G Nerida note 2 FTW
Sebastian Gomes Not sure if this is a serious question. But if it is, here's a serious answer: Galaxy Note II
George Majao Cheap plastic or great craftsmanship ??
Adrian Ruiz Neither! Motorola DROID RAZR HD Maxx!
Rasin Muhammad Sadooq The Note 2 makes the iPhone look like an earpiece
Beto Santana Wtf serious
George Majao Why is this a question lol
Kay Yon Note hands DOWN.
Mark Divid Galaxy Note II
James Everette Edwards Note. No contest.
Rasin Muhammad Sadooq Is this battle even fair? lol

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