Who needs an iPhone 5 when this could be the most epic dogfight battle of 2012 (at least, so far)?  Aaron pits the Samsung Galaxy Note against the Apple iPhone 4S.  The Galaxy Note is available now on AT&T and packs a 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor, 5.3-inch Super AMOLED HD (1280x800 pixels) display, 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD video recording, a front-facing shooter, 2,500 mAh battery, 4G LTE connectivity, and Android 2.3.6 with TouchWiz 4.0.  The iPhone 4S offers an Apple A5 dual-core CPU, 3.5-inch Retina display, 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD recording, a front-facing camera for FaceTime, 1,420 mAh battery, and iOS 5 in a nice glass and metal form factor.

Two very different devices for two very different types of people.  Which smartphone is the best when all things are considered?  Part 1 of 2.

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Daniel Eaton other phones...srry hit enter by mistake#
Daniel Eaton just watched the videos and am so happy that i decided to buy a galaxy note over ove
Techno_Boner GALAXY NOTE!
Jun Kim Galaxy Note
Reese Woodson The Note because the iPhone 4S is too small and out dated. I own an iPhone 4S, and it's sitting in my closet as a back up. I went back to my rooted HTC Inspire because of the bigger screen. Once the Lumia 900 comes out, I'm going to buy that (straight out of course) because I'm kind sick of iOS and Android o_O
Anonymous Galaxy Note
Anonymous Galaxy note if you can handle 5.3 inches. Android is by far the better OS
Dominik Winkler 4s! note is 2 big
Matt Linscott I bought a note yesterday and proceeded to drain the battery to 0 while playing with it. Took about 2 hours to fully charge back up to 100%. By comparison, my Nexus One takes about an hour, the iPhone 4S i've not charged from 0% since I don't use mine, but from about 10% it takes about an hour or so. Also, I don't know what the deal is with Aaron's speed test results, I too am in Charlotte and I am averaging 22mbps/19mbps on my Note. 4S averaged about 4mbps/1mbps for me.
Greg Trecartin I'm still infatuatted with the Note but could you do one more Test. 1. How long does it take to fully recharge the 2500 battery of the Note versus the 1400 of the Apple 4S? 2. Is there a stand alone charger - spare battery for Note with fast recharge ability in US market.? Again how long to recharge from close to dead to full charge.? 3. With current batteries is it better to wait till close to dead before recharge or can you plug in charger at anytime without killing life of battery. Even sitting at the Airport it good to know how long that wait is going to be. And is probably one of the main reasons people arn't buying electric cars. But that another discussion. Appreciate your thoughts along with active users of a ATT version Note regarding the above. I don't want to be caught barking at the wrong tree. Ltr.
Drew Page I played with the Galaxy Note at Best Buy. Very nice, I was impressed (but I'll stay with my iPhone 4 until the iPhone 5 comes out).
eugenebyersjr The Galaxy note is a beast!!! WOW
??? Galaxy Note is the way to go, people! BTW, not the AT&T one, its the INTERNATIONAL ONE THAT IS THE WAY TO GO!!!
Muhammad Ali Khan Iphone is for kids and newbies....get a life... get an android
Antonio Merkerson I have a unlocked iPhone 4s and I would love to have a white unlocked Galaxy Note...
Mike Link And the Note "too big"? If ya have small hands! I feel sorry for all y'all! Lol!
Mike Link iPhail for iBots! Android all year every year!
Paul Stone Neither... Waiting for HTC One X.
Edmund Nigel Hey @Tim I hope u didn't type that on your note colleague u meant instead of college . Woo go android yeah right big screen and he still can't spell colleague , colleague , colleague correctly. Apple all day
Tamaris Jones iPhone is simple and smooth with no freezing up problems since I've had it
Wendy Lindop I have owned a Note and it's great for media consumption as a small tablet, really nice screen. But for use as a daily phone, it's far too big, particularly when using when out and about. I'm now using an iphone again (4s) and I am really glad I switched, I like the smaller screen and prefer its compact design. Both great devices.
Adrian Jordan I'm an Apple fanboy.... hands down (iPhone 4S)
Joe Zazueta apple sucks and the note is only on At&t that also sucks so nether
Matic Poznic lol i go for samsung galaxy note f**ck iphone and his 800mhz processor,small creen.
Jose Angel Santiago IPhones are for homos,girls and yuppies Zzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!
Arvydas Gr iPhone 4S FTW!
Jason Grob Seriously, come on... apple is so behind its not even funny. You can't compare. If I'm at a dealership I'm not going to say well its either the Lexus or Kia. Lol
Tim Michael The Galaxy Note is the bomb. I Love my Note. I converted 3 colleges at work. They used to Love Apple, now android Freaks android Note User. lol. Apple is missing functions and is simply outdated.
Rick Conrad Iphone is basically like Harley.....no 1 buys them for performance just the name and so they can poke there friend and say "I have an iphone" Ooooo then the heavens open up and a glowing light surrounds the iPhone and the geek holding it prays he might get laid .
Kristopher Davis I do agree with everything u just said about Android over iPhone tho :) and I wasn't defending the bickering, just stating its inevitable..LOL
Jenni Buchanan Im not on either side of apple or android. I just bought the iPhone 4s two days ago. Had the Evo 3d before it. I love both!
Rick Conrad Arron???? Do you want to listen to children fight about phone brands or adults you can just say 1 or the other with good comments on why? Besides everyone knows droid kills iphone lol iphone is for children who can't learn how to use a droid . They are simple like square block in square hole= bunch of app icons on a boring screen with no personality lol
Angel Miguel Peguero Note samsung is the best :-)
Kristopher Davis @Rick Conrad..arron knows anytime he compares iPhone to Android..it will result in a fanboy war..its common sense knowledge frankly...and I'm sure arron loves it..its this passion for Phone Os that makes Arron job and phonedog itself possible! I'm sure arron agrees!!
Kristopher Davis HTC OneX....HTC phones are boss over the iPhoney no4gs...and the galaxy note( note has a nice big screen..I like that but that aside its still crap Samsung build and touchcrap..and the stylus? By the time u pull out the stylus, write something, put back..I could have pulled up notes app and TYPED note in less time..
Anonymous @Richard Ok, enjoy your "work right" at the expense of freedom...My SGS2 works an average of 15-16 hrs per day which includes about an hour or 2 of gaming and another hour or 2 on web browsing/ Facebook...How is it my Android works better than an iPhone? There are no bad/poor phones these day (about 2 years ago, maybe there was), only users who know how to use their smartphone/dumbphone or not...
Ahnonny Nguyen Last post for you guys to witness who has it first in development before apple copy it http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=dY_ADCTBKVE
Rick Conrad Look at all the arguing over phone brands lol your all pathetic! You really think Arron wants to read your bullshit? Just say which 1 you like and stop your crying! Bunch if fckn children
Richard Ameen For all those bashing the iphone (trolls) its a different OS. All android fanboys like anymore are specs specs specs, and nothing more. I used to have an evo, epic 4g, and nexus s, and now i have the iphone 4s. Best phone hands down in every respect. Sure android is more innovative, now get the phones to run right to where my friends iphone 3gs isnt running faster than my nexus s. Apple knows what will make a consumer happy in the long run, android manufacterers just pump out phones with specs and little testing. And no i am not an apple fanboy at all, i only use what works right because even though I like doing it, i shouldnt have to modify my phone so it will make it to noon or work right
Mohd Helmy Mahat samsung galaxy note. the bigger screen really makes browsing the net a blast on a handheld. superb screen colour & speedy cpu. sweet.
Ahnonny Nguyen Almost forgot. Iphone technology are made by samsung. What will iphone do if samsung cut ties from them hmm http://www.ubergizmo.com/2011/08/samsung-behind-25-of-iphone-4-parts/
Ahnonny Nguyen @Dylan You're comparing iphone to a lambo and a android to corvette LMAO. Let see what iphone has under the hood shall we? - No removable battery. So let say your battery has issues and you have to send your phone off to apple to get it replace. In the mean time us android can pop another battery in and have our phone working while you're still waiting on the repair. Does apple give you a rent a phone in the meantime? - no removable memory or memory card. So whenever you have to upgrade your iphone4s to the new iphone5, you have to find a pc and connect to itune to transfer your files from the old device to the new device. Hmm how inconvenient for you guys. Us android, all we have to do is pop in the sd card and everything is there. - STILL no true multi-tasking like Android. Ask your battery life why does it keep on dying on you in less than 4hrs when you try to play a music in the background while surfing the net and how come the phone keeps on crashing when multiple apps are running at the same time lol - cant customize your phone AT ALL...except water droplet wallpaper LOL and that's if you can make out the wallpaper with all those apps clutter on your home screen. - no Flash support still. - no widgets but i guess iphone users like chiclets gum size icons - no free GPS voice navigation. Good luck reading the map on the iphone while driving when i can listen to when my next exit will be by a pretty android lady voice. - no refunds for paid apps... at least google give you 15min to test em out. And you guys are still stuck on 3g while every other android user are on 4g and LTE. I don't know about you but that's snail slow connection compare to blazing speed. Maybe you have it the other way around where lambo(3.5 sec from 0-60) is android (avg of 30 MB of DL) and the corvette (4.5 sec from 0-60) as iphone (avg 600 kbs of DL)
Philip Weißner It's just funny...if you look which Phones are compared you will see for example 100 Devices... If you look what (not even just phones O.O) is compared to the iPhone you just have 200 devices... What the hell is wrong...the iPhone has not at all an 4" Display... The Galaxy Note isn't the comparable device, cause it's more an tablet as an phone...(I can't handle it with one hand if I want...so I call it no more phone...O.O) This stupid " hey are you all mainstream guys more interested in this mainstream thing or the other mainstrem thing??" Tell us about Windows 8 Beta and why I have to uninstall my Avast safeguard befor I can run the install of Win 8...but please no more stupid iPhone, iPhone, iPhone.... Ah have you guys seen the iPhone yet...
Kelvin Viola ahaaha nice argument going on here so we have an apple vs android supporters going on. the samsung line is an immitation of ios hahaha thats funny its like he forgot that ios4 is an immitation of everything else around it. if you dylan call yourself smart how can you justify having the a4 chip on your device when it doesnt need it doesnt play flash, no widgets; why put it cause thell make it sound good that apple supporters aka apple bourgeois will buy it because apple says that this is good and you need this
Anonymous And by your awesomely flawed logic, we should all only buy and drive Ford cars since they invented the first car and the first inventors are best right?
John Guajardo Releasing new phones without bringing in new software... Lame. It's just a huge phone that runs the same software as the android phones released a year earlier. At least apple can design their phones and software and not have people waiting til 20/12 to get the next update like most android devices. Apple sales out... Other phones, not even close.
Anonymous And it looks nothing like iOS, it's not a full grid of icons
Anonymous Are you stupid? That's sense ui
Dylan Daratt Here's another one...
Anonymous Yeah, I can't go to a mobile site idiot...Forbidden, try again
Dylan Daratt http://random.andrewwarner.com/what-googles-android-looked-like-before-and-after-the-launch-of-iphone/
Dylan Daratt There's your beloved android phone before the iPhone.
Dylan Daratt http://m.engadget.com/default/article.do?artUrl=http://www.engadget.com/2007/11/12/a-visual-tour-of-androids-ui/&category=classic&postPage=1
Anonymous @dylan Just because a new Android model is out doesn't mean the old one is outdated. I have a SGS2, which I recall is close to a year old now, yet it functions and work as good and fast as most of the newer released models (One X, Razr, Note, GNex). Only iFans will think a product is outdated after new one is released because they only get a new one every year and Apple makes you feel inferior and left out if you don't get the latest...And sorry, you can't loose brain cells if you don't have a brain, simple logic...
Mary Foley Whalen @dylan wow, Dropping the fbomb, and misspelling everything else. Can't respect an opinion like that.
Mary Foley Whalen I've had both and there is no comparison.. The note is a game changer.
Dylan Daratt Yup @ben your totally correct...cuz that's why you have a time frame to return the phone but I guess I forgot that apple people are brainwashed lol. Apple is like owning a Lamborghini and android is like a corvette (it's nice and all but it jut doesn't compete.) just remember when your android phone actually gets upgraded to the latest version, it will be outdated in a matter of month. I lose brain cells arguing with you morons.
Benjamin Padilla I think the Note is just too big for my taste but I would still buy it over the over-simplified iPhone.
Benjamin Padilla @Dylan. Learn to write. Then I'll listen to you.
Anonymous @dylan Because people who buy Android aren't dumb idiots who just blindly throw money at the company they like? For most Android, after the announce date, the company would release a couple of the phones for reviewers to review, and the potential buyers can decide if they like it or not. For Apple, it's kept secret until release date. and the only way to know if it's any good is to line up with all the other idiots and get it and try it yourself. Whether or not you love it or hate it or what problems it comes with, too bad, you've already lined up for it and bought it and sales number is already there. That's how Apple gets it's customers, not because their phones are ahead....
Eduardo Ordaz @Dylan Apple stinks and its stupid period. If u life that fruit company marry it. Apple is worthless and weak. Apple Is beind. Who makes a phone with glass? It breaks very easy. Ur loco. Apple is evil and is pathetic. They are weak. Apple sues because they can't handle competition they are weak. There are differences between the tow. Apple is like adolf hitler trying to get rid of everything and b the only one. Cochino wet.
Ahnonny Nguyen @edmund because ios is exculisive to apple's products only. That is why you don't see samsung with ios or htc. But now that google has it's own hardware(recently bought out motorola) as well as their own android os look out. Might as well buy out t mobile and give us improve service too
Dylan Daratt Haha I like android and apple I just prefer apple. @eduardo your a fucking idiot look at the original android OS you fucking moron. The point is your too stupid to realize what I'm trying to explain to you. Is sad when samsungs own lawyers can't tell the difference between an iPad and a tab 10.1, also look at tr galaxy s line of phones they are almost a complete copy of iOS. I don't see people standing in line for android phones, If they did try would never leave the store lol. Obviously apple makes better products then google hence why apple is the wealthiest company in world and is worth more google/Microsoft combined. Money talks and when you people that diss apple when you make .001 percent of money they have, you have room to talk.
Nikolas Manuelides Samsung Galaxy Note
Anonymous Again with that "Without Apple Android wouldn't exist" crap...Really? you have no real points for arguing so you pull that? classic
Edmund Nigel Quality over quantity will win every time
Edmund Nigel 500 billion nothing else to say. And still going strong
Edmund Nigel Finally thanks @Dylan everyone fails to realize without apple android would not exist. And why do android have an arsenal amount of phones bcuz there still trying to beat #1
Anonymous The iPhone is basically the same crap every year, they only add stuff to appear like they're still competing in the market(like the dual core, which wasn't really needed for a simple os like iOS), fact is they've already lost...While manufacturers are contemplating how to make an S-pen work awesome with their tablets, flexible displays and quad-cores (Samsung), super 3D phone (LG), cleaning up their system UI and making better phones (HTC), Apple is still figuring out how to enlarge the puny 3.5 to a 4inch...Pretty obvious who's innovating now and who's not...
Manish Kumawat whats the point in comparing these two devices....
Greg Phifer @Dylan and before that lg said the iPhone took from it's design companies do this all the time if apple was the only company that could make a smartphone with multitouch (because when it came out it really didn't have much of an ecosystem) then the mobile technology wouldn't near as good as it is now so really android took what the consumer wanted and made it better (and worse) in many ways
Jorge Hugo Galindo Galaxy note, Hands down makes the iPhone look like a toy.
James Patterson Did someone say Iconic?
Ahmed Khateeb Galaxt NOTE !!!1
Steve Hartsock iPhone every time.
Ahnonny Nguyen My galaxy nexus with blazing LTE speed and a beautiful 720p 4.6inch display compare to iphone 4s small screen and slow dial up connection. Result...no contest. 5 minutes later i finally got a replay back from DYLAN DARATT when i was suppose to get it 4 minutes ago saying, "So what! Android still sucks" with typo because of the small screen.
Alvaro Sanchez Android baby ANDROID
Michael Spotts Steve Jobs didn't die. He's got a lawsuit against God. He invented the afterlife but God stole the idea.
Michael Spotts Apple invented electricity,phones and even sliced bread. Everyone know that the food was named after the company. Damn people read a blog. It's all there.
James LeBlanc Lumia 800
Johnny Cababe Aaron.....why on Earth is the iphony 4S even considered to have a dogfight with the note?
Eduardo Ordaz point is that it stinks. period. can say all u want but its the truth. Apple is behind. Android isnt a rip off there is a huge difference between them. Your blind and u cant see it. :P if its a rip off then why did apple took the notifications bar from Android? Whats stupid is apple thinks they made everything no they didnt they copied from someone else. Android was around before the iphone. i saw a pic of the first Android phone and it doesnt look anything like a blackberry there were tons of phones that have had a keyboard like that. Android isnt a ripoff. Apple stinks and is an evil company. apple doesnt care about you they only care about money u guys beg for a big screen and they have never given it to you nor never will.
Mike Hooper Omg u can't compare iPhone to android anymore ... iPhone sucks android is life
Jamie Doege dylan i know the history, they looked like iphone woopy, you got nothing to say now that android is higher up and apple is trying to be like us :P i cant wait to see what apple "reinvents" next on the iphone5 hahahahhahaha.....
GladisnFidel Jose There really wasn't any comp here. Galaxy Note will rule the roost and soon the Galaxy S III will have us drooling even more.
Dylan Daratt Yeah it's been around longer but it was a rip off of blackberry until the iPhone was unveiled then they changed it to be like the iPhone. Of you don't believe me go look it up for yourselves.
Tim Edwards Android needs a keyboard that allows you to see the conversation you are typing in a la iOS....ESPECIALLY on these large screened phones. But the text input box just keeps growing. Make it happen!
Dylan Daratt @eduardo do you really wanna compare products look at android before google got their hands on it. It looks nothing like it does now the only reason android exists is because of the iPhone. So in a way android ripped everything from the iPhone.
Dylan Daratt @eduardo ordaz...on every fuvking post all you have to say is "my aunts cut the rope crashed" or "iPhone 4s looks like the iPhone!" STFU and quit posting the same shit on every fucking post about iPhone vs android.
Eduardo Ordaz iphones arent the best. because they arent 4G and they are always the same boring thing with the software. IOS has been the same and has not changed its just icons and icons. ICS is the best because it has way more features and better too. Apple knows Android is the best because they took the notification system from them they know they are behind.
Eric Kroh Lame..ios is completely in a "box"..Android is very much "open"
Anthony Bailey This is the most ridiculous, asinine comparison, yet. In one corner ... an antiquated, warmed-over phone from four years ago with a grossly outdated, 3.5" screen, a talking computer, and an okay display ... in the other corner, a brand new tablet-like phone with a massive 5.3" superAMOLED screen, a stylus, the ability to draw on the screen, ultra-customizability, and pages of other enhanced features. Who was so bored and lifeless that they did this stupid review???
Jamille Browne Lol @ Roberto melendez at its current state iPhone is copying everything Android is. FFC? HTC Evo had it first. Dual-core. Notification bar customizable wallpapers
Jack Brown I own an iPhone 4S and wouldn't change for the world. I traded my Galaxy S2 for it because: 1.I felt Android looks like software someone made in their garage in comparison to iOS. 2.The 4S's camera delivers incredible video and picture that galaxy comes close to buy its just out of its reach. 3.Apples software and chipset deliver incredibly fast and responsive experience as well as brilliant battery life (don't care what reviews say). 4.Siri. It's as though I'm talking with the enterprise computer. Exactly like that. 5.Apple rocks galaxies all the way to Pegasus ;)
Jeremy Oliver The international note all the way. Att verson sucks. Iphone has its place. And each have their strengths and weaknesses. My take iphones are for the ladies. Android for the geeks who like to be creative and not but stuck withthe same old same old.
Roberto Melendez iPhone is what Android attempts to be but never will. Android will always be second best ;p
Jamie Doege jerry: super amoled hd > retina nonHD and it sucks that you think 5.3" is to big, must suck living day by day never holding anything bigger then 4"...
Alexander Schneider-Siemssen Galaxy SII all the way!
Diego Alejandro Reyes Note!! Biger better resolution!! ANDROID!! Iphone sticks to the same shit every generation!! If they change a bit and make it more universal maybe the iphone can beat the note!! But the iphone 4s is the same shit as the iphone 4 the only thing difrent is the siri that doesnt work or capture your words all the time!! Note can do everything an iphone can and more!! Iphone right now is just brand and looks!!
Stephanie Miedema Wood BOoOoOo on iPhone or anything crapple. Android platform is by far superior!
Anthony Vantreese Oh my gosh I have been waiting do this!
Edgar Emanuel Rivera Rojas For me Windows phone all the way,but if i choose betwen the note and the 4s? I choose the iphone 4s ;-)
Jerry Goldbaum The Note is not the best for anything. It's too big for a day-to-day phone, and too small to be a good tablet. This is no contest. The iPhone 4s, despite it's 2011 heritage still has the sharpest screen on any smartphone(retina), one of the best (if not the best) camera on a smartphone, and the dual core A5 powers a super slick iOS.
Ville Savolainen Galaxy note.
Amie Lee Greenway Iphone all the way!
Vu Tuan galaxy note
Jaramie Black Galaxy note!
Kristina Petrolia I have the note and i love it I wouldn't trade it for any other phone!
Deez YaBoss iPhone 4s
Eduardo Ordaz ICS is the best it rules the rest. ICS makes IOS look lame because it always the same. ICS wows the rest because my mom wants the best. Oooooooo.
Fonzy Paniagua They still compare top of the line android phones to the iphone? Smd (Shaking My Dreads)
Jeremy Bleich I think it's funny android has new phones coming out every week and they're still comparing it to the 4s. That alone should show who the powerhouse is amongst its predecessors.
Janessa Guise-Ashworth Note I love my note!
Zach Cline The 4s doesn't suck. Google needs to get there shit together. ICS isn't even on most devices yet and they're going to be rolling out android 5.0 this fall.
Eduardo Ordaz @Thea Still IOS apps crash alot. No matter what u say the truth will always be there. IPhone and IOS is boring and apps crash more. IPhones are boring they always make people snoring and their software is the same and its always lam.e.
Beau Allen Galaxy note is better than iphone 4s
Anthony Beltran Im typing this on my NOTE
Michael Pietrzak Galaxy note all the way...Iphone 4s sucks...
MÅnuel VÅllejo 4S all the way.
Sohraab Kahlon iphones are by far the most overrated phones , props to apple for establishing a name in public but people gotta give these other phones a chance, they bite the shit out of the apple lol
Ethan Shrago You guys stole this dogfight from Phonearena.com! And I thought you guys were AWESOME!!!
Thea Koeuth Android and their force close sucks. iOS is way more stable but Android has better hardware and allow customizability... Pros and cons with each but hard to use android when it keep a forcing close on me... So APPLE wins !
Lee W Borgardt that note is f'in huge, but i prefer it over the iphone
Michael Franzone apple suxs
Jose Angel Santiago Again??? Im tired of seeing the IPhone 4s in phone battles. it just gets old repeats of the same phones going at it. Didnt we see this battle like 3 times already??
Boyd C Adkins IV ? This is not a dogfight. Pit bull V Chihuahua.
Keenan Ochoa I have the galaxy nexus...I think the note is too big personally but anything besides beings apples bitch and buying there old ass 3g technology!
Richard Ameen iPhone definately over any samsung. Had the epic 4G and the nexus s 4g. Both sucked ass. The only good samsung ive owned is the Samsung that was the first color screen phone
Andrew Biorn O and iphone all the way
Eduardo Ordaz @Jeremy My aunts Cut the rope app crashed 3 times in a row. Its a tie.
Frank Guillen Jr iPhone, Android is too unstable and full of malware
Andrew Biorn Wow all u iphone haters wats the point of bitching? The iphone is a great phone and do u really think apple cares if u dont like it? They have so much money they couldnt care less
Chris Northcutt Galaxy Note!
Jeremy Bleich iPhone revolutionized the apps google can't even make run properly on android. They will continue to do so. 4s hands down
Jamie Doege galaxy note beats the iphone in every way possible, there isnt one better thing no the iphone over the note. period. and if you say siri you need to go look up the comparisons between siri and androids voice command :P it flat out owns it left right and center.
Reese Woodson Come now, the G-Note, no question.........iPhones are good phones but so over rated.
Allen Boatman Note duh..
Tim Larkin NOOOOTE
Eduardo Ordaz Note. IPhone is a thing of the past.
Enrique Fdez Note ....iphone old school
Matthew Marzani Obviously 4S
Manuel Comparan iPhone no thanks SAMSUCK!!
Dylan Wacker Uhh. I'd choose a GSII over an iPhone any day. But the note is HUGE. Idk
Gilbert Galvan Galaxy Note. Iphone is old with no innovation.
Lah Iskandar Obviously note

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