Dogfight time!  Aaron does a head-to-head comparison between AT&T's Samsung Galaxy Note and Verizon's Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX.  They're both sporting 4G LTE connectivity, are available now for $299.99, and offer strong battery life.  The Galaxy Note packs a 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor, 5.3-inch Super AMOLED HD display (1280x800 pixels), 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD video recording, a front-facing shooter, 2,500 mAh battery, S Pen for capacitive input on the display, and Android 2.3 with TouchWiz 4.0.  The DROID RAZR MAXX offers a 1.2 GHz dual-core TI OMAP processor, 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Advanced display, 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD video recording, front-facing camera, gigantic 3,300 mAh battery, and Android 2.3 with Motorola's UI.

It's an tough battle as both offer great feature sets.  Which one will take home the gold?  Part 1 of 2.

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Paul Andrew Ruks galaxy note all the way!!!
Donny Kolley galaxy note
Anonymous Gnote ftw
Anonymous While the Razr is interesting for it's monster sized battery, that is something that a 2nd battery can over come. The Note's size is not.
Bobby Jones i got both. lol
Tencko Defreitas galaxy note definitely
Techno_Boner Galaxy Note
Anonymous Galaxy Nexus :)
Sean Hernandez Just purchased the Raze Maxx. After one week this Motorola garbage completely stopped working. Doesn't even power up. Don't waste your hard earned $300 on a this crap!!! Had a Droid X and X2 both had too many problems. Sooooo done with Motorola!!! Guess I'll try the Galaxy Nexus
Anonymous Notee, I freaking love it's sizee. I just wish they could get the Nexus to have a 4,000 battery T.T
Anonymous galaxy note
Adarsh Sakhare Note it!!
Mazin Nasir the maxx, that battery is epic, and the note it waay to big to call a smartphone, its like a mini tablet
Anonymous Maxx!!!! I just wish I could get the Maxx through AT&T...
Jesse Uhren Maxx all the way
Tyler Backherms galaxy note
Anonymous the maxx all the way
Wendi Martin I like the battery on the maxx... but not enough... I want the note
Ashley J Wardrop Maxx by far.
Ian Slade I'd go Razr MAXX.
Larry Breder The Galaxy Note is definitley better than the razr maxx. Bigger screen, and better interface
Oscar Brunoson Probably the Note for me since the screen on the Razr isn't the best.
Orion Pax That's it..
Orion Pax The Droid Razzr has a horrible screen. You can see the pixels on it. Motorola puts Crappy screens on their phones and
Joel Raglant RAZR MAXX
Mark Schleupner Definately Note
Paul Alexandru Galaxy Note...definitely
Haegyu Lee just note!!
Tod Blauer Definitely Galaxy Note.
Rhett Cram Galaxy Note
Larry Waters Finally got my hands on a Note. Love it....perfect solution for a phone and a tablet. Would buy it today if Samsung/att had a Windows Phone version available. Hint, hint, Samsung.
Vince Gutierrez Note but put it on a different carrier with xenyos processor, ;)hint sprint
Mohd Helmy Mahat samsung galaxy note.
Bryan Wilt Maxx cause of the battery
Rick Conrad When we guna get ics for razr maxx yo? Developers need to shit or get off the pot! No reason to take this long except push sale of cheap nexus. Heard anything Aaron?
??? The note isn't just for old people who can't see as well or for people with really big hands. Its for people that don't want to carry around both phone and tablet wherever they go. Its suppose to be big y'allcuz its the 1st phone tablet fusion. My vote goes to sammy.
Johnny Cababe Galaxy Nexus that is
Anonymous they are both really nice
GladisnFidel Jose Galaxy Note!!!
Benjamin Padilla Note, because it's basically a Galaxy S II on steroids.
Matt Couper RAZR Maxx, because the note is too big, and the razr has a better battery life
Ryan DeClue Evo 4g
David Mallayev note but rapes max
ComputerChris2 I'll go with the note
Zach Cline Neither
Sachin Welson Galaxy Note!
Armando Mora Casarez Maxx maxx!!!!!
LaQuise Murphy Galaxy Note!!
Tariqul Iblis Only if the Note had the MAXX's battery life. Sorry Aaron, gotta go with the Droid on this one.
Jose Angel Santiago So what if the battery is better on the razr maxx. Will you buy a prius over a mustang just cause it saves you more at the gas pump??? Galaxy note all day because motorolas UI is plain and Mickey mousish!!!!
Nawf Side I never been a fan on any Droid crap.. that's a vzn thing.... note#1
Kenny Kenwad Holder Neither. Note is too big and razr maxx has a horrible screen. And the locked bootloader is a huge turn off
Christy Cousin Galaxy Note
Mark Fisher Jr. I'll choose the razr maxx. It got a bigger battery than the galaxy note. Plus the note is just too dam big. No homo.
Daniel Rivera Rasr Maxx! :)
Audrey O'Donnell Maxx! All the way!
Ashley Vaughan iPhone 4s ftw
Mugiwara Jeffty Razr Maxx FTW...
Jeremy Oliver Note all the way..loving my white note.
Brandon Holley I say the maxx because of that big battery. If more manufacturers did that then who knows what could happen.
Ryan Anton RAZR MAXX. My problem with the Note is that it's just too huge.
Steve Roossien Neither.
Adrian Anguiano Are you kidding me? Galaxy note all the way.
Sivakumar Krishnamurthy Top class reviews of the two phones on a Head to head comparison. Galaxy Note is going to end as a clear winner on all dog fights. Clearly, no match for Galaxy note as on date. In fact after watching Aaron's earlier reviews on Galaxy note, I abandoned my galaxy s plus phone, which was bought by me a month ago, and had ordered for Galaxy note. It is the best phone in the world today.
Christian Ray Lamb Droid RAZR is way better
David Preza Razr maxx battery life is amazing . I charge my phone every other day with heavy usage
Jeremy Gillett Razr Maxx
Marc TaylorMade Galaxy Note
Kirk Ngo I was going to the Razr Maxx but i guess i prefer the note
Raymond Sosmoove Samuel I wouldnt ask for any other phone... Galaxy Note!!
Peter Dudycz Galaxy note!
Spencer Lewis Note, all the way
Tautvydas Lagunavicius razor goodness ;) +1
Javier Alvarez Razr Maxx
Adam Ribaudo Note all the way
Shawn Poling Galaxy Note definitely! :-)
Douglas J Kmiotek God!!! I want the RAZR MAXX on at&t!!!
John Zanatta I first wanted to say Windows Phone, but that option wasn't there. I would have to say the Note. I trust Moto phones even less than Samsung.
Dietrich Brown Im getting the g note but razr maxx battery is UNBEATABLE
Kristina Petrolia I would have to say the Note! I love mine.
Rick Sievers Maxx, only because its on Verizon.
Marco Raymond I laughed at the Galaxy Note when I first saw it but now I'm starting to find it more and more interesting! I say Galaxy Note!
Marco Cabrera Honestly, I LOVE the Galaxy Note, but the battery on the Razr Maxx, is just AMAZING, lol, so maxx.
Ty Johnson i want a tmobile galaxy note with TI OMAP4470... and yes its a faster chip then the nexus and razr, it will be able to work on tmobile hspa+ TMOBILE!!! I NEED TO THIS PHONE AND SPECS BY SUMMER TIME OR I'M LEAVING
Nahtanoj Divad Htrab Note is way impractical for a phone.
DeejayNicho Serrano Galaxy Note all the way yeah
Rico Robinson GALAXY NOTE.
Robert Sivonjic Note, duhh :P
Nathan Wright They're both great but id pick the droid razr maxx. 5 inches is too big for a phone for me. Love the long battery life of the razr maxx too.
Steven Tinoco Though I own a galaxy s2 I would rather have a Droid razr Maxx because the overall design of it looks better and is more durable. Though I can't remember if the razr has a super AMOLED screen, which would change which I like better, the razr is a better to me.
Mark Vasquez What's up with people bagging on iPhone, with out the iPhone there probably wouldn't be and android (PS: I have and iPhone but I do prefer android )
Kevin Figueroa My vote is for Droid Razr Maxx ... durability .. speed .. battery life .. just to start ... and let's face it ... Verizon's coverage is exceeds AT&T all day.
Asad Esmail Razr Maxx Verizon FTW!
Eduardo Ordaz like both if u have both u are a double threat. bam!
Jose Angel Santiago The note.....motorolas UI sucks big time!!
Niko Lapcic galaxy note all the way!
Kryptik Slawter Galaxy note is a beast. HD samoled screen! And better specs.
Roman Calabaza Martinez droid razor max obviously
Ramiah Deeron Davis I say maxx as well i'm a regular Razr user and its fucking awesome its not faulty and its very snappy so off the performance of the regular Razr I say maxx
Ethan Shrago NOTE FTW!!!
Noor Mahmoud Galaxy note. The killer's killer's killer.
Michael Anthony Langworth GALAXY NOTE FTW!!!!
Nathan Cooley RAZR MAXX!!!!!!!!!
Nick Johns Easily the note. The only thing the maxx has over it is the battery.
Veen Oui Gilette 5 Blade Razr....NOTE the difference :-P
Manda Vue Galaxy note any day any time!
Anthony Gonzalez Note all the way
Emelin Cardona Note all the way
Keith Thompson Razr maxx
Antonio Vazquez Galaxy Note, its the iPhones killer, killer! Lmao
Andy Austin I'm loving my Razr Maxx, Im a heavy user and can get two days out of the battery easy. The note's specs are nice but that thing is way too damn big.
Huey Liggins Note. Maxx for Batt. And maybe build quality
Maaz Ali Razr Maxx.
Gabriel Cash Max is plagued with stuck pixels ... I had to replace four already.....
Camren Hall Definitely razr maxx
John Gish Why don't you send me both... And I'll get back to you...
Erick Orozco Maxx :)
Nathan Allen Razr Maxx is the best Verizon phone. Even though I'm a Sprint customer
Marco Cabrera Wtf? How did the iphone get into this. Its between maxx, and note, not the shitty "Iphone"
Vlad Gorneanu Overall , Samsung Galaxy Note...but that battery on the Moto I think does wonders.
Adam ONeil iPhone duh
Ken Humphlett The Note
Dion Forteau Note all the way baby!!!
Hansel Starley So tough >_<
Damon Lee note!
Joshua Rios Maxx all the way.

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